Toby Kerr leaves News 1130 for Global News Radio (NW)

Toby Kerr

Thanks to Peter for this tip…

Toby Kerr from News1130 going over to Global, taking on the position left after John Copsey passed away. 

Toby Kerr


Absolutely THRILLED to announce I’m joining the @globalnews radio team as your new full-time evening news anchor on @CKNW and national overnight anchor across the country on the Global News Radio Network!#WeGotThis


Former anchor/producer at NEWS 1130

Former Broadcaster at Ryerson Rams

Former Play by play at Toronto Patriots Jr. A Hockey Club

Worked at Home Hardware, Building Centre & Furniture Stores

Worked at Esso

Studied at Ryerson University

Studied Radio and Television Arts at Ryerson University

Went to St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School

Lives in Toronto, Ontario

From Toronto, Ontario



  1. Wow! What a Hot Stud this dude is!
    A beautiful looking man. I look forward to hearing how he presents the news. Can only hope he has lots of substance in his reporting, not Fake News… Let this man step out and forward with open and honest reporting

  2. Out with the old geezers…..In with the (lower paid) FAR LEFT WOKE…….

    Don’t worry…..he will be out of a job in less than 5 years due to innovation.

  3. Not appropriate Mary-Anne. Remember we’re not allowed to comment on a person’s looks. It’s sexist and demeaning. Or does that only apply to men?

  4. Toby Kerr may very well be a hot stud; however, his presentation skills leave much to be desired. There is no substance or gravitus to this presenter. He has adopted the Emily Lazatin method of diction. For example, he pronounces news, noon, and two with an eww sound in all cases. In addition, he reads aye dog, aye cat, instead of ah dog, ah cat. If you want to hear proper English, you won’t find it at CKNW.


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