SUSPEND use of ‘AstraZeneca’ vaccine by Harvey Oberfeld…

Harvey Oberfeld

by Harvey Oberfeld

Keeping It Real…

March 14, 2021

Every time BC Health Minister Adrian Dix and Health Officer Dr Bonnie Henry hold a media briefings on the latest Covid numbers, they both solemnly express condolences to the families and friends of the latest victims who have died from the virus.

If they are truly sincere, and not just delivering platitudes and political rhetoric, they’ll SUSPEND any use of the AstraZeneca vaccine for anyone … until we know it is TOTALLY safe!!

Sunday, Ireland joined the growing list of countries that have done exactly that. The move came after Norway reported FOUR MORE incidents of “serious blood clotting in adults after taking the vaccine”, according to CTV News.

(You) can read the entire report here: http://of serious blood clotting in adults after taking the vaccine.

After the first reports of people developing blood clots (which could prove fatal), health officials and company spokespersons suggested it COULD be just a coincidence or it COULD be just a problem with one batch of the vaccine.

And Canadian “leaders” and health officials were quick to point out that Canada’s use and pending arrivals of additional AZ supply would be coming from India not Europe, where the problems arose.

Then came word the clotting problems had arisen after use of DIFFERENT batches from DIFFERENT AstraZeneca plants … so there could indeed be a much more serious problem.

So last week, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Spain, Estonia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Italy, Latvia and Finland suspended use of AstraZeneca until the truth is known.

Even though AstraZeneca officials insist there is “no evidence” of a link between their vaccine and the blood clotting problems.

BC and Canada MUST not take chances!

Human lives may literally be at stake.

Public safety is much more important than pushing up the numbers of those vaccinated.

Until it can independently and scientifically/clinically be PROVEN there is no link between the clotting and the vaccine, BC and Canada MUST suspend the use of AstraZeneca!

Harv Oberfeld


  1. This should not be a warning from the only media person in BC that still asks hard questions.
    We should not need to rely on Harvey Oberfeld to ask hard questions. This should be Mr Oberfeld thanking the Federal and Provincial Governments for the quick action to ban/stop/ cease and desist in the use of astra zenaca.

    IT IS SAD and pathetic that all of our local media types do not have even a fraction of the tenacity that Harvey shows . If the crowd at Global asked hard questions and demanded clear answers British Columbia would be a better place to live.

  2. I have to ask the question. Does the potion recipe differ from one production site to another, like India or Europe. Makes me question our handlers quick response on Canada’s dose safety.

  3. Remember when certain people on this platform were calling people like me “Conspiracy Theorists”? Remember that?

    How’s that working out?

  4. Folks, please see following link to a Youtube video with Dr. Gert Vanden Bossche, a top flight virologist, vaccine specialist, a resume “10 miles long and 1000 pages deep” . This video if Dr. Vanden Bossche if correct in his points made and I have little reason to argue him nor am I educated enough to refute him and his points made in the video, MAY SCARE THE LIVING HELL OUT OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

    His expertise on vaccines and why these MRNA treatments (they are not vaccines ) IS THE WRONG TOOL to fight this Wuhan Coronavirus ( Covid 19). What he explains in the interview video if he is to be correct could be those most significant thing said and greatest threat to humanity.

    I will not write an essay here, but ask you all to watch this video and see for yourself his great fears of these MRNA treatments and how they could potentially cause A MASS HUMAN EXTINCTION LEVEL CRISIS!

    On another note. These non vaccine vaccines, if you take the jab and get sick or die you will have no financial recourse. Any life insurance you have may become VOID to your beneficiaries as the life insurance companies will deem you took an medical experiment, thus NULL AND VOIDING YOUR LIFE INSURANCE! And yes ALL THESE MRNA SHOTS ARE NOT APPROVED BUT ARE IN MEDICAL CLINICAL TRIALS (until Jan/Feb 2023) FOR EMERGENCY USE ONLY!

