CBC cancels Randy Bachman’s ‘Vinyl Tap’

Musician Randy Bachman poses in Toronto on Wednesday, March 5, 2014. Bachman says his long-running CBC Radio show “Vinyl Tap” will air its final episode on Canada Day, though he’s planning to shop the program to other broadcasters. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan Denette

by David Friend / The Canadian Press

Times Colonist

March 27, 2021

TORONTO — Randy Bachman says he’s taking his business elsewhere after leadership at CBC Radio told him they’re cancelling his “Vinyl Tap” music show.

The 77-year-old Winnipeg native says his long-running Saturday night program has become a casualty of CBC’s latest programming changes.

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  1. To be replaced with “Memories of Punjab” – presented by a host that nobody has ever heard of with a name that nobody can pronounce playing music that can readily be found at half a dozen “ethnic” stations in the markets that matter and thousands of streams on that new fangled internet.

  2. Well, I heard the man himself early on this season of the vinyl tap show. Sad to hear that. Been a huge fan since day one almost. 15 plus years of service he had. And most of these oldie artists he plays are never found on radio here in vancouver these days anymore. Although in certain themes of the program most of the songs are played on many top 40 and or adult hits and or classic rock and or “adult contemporary” stations here in the markets that matter and many streams on the new fangled internet, not to mention in the former alternative station the peak. But other than that, the show was truly one of a kind. Great variett in music. Hope its something great and different and not punjabi or hindi pop music. Maybe a replacement mainly oldie show like this show is or european foreign language pop show from past 60-70 years.

  3. One of the private chains — Bell, Rogers, Corus — should pick it up and syndicate it. Easy-peasy. He could also go the Sirius route or podcast.

  4. Mr Bachman is a Canadian Icon and He represents some of the best of Canadian Music, if he so desires he should have a place to get his message out .

    I am not in the radio business but surely there must be a spot somewhere on the National radio dial for Vinyl Tap, I am quite sure it would be a winner .

    Canadians do not get much for the ‘Tax Dollars taken from them that find the CBC and now with the “Cancelling” of the Bachman Show they will get even less .

    I am quite sure the show will be replaced with something very PC SJW BS Fluff that offers absolutely nothing 99% of Canadians would find of interest .

  5. Bmcq: if CISL was still around, then that station would readily be an affiliate of the vinyl tap program, but sadly the radio station selection is literally limited to a few genres/decades of music relatively. Jack fm is ceertainly too sjw hipster american for my liking, and while randy does throw in softer songs as well and goes back to an older category than the 50s at times, jack fm is mostly uptempo raucous music thats hard to differentiate too. So either a station should switch to 50s-today easy listening outright or 50s-early 80soldies or vinyl tap should be on coop radio.

  6. Other Cam

    Thanks for that, makes sense to me .

    Bachman whether you are a big fan or not is sewn right into the Fabric of Canadian Culture, just like Cummings and the rest of the band who are lesser knowns to music fans .

    Surely a station that might need listenership as most do today could use programming that Bachman offers, I would guess that he would bring some instant listeners to any given station .

    I will keep my fingers crossed that Bachman land somewhere, he has far too much to offer, his show needs a new home .

  7. Rather unfortunate to see that the program will be cancelled. I didn’t listen to the program that often, but when I did, I enjoyed it. Randy had an easy manner and thoroughly connected with his audience.

    We now have another reason for not listening to CBC Radio. I stopped listening to Radio 2 years ago. I will now stop listening to Radio 1 all together. Up to now, I had been listening to it on an infrequent basis.

  8. When CBC radio screws up, they go all in! Another reason CBC radio, once my preferred radio pick is so much my choice these days! Pity!


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