Jack Webster was a True Legend in his own time…

Jack Webster – Fred Schiffer photo

Thanks to Red Robinson for sharing this story about Jack Webster

Red Robinson


Jack Webster was one of the great influences on my career. Jack started at CJOR about the time I began to spin records in 1954. He had been one of The Vancouver Sun’s finest reporters and he had made a name for himself during a most controversial time in Vancouver history.


A full-scale investigation was launched into graft and corruption in the Vancouver Police Department. The judge wouldn’t allow sound recording, so Jack would go to the hearings with his notebook and take down the testimony in shorthand. He would come back to the station and read from his notes into a tape recorder. It was one of my first jobs at CJOR to tape these every day. Jack suggested I learn how to type if I wanted to get ahead. Lucky for me, CJOR program director Vic Waters’ brother taught typing at King Edward High.


A couple of weeks later, Webster asked me how it was going. I said “I’m a little uncomfortable… I’m the only guy in the class!” Webster took his glasses off, glared at me, and in his finest Scottish brogue, roared “And what’s wrong with that???”Working with Webster taught me a little about the journalism side of broadcasting and that you must be dedicated in this end of the business to succeed.


Jack Webster was one of Canada’s finest investigative reporters. My work with him on the police probe during those early days in my career gave me an understanding of the total picture of radio broadcasting and how important it was not only to entertain but to inform listeners.


Fred Schiffer photo


  1. There is NOT one mainstream news journalist who can carry Jack Webster’s water, NOT ONE TODAY!

    News media today and oh over the last 20 odd years is a sham, a joke, a collective of woke liberal stooges, (the womxn ones are the worst) who drink their own bath water while piously telling us they know better. They mix well with our current crop of politicians. Politicians for the most part have generally been crap (Canadian ones among the worst in the western world) but we have seen and had some gems and some true LEADERS.

    Remember, Leaders leads politicians react. Potus Trump and few others since WWII was/were Leaders. Those like Trudeau, Sleepy Joe, Macron, Bo Jo and others and such are politicians and sh*tty ones at that. But our bottom of the barrel sycophantic mainstream news media SUCK UP TOO AND KISS THE COLLECTIVE A$$ES OF POLITICIANS AS THOSE NOTED HERE!

  2. Jack was very good at his job. Liked Pat Burns too. From the days of smoking in the studios to three to four hours at a time. Wasnt a better or worse time in radio history, but it was entertaining.

  3. I came here to read Red’s column regarding Jack Webster. That, I got. Then came those who should confine their remarks to a political website where their input would be appreciated. Let’s keep the item content relevant to the subject matter instead of dragging politics into everything. Lord knows there’s been enough of that the last several years, most of it unwanted.

  4. Terry Bell,
    Are you an “Industry Professional” ?
    If not you could be one.
    Why are you promoting the censorship of thoughts and ideas?

    Jack was a great, respected broadcaster. He mainly focused on politics.
    I recognize Jack’s name in an instant.
    But I don’t recognize your name.
    Who are you?

  5. I agree with Terry Bell here. This is about radio and not politics. Many of you are wearing rose-colored glasses too. Todays news is being reported from all over the world and much faster than ever before. The news is presented, then you live and learn.

  6. Terry Bell spent half a century in radio. Great newsman with a wonderful set of pipes.

    Terry Bell – Mid morning host/production manager/PD/TV Dance Party host/public affairs/evening TV news anchor CKPG/CKPG-TV Prince George 1963-70; production/news/morning host/PM drive host CHQM/CHQM-FM Vancouver 1970-93; part owner/PD/PM drive host CKST Vancouver Oct. 1993-Feb. 2001; City Jazz host My City Radio.com Vancouver Feb.-July 2001; CJNW Vancouver July 2001-May 2002; news editor/anchor local and Corus Radio Network CKNW Vancouver 2002-2014.

  7. Fake News asked: …” I don’t recognize your name. Who are you?

    For the answer to that, read above.

    Also, I have no ‘link’ with CK or Christine Williams but I thank them for their support.

    I am not sponsoring, as some have suggested, ” the censorship of thoughts and ideas”? I am merely trying to bring this site back to a forum where members can keep abreast of industry news without being hammered on by those with a political agenda. Let’s treat each other with some kindness and respect. Lord knows, these days, we need both more than ever.

  8. I don’t want to deny any persons here of their opinions whether they align with mine in whole or in part or not at all. BUT! I damn well expect people to be able to appropriately defend their opinions and counter thoughts. This is something I often see those of the woke socially active liberal left lack an ability to do very well if at all.

    What they often do well is to PROJECT! They lay onto others all the vile and bad thoughts, values and actions they actually have and do. How do I know this ? Observation for one, but also knowing I am a recovering libtard. I have come to see this nonsense as I was often very much one who was doing such.

    Besides projection, the woke, socially (pompous and self righteous) liberal will when unable to credibly defend their POV begin to name call and enrage up to the point of even possible violence. I have seen this in real life before my very eyes and not just on social media type sites.

    The difference from a conservative or even one time classic liberal and the modern woke liberal or social activist is that the traditional conservative and even classic liberal will debate with the woke left and see that the person or persons may just be wrong or ignorant and as such may feel a need to try to inform and educate them. BUT! The modern self righteous, woke liberal or social activist will not only claim the persons on the other side so to speak as wrong but will see them as evil thus needing to be destroyed. It is the sign of an immature and reactionary mind.

    Though I never was bat sh!t crazy, I fell into liberalism and social activism once I became a young adult (lots of talk radio of which it mostly me listening to those on the center left to left side, CBC, CKNW, CJOR and KGO out of S.F. ) and reading news print/journals and was easily led by the modern liberal. It was ignorance on my part but the virtue signalling felt so good.

    FF 20 + years and one day sitting down and asking myself, “What has all my liberal attitude and social activism brought better to me, my family, my friends, others in my circle and to my nation? It was as if a light bulb turned on as I said to myself I am no better for it, nor are apparently any or my family, friends and others let alone looking at the last 25-30+ years of my nation and western world qualities.

    THAT WAS MY FIRST RED PILL! I had to swallow a few more after that as I did not want to believe that years and much of my liberal mind and social activism was distorted, built on lies told to me and contrived in my own mind and often just pure self righteousness and even some self hating BULL SH!T.

  9. This thread is a great example of how news people are politically biased, and want to censor people who don’t agree with their point of view.

    I think President Trump was right when he said MSM is the enemy of the people.
    Change my mind…….

  10. As a young rookie reporter in Vancouver and Victoria during the Jack Webster era, I feel that I was greatly honoured to have had the opportunity to work with him (Legislative Bureaus for CFAX & ‘NW). He taught me more than just journalism. He taught me the importance of our trade. The last time we got together was with our friend Patrick Nagle, formerly of the Southam (Vancouver Sun, etc) chain at the Palliser Hotel in Calgary. We had a great time renewing acquaintances! Jack was the best talk show host of his era by far.

  11. Les, your first post started out well when you correctly stated who Jack Webster was. But then you put the pedal to the metal and started rambling about politicians, who are not the subject of this article.

    Then your second post accelerated and finally went out of control into the ditch.

    Terry Bell knows more about ‘the radio biz’ that all of us, combined.

    Can’t we occasionally stay on topic and not belittle one and another?

  12. bagoverheadguy,

    I never said anything about Terry Bell Im familiar with his years notably at CKNW. I also made it clear that I support any and all opinions. I only qualified that people should be prepared to critically defend their opinions. This is something not so often done in our current times.

    Many people speak opinions and demand others just shut up and comply to the opinions. That and or they want anyone who may not have said opinions as their to be CANCELLED.

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