Piers Morgan Quits Breakfast TV Show Good Morning Britain Amid Woke Royals Row

Piers Morgan

by Kurt Zindulka

March 9, 2021

Piers Morgan has quit the ITV morning chat show Good Morning Britain after he stormed off the show on Tuesday during a discussion about Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry.

Morgan, who previously served as a CNN host as well as a writer and editor for British tabloids, including The Sun and the Daily Mirror, co-hosted GMB for the past six years.

Announcing the resignation, an ITV spokesperson said: “Following discussions with ITV, Piers Morgan has decided now is the time to leave Good Morning Britain.

“ITV has accepted this decision and has nothing further to add.”

During Monday’s broadcast of the programme, Morgan said that he “didn’t believe a word” from Meghan during their widely publicised interview with Oprah Winfrey, including her claims that her mental health suffered after joining the British Royal Family.

“Who did you go to? What did they say to you? I’m sorry, I don’t believe a word she said, Meghan Markle. I wouldn’t believe it if she read me a weather report,” Morgan said.

The following day, one of Morgan’s co-presenter on the programme, Alex Beresford, accused him of “trashing” the woke couple as a result of Markle cutting off personal ties with Mr Morgan.

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  1. Morgan is an interesting person, he is so correct on many things but “Whacked Out” in others, he is 100% correct about”The Hostage” poor Harry and his controlling conniving, unsavoury wife though, poor Harry has “Stockholm’s Syndrome” and does not realize he has fallen under an “Evil Spell” . It amazes me that these people with so much privilege, entitlement, $ Millions in “Allowance”, no need to work and contribute to anything can along with Oprah turn themselves into “Victims”, how stupid do they think people are ?

    I just do not get, understand, or care to understand anything about today’s “Celebrity Wordhip” Shows or the Celebrities those shows and media worship, why ?

    Morgan appears to be correct about the two who were the subjects of the Oprah show but I believe he did himself and the people of the UK and those that watch his GMB a disservice by taking the bait and Involving himself in an argument he could not win . He was then either paid off/paid pit and resigned or quit on his own. Because of that the show will be turned over to some form of PC SJW who will follow the template laid down by those that hate everything White, Heterosexual, and Male .

    Big mistake Mr. Morgan .

    No doubt Morgan will soon re-emerge and perhaps be even more popular as a free lance journalist or even a politician but his voice on GMB reached people right across the UK and he stood up for equality, no special deals for anyone . Now his replacement will speak up for special deals and status for some .

    Very sad .

  2. BMCQ. Leaving aside the issue at the centre of all this, the notable point about Mr. Morgan is how thin-skinned he is. Here’s a man who heaps out abuse on others from the safety of his studio or his phone; yet, when someone challenges him — to his face — he can’t take it and sulks out of the room. Gutless.

  3. First of all contrary to what you say I believe we just saw that the Piers Studio is not that safe .

    I agree he might be/is thin skinned and as I stated IMHO he gets it right much of the time, again I suppose that is because I agree with him, but at other times I am on opposite ends of any given argument, perhaps that is a good thing .

    I care nothing about the Queen and her misfit family other than I believe her and her husband are good people and the Monarchy is good for UK Tourism . Her family appear to be nothing less than entitled parasites, “Working Royals” ? Give me a break . Personally I Bow to NO People Kind .

    The most incredible thing in all of this is the fact how Hollywood Royalty like Oprah, other “Woke”
    Celebrities, Media, and Libtards believe each and every story Poor Harry’s Master/Wife tells, they all take it in, hook line and sinker . How and why would they believe any of what she says without any prove-able evidence to support any of the charges .

    I suppose it is no different than Dems/Libs believing charges by goofy witness’s against Supreme Court Candidate Kavanagh 25 years after claimed assaults without proof yet those same whacked out Libs will not believe or act upon those accusing Luv Guv and Emmy Award Winner Andrew Cuomo, older bruvver of CNN FREDO Cuomo .

    I suppose the case of Luv Guv Cuomo being backed by many Liberals is not much different than Canadian Prime Minister alias Edward Scissor Hands and uh all around uh Groper in Chief getting a pass from Libs and Liberal Media in Canada .

    Who the he’ll would believe anything that Markle had to say about anything, she is nothing more than an opportunist and she found a willing hostage in poor Harry, this will not end well .

    Go figure.

  4. The British press especially the tabloids seem to have a reputation for going for the jugular. I don’t think the American or Canadian press are quite so brutal toward the object of their reporting.

    No doubt “our ” press dig and get to the heart of a story but the British press seem to go to a higher level of just plain meanness.

    The “Oprah” interview was a “Lives of the Rich and Famous” version of twitter of facebook. Whether one does or doesn’t agrees with Harry and Magen, the family problems that were laid bare to the world in those two hours highlighted a family in crisis. That crisis should be sorted out within the family… The fact that it is not shows that there is serious disfunction in that family and that the advice all of them are being given is very much off the mark… either way this is a very sad situation for all concerned.

    What doesn’t help is that the modern world lives life online – posting everything from a favorite meal to how they are or are not coping in a personal crisis.

    There is too much personal and what should be private stuff on whatever platform you care to mention . The younger generation uses social media as their personal support system instead of finding someone they trust to help sort the problem out, or someone who will just listen with compassion. Many times the person in trouble is trolled and abused on their favorite social platform – adding to their troubles.

  5. Whether the crown as an institution can survive after this latest very public crisis is any ones guess. Perhaps it will survive battered and bruised with the luster and mystique somewhat tarnished – at least until the queen has passed away.

    Will the institution – the crown – modernize , moving into the 21st century? The crown would have to overcome about a thousand years of tradition in order for that to happen.

    Although Her Majesty is the physical embodiment of that institution it is much bigger than one individual. She is advised and encouraged – and indeed was taught from childhood – to follow the traditions established over those thousand years – this is her life long sworn duty.

    We will have to watch and see how things go when Charles is king and possibly wait even longer until William is king after him.

    For us commoners it is a waiting, watching , and guessing game. I doubt even bookies would give good odds on major changes to that institution.

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