    All this for a virus with a survival rate if you are under age70 of 99.7% OR BETTER. Even if you are over age 80 the survival rate is 93% or better. Above age 80 many things can strike you down quickly! In Canada the Covid 19 death stats for under age 30 is 34 people. 34 young people have died with Covid 19 and for that sad for those who died, but especially young people are having their lives are turned upside down.. EFFING INSANITY! ALL OF THIS COVID 19 SHITE IS MASS EFFING INSANITY!!!! 🙁

  5. On NW this am. Essential workers will start receiving the Astra Zeneca vaccines today. Costco workers in Coq recd the astra zeneca yesterday. How essential is a worker when he/she receives a vaccine that causes blood clots and death?

  6. In 1974 the Band Supertramp wrote a song called The Crime Of The Century. Though their point was not pertinent to all this Covid 19 nonsense and especially these non vaccine vaccines, I get the feeling that the song title may very well be appropriate for what may likely result as time passes from this Wuhan Coronavirus (Covid 19) scandal.

    We may be witnessing what may be the biggest criminal scandal in human history here folks.


  7. “But, but, but, you all are just fear mongering here. Why would the government, bureaucracy, health officials, mainstream media and special interests want to lie to us? Why would they want to cause all this trouble and havoc?”

    Because they are either sick in the head, ignorant, stupid or evil, maybe a combination of all four that is why. They JERK OFF TO POWER!!!THEY ENJOY SEEING THE FRUITS OF THEIR ACTIONS PLAY OUT TO A GLOBAL AUDIENCE!!! THEY ARE AGAIN EITHER SICK IN THE HEAD, IGNORANT, STUPID OR FULL OF EVIL!!!

  8. 13
    On NW this am. Essential workers will start receiving the Astra Zeneca vaccines today.

    Manipulative wording there… wife is an essential worker. Not her, many of her colleagues nor anyone in my family will be taking the “Gene Editing Drug” they Khazars are trying to pass off as a vaccine for this FAKE virus and its FAKE variants. None of which have ever been isolated in a clinical study of diseased patients.

  9. I’m counting hands in the air as I type this. Sure are a lot of people tired of reading the same old shite from the same old people any time they have an opportunity to spout falsehoods. I’m quite content to access verified, long-serving media outlets to get the latest news and make up my own mind whether their reporting is truthful or not. Give your fingers a rest, folks. You’ll be happier for it.

  10. Well not being a conspiracy guy I’ll just say that so many countries (yes I got this off many sites including MSM media sites) have come out against the AZ vaccine it would certainly give me pause. Would I take it? No way.

  11. I watched Geert Vanden Bossche’s video (PHD) and what is so concerning, is that he is very pro-vax.

    It’s a simple scientific issue; the variants from COV-SARS-2 all started in places where human vaccine trials were undertaken. His claim, is that “virus-shedding” by the vaccinated, will created super variants that cannot be stopped. He explains it clearly.

    This is not a conspiracy issue, it’s governments reacting to fear and not knowing who/what to believe. If Geert is correct in his theory…well, I shudder to think. Everyone, not just the elderly, could be come deathly ill, with numerous variants coming at them. Didn’t like lockdowns before? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

    Human immune systems (outside of those 75 and up) were more than capable of dealing with the virus, and 30% of us were probably immune to COVID because of past exposure to coronavirus’s, which are often seasonal colds. But these “vaccines” are going to nullify our immune function FOREVER. “Like installing new software that you can’t ever remove from your computer hard drive.” That’s scary stuff.

  12. Terry Bell
    I’m counting hands in the air as I type this. Sure are a lot of people tired of reading the same old shite from the same old people any time they have an opportunity to spout falsehoods.

    Please tell us with actual facts and science what those falsehoods would be Terry. Because NONE of your FAR LEFT WOKE friends in the FAKE NEWS have the balls to do any investigation into the FAKE virus, the FAKE variants and the FRAUD PCR test. Not one…..

  13. Again I ask, why would anyone who has already contracted the Wuflu, Sars-cov-2 (Covid 19) even want to take any of these EXPERIMENTAL! NOT APPROVED FOR AUTHORIZED USE mRNA therapy injections? YOU HAVE BUILT IN IMMUNITY TO COVID19 NOW THAT YOU HAVE CONTRACTED IT! So why risk for adverse reactions of these non vaccine vaccines then?

    Next, for anyone else, Why would you take any of these EXPERIMENTAL! NOT FOR AUTHORIZED USE mRNA therapy injections, for a Coronavirus that is now showing a death rate within typical seasonal flu’s, a survivability rate of 99.7% or higher for most anyone under the age of 70? Even for those over 80 it’s still a survivability rate of about 93% or so. Lets be frank, anyone over 80 can be struck down with many things, not just the WuFlu.

