The Rush Limbaugh Show Will Continue Airing. Here’s How…

Rush Limbaugh

March 23, 2021

When Premiere Networks sent out a press release Monday announcing that WBOB-AM/FM in Jacksonville would be adding the Rush Limbaugh Show, we checked in with Premiere to make sure it wasn’t a mistake being that Rush recently passed away. Here’s what they told us.

The Rush Limbaugh show will continue airing with rotating guest hosts that, from time-to-time air audio clips of Rush.

Here’s the official Premiere statement: “No one can replace Rush Limbaugh, and Premiere Networks will continue to provide millions of loyal listeners with the voice of Rush for the long term. We have a variety of familiar voices who are guiding the audio of Rush for all of the important issues of the day, including recent guest hosts Todd Herman, Ken Matthews and Brett Winterble. With over 30 years of audio, Rush has a definite view on any and every topic.”

Chesapeake-Portsmouth Broadcasting Corporation’s WBOB AM 600/FM 101.1 will air the program live from noon to 3 p.m. ET. General Manager Jonathan McClellan said, “Rush Limbaugh is a pioneering force in broadcasting. He redefined talk radio and shaped the conservative political message for our country. WBOB is excited to add Rush’s program to our lineup. We value the future of his legacy, and we believe his talented team will drive the momentum of the movement far into the future. We welcome this monumental voice.”

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  1. Art Bell is still airing daily on a variety of Internet streams, and his shows (about non-political topics) are still very listenable and surprisingly applicable to current events. But Art died some time ago and these are simply re-runs of past shows.

    This initiative to continue the Rush show without Rush is simply a way to continue the gravy train using a dead man’s name. The owners of his show should be ashamed of themselves, and should be very alarmed that no new “star” has emerged to replace him.

    I would have reached out to Michael Savage who is now podcasting. He “may” have continued the gravy train, but Savage hates towing the corporate censorship line so I doubt that he would have accepted any terms. Besides, he seems very happy on his podcasts.

    I think we will continue to see a bloodbath among network talk radio and a return to smaller, local shows and podcasts. The days of listening to 15 minutes of actual content spread out over 60 minutes of “newscasts” and endless commercial interruptions are over.

  2. Agreed that is a bit much – let him rest in peace.
    Just imagine this: if they really want “Rush” to continue with the show, why not voice sample him from old broadcasts put those samples into a text to speech program and have someone type what ever they want “Rush” to say on the air. No muss no fuss – a virtual “Rush” who’ll say what ever comes out of a word processer. That would give the bosses total control of content.
    Rush would spin in his grave.

  3. Steven Crowder will morph into the next “Rush – like ” talk show host. He will do it in a different way by being extremely humorous. He is a staunch conservative, still very young, proudly Christian, Pro 2A, Pro 1A, Pro USA, but not too young, is comfortable in front of a microphone and camera, can rapport with any others in the room including even liberal minded people. He is intelligent and his ability to off the cuff be funny will help make him the next conservative media Rush- like talk show host.


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