Competition Bureau getting ‘higher than normal volume’ of feedback over Rogers-Shaw deal


The bureau encouraged Canadians to continue sharing their views through its online form

By Jonathan Lamont@Jon_Lamont

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Mar 20, 2021

Canada’s Competition Bureau says it’s “receiving a higher than normal volume of online questions and feedback” over Rogers’ plan to buy Shaw Communications. A notice posted on the Competition Bureau’s website highlights the high volume of feedback and directs Canadians to share their views through an online form. BNN Bloomberg reports that the bureau is seeing an unprecedented amount of interest about the proposed merger. The interest is primarily online, largely because the bureau shuttered its phone service in March 2020 due to the pandemic. The bureau told BNN that it couldn’t respond to each individual form due to the volume, but it will review all feedback thoroughly and is encouraging new submissions. Further, the web notice includes a reminder that the Competition Bureau will review the proposed transaction.

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  1. We can only hope that the C B review is not just a superficial glance and “rubber stamp”. The same goes for the CRTC. Both government bodies must dig into the weeds of this proposal. These bodies must make sure that joe average is not screwed by this merger/sale/takeover.

    The federal government should give every signal that they are staying out of the process.

    If this mega-deal goes through without the detailed look many will wonder if the government pressured the CRTC and the Competition Bureau to make the deal come to pass..

  2. Neither Rogers nor Bell should be permitted to make any further acquisitions!
    They are already near-monopolies. Neither gives a tinker’s dam about customer service.
    As a matter of fact, I think it is time they give up some of what they have already have!

  3. I doubt very much whether this merger acquisition will safe subscribes of any carrier any money .

    Yes, I agree, unfortunately I believe the transaction will receive “Rubber Stamps” all around .

  4. I have had experiences with both Rogers and Bell, neither was favourable to my needs and service.
    I ended up using the Better Business Bureau to solve the issues in my favour.
    Neither of these firms have any idea what good customer relations and experience are. They operate in a manner that is to hell with the customer, and finance becomes the major factor in any of their experiences. If the takeover does go through my family will immediately seek the services of the local Telus operations.

  5. We had Telus for several years for home phone before they started TV service and were happy with the service we received.
    When Optic TV came along we went for that and internet – getting a “free” computer in the bargain .
    When we made a sudden move into “assisted living” and could not take Telus with us as Shaw had a contract with the facility. Telus was very good about canceling our two year renewed contract mid stream without charging us for doing so. If I could dump Shaw I would in a heartbeat.
    If I wasn’t surrounded by mountains I’d consider OTA digital TV – fewer channels but it’s free.


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