    In Canada those 30 and younger has seen 34 deaths WITH Covid 19 in the last year, Only 4 deaths with those under age 20. WHY ARE YOU ALL SO FRIGGING FREAKED OUT OVER COVID 19?

    OH I SEE! THE FCUKING MAINSTREAM MEDIA HYPING UP THIS FEAR MONGERING! The blow hard look at me Health Officials enjoying their proverbial 5 minutes in the spotlight ( including assholes like Dr. Fauci, CCP, Dr.Tam and [I write a book] Dr. Henry) trying to scare you to death, and our IDIOT POLITICIANS PUSHING THE FEAR AND PARANOIA!

    Stop just mindlessly drinking the Koolaid. I do not even ask you to trust what I say. If you like, LOOK INTO THINGS YOURSELVES!

  14. Les. The way to get to the bottom of this is to launch a Freedom of Information request for the correspondence between the World Health Organization (Dr. Tedros whatshisname) and Drs. Henry, Tam, Njoo, Hinshaw etc.

    Federal and Provincial health officers are supposed to act in the national and provincial interest and are there in place as they reflect circumstances that are happening within those regions and are accountable to the government of those regions.

    If it can be shown by these comminications that any of the above are taking orders from WHO instead of just listening to WHO as one of a pallette of advice sources and can show that they sifted and digested the advice in a logical manner, then they are, in my opinion, acting as agents of a foreign enterprise and, again in my opinion, engaged in sedition against Canadians.

    The other thing to consider is that the Provincial Health Officer works for the Government of British Columbia (as is true for other provinces). If, and in my opinion this is what is happening in BC, the provincial health officer is giving $hit advice and is abusing the powers allowed by provincial legislation, the Premier can fire and replace her on the spot.

    Unfortunately, when I see Horgan and Henry, the only thing I see is an emasculated Union-Enforcer Thug happy to be in bed (so to speak) with a Medical Enforcer Thug who has his missing bits in her handbag, with the biggest figurative cuckold the province has ever seen, Adrian Dix, watching from afar with envy and adding another note to memo.

    Folks, just watch the briefings and press conferences. Isn’t this the dynamic going on? Just look at it from the point of view I have just opined and the exchanges and body language starts making complete sense.

    All a personal opinion, of course. In Minecraft you see. Political commentary and satire, if you please.

    I don’t know about you folks, but I have reached the point where I would settle for Glen Clark and his Fast Ferries as a premier over this lot, it’s gotten so bad.

  15. My wife and I have both had our Pfizer “Distemper” and “Rabies” shots – The only side effects I’ve noticed is that I keep wanting to run all night in my hamster wheel.

    According to news reports the AZ vaccine is made in two locations, Europe and India. The Vaccine sent to Canada is from India.

    Each batch of vaccine like anything mass produced would have some kind of ID number – (look ant any prescription you take and you’ll see a ID number on the label). If a batch of a product is bad it can be traced back to when and where it was produced. Once the problem is identified solutions can be worked on.

    I think the chest pounding and hair pulling is a bit over the top. Public health officials – no matter wher they are – are doing a thankless job. They are looking out for all of us – and making difficult decisions in the public interest for all our good.

    Instead of second guessing what we know little to nothing about we ought to support the efforts of public health.

    One last point. Would you be able to do a better job than the folks at public heath? If you think you could, what would you do differently? I would not wat their job?

  16. To George in richmond. Thanks for this. I would love to hear a montage comprised of various efforts of this Guvmint team to ‘splain things to us plebes. The quavering voice, the cute little rhymes, the kindergarten-speak attitudes, etc. I listen to the twice weekly live updates FOR the controlled question period after it. CKNW chooses to NOT broadcast that, cutting away to drivel. CBC 690am covers some of it still (I think), then you have to go on net and use up data plan. We are ill-prepared for an actual emergency requiring any QUICK actions, like earthquakes, massive power outage, etc. And what is with CKNW manipulating the news coverage to such an extreme, when they are “B.C. #1 trusted source for news” or however it goes, Referencing an ad on the Corus Entertainment Station of course.


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