Biden’s cognitive compromise … Media Coverage is “Partisan and Poisonous”

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks during a campaign event, Friday, Feb. 28, 2020, in Spartanburg, S.C. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

by Byron Christopher

February 21, 2021

“Partisan and poisonous” MSM Coverage of Biden

Biden’s cognitive compromise …

Check out this Sky news report from Australia. 
Notice what the commentator says about the reporting done by some US mainstream media outlets. This guy doesn’t pull any punches.

Biden’s cognitive compromise …

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  1. EVEN THE MOST HATED OF TRUMP…have to realize the disaster that is Biden. The no vaccine comment before he became president is the absolute worst yet…by far!

    And Anderson Cooper now the most pathetic, incompetent CNN’er ever. WOW!

  2. Oh well, if only Pravda (our USA media) didn’t worship him so. Unless he gets undesirable and they want to trip him down a stairwell so Commie Kamala can can run the country into a complete USSA, he will get a pass.

  3. Trump had/has many flaws, he is a bully, impatient, he did not listen to the few around him that understood what it took to pass legislation and achieve some consensus from Moderate Dems, he was like a Bull in a China shop, and he was even “Orange”, but almost all of his legislation worked well for the U.S., the rest of the world, and to the detriment of Bad Actor Nations like Iran, China,
    NOKO, ISIS, and many more who hid in the bushes while Trump was POTUS . Several here will not get that but the Trump Hard Line on those issues and more saved lives .

    It was because of the “Bad Orange Man” that so many other countries like India, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Viet Nam, the UK, