Biden Admin Wants to Charge Reporters $170 Every Time They Go to a Briefing

Jen Psaki

By Cassandra Fairbanks

The Gateway Pundit

February 28, 2021

The mainstream media goons who shrieked and moaned about a “free press” during the Trump administration are pretty mum after the Biden admin announced that they will be charging reporters for their COVID tests every time they enter the building.

Without taking the $170 test, reporters will not be allowed to enter the building to go to press briefings.

The Washington Post reported on Friday that the White House is seeking to put the new charges in place on Monday.

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  1. POTUS Biden would go down in history as having solved the U.S. Budget Deficit and Debt within his first year of his Presidency if he levied fines on CNN, MSNBC, WAPO, NYT, ABC, NBC, CBS, and other Liberal/Democratic Media Outlets ONLY $ 5.00 each time they lied while filing a False story praising Joe and his Minions for their great legislation and executive orders .

    It would be History Making !!

    “Come On Man” !!

    “No Joke” !!

  2. I see no problem in charging for the tests. I assume this cost covers the processing and final results report.
    The way this item reads to me is that all reporters – from the Left, Center, and Right leaning press are in the same boat. If only the conservative press or only the foreign press were charged the fee for example It would be discriminatory.
    The press covering the White House are employees of which-ever company, not employees of the government. The employers will pay the costs involved.
    If The White House started charging it’s employees for the test as a condition of employment that would be something to shout about.

  3. The employers will pay the fee but it is a bit ground-breaking. Access has always been free-of-charge so we’ll probably see and hear many stories about the new fee and then the uproar will die down and reporters and their bosses will return to business ‘almost’ as usual.

  4. Nobody cares what Raggedy Ann has to say. All you need do is go look at the 10-1 DOWNVOTE vs upvote ratio on the Whitehouse Channel on Googlag Tube.

  5. Terry, you’re right about things getting back to ‘almost’ normal., true normal seems so far away at the moment.
    What would be troubling is if those fees stayed in place after Covid testing was no longer required. The fee would then be pay for access and that would be wrong.
    I wonder if the Canadian model of tele-conferencing would work – one question and one or two follow-ups per reporter, mind you the back and forth of the scrum environment would be gone.

  6. Haters hate, lovers love. This charge seems to be appropriate given the times we are living under. GOP supporters will think this is deplorable while the White House feels this is a safe idea until the world is Covid free. You pay to play, this is the world we live in in 2021.

  7. Well maybe uncle joe needs the cash? American media must be very jealous of their Canadian cousins. In Canada Trudeau pays the media (600million) to come to the table

  8. Christine (and others with similar POV on this story)

    Lets back the clock up 5 months ago. If it was President Trump’s W.H. that wanted to charge the Washington (not so much of a press corp) Press Corps $170 per W.H. Press conferences, my senses tell me your opinion would be 180 degrees opposite that it is for “ole sleepy/slow Joe’s” W.H.

    You all would then be screaming bloody murder at the W.H and more so President Tump.

    There is no logic behind charging the Washington Press Corp (as useless as most of those idiot stooges are) any money in order to get access to the W.H. and “ole sleepy/senile Joe” .

    For God sake the First Amendment is still there. You not so progressive, liberals/Democrats have not totally shredded the US Constitution yet. 🙁

  9. Why wouldn’t they charge! This has never been about Americans and their well being. The Dems and their stimulus packages will see 91% of the 1,9 trillion go to causes and countries that has nothing to do with covid and the economy. Remember Joe promising $2000 stimulus checks? Yeah that aint happening but anal swabs are!

  10. BMCQ completely missed the point and uses his/her non-journalistic skills to write a useless post without doing any research. The reason for the testing is because those reporters are in close contact with White House Staff in turn the President. There is no conspiracy here…everybody pays just like in the real world.

  11. I love how its posted here like this is some scandal or something awful. Take a f**king test, if you are negative you can go in and do your job. If I were president I would do everything on zoom so reporters could stay far away, it would be my way of keeping myself and everyone else as healthy as possible. But wait I forgot most of the people that comment here know for sure the virus is fake because the scientists and medical experts say its real so it must be a global conspiracy
    Oops. I forgot that, so clearly Biden is the worst making people pay for a test for a fake virus.

  12. Shoulawouldacoulda…

    Um President Sleepy Joe, his heels up, knob polishing and stooge VP and the W.H. staff all got their Covid 19 vaccines well over two months ago. So if you trust the ‘evidence’ ARE THEY NOT PROTECTED?!?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  13. Shoulda

    Did not miss any point, simply made a tongue in cheek comment .
    Did not Joe and Team not receive “Jab” ?

    Shoulda received “Jab” shouldn’t they ?

    Would the White House not be better off to ensure WH Press provided Vax Passport every time media types entered WH Grounds ? Would that not save time and money ?


    Why are they ignorant to immunology? If you already had contracted Covid 19 your body has built in immunity to it. So WTF take any unproven, not fully tested and not authorized and pushed as an experimental vaccine?

    I heard the story of the 109 y.o. who survived the 1918-1919 Spanish Flu. They did an antibodies test on him and found some 100+ years later he still had immunity to the Spanish Flu virus.

    So again, why are people who have had Wuflu taking this experimental non vaccine vaccine jab?

    OBTW, there are now numerous treatments that show ability to stop any Covid 19 illness more or less in its tracks, Ivermectin for one is showing most promise.

    On top of that tests of patients who have Covid 19 found that the majority who have gotten very sick and or died were all vitamin d3 deficient. Notably in the Northern Hemisphere from about October to March the majority of people are low on vitamin d3.

    So as a health regiment making sure you have adequate vitamin d3 and zinc levels to name two helps keep your immune system more healthy.


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