Radio Man’s Fave with Tom Middleton…


His name is Tom Middleton. He grew up in Victoria, British Columbia. Tom, a natural born musician who became the main attraction with various bands in the capital city.

I first met Tom when he came to visit me when I worked at CJVI 900 Victoria in 1972, asking if I could help him achieve success in the recording business. Needless to say, I was most impressed with this young man’s talent, that I put him on my Top priority list in securing him a recording contact which came together after I met Mike Flicker, producer at Can Base Studios located at 1234 West 4th in Vancouver, British Columbia, which eventually became Mushroom Studios where recording artists such as Heart, among other great artists put down tracts in the west coast Canadian studio.

Tom’s first hit was a tune written by Todd Rungren, called ‘It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference‘, followed by One Night Lovers. His last recording was a song he wrote about his lovely wife Pamela called ‘I need a Harbour for my Soul”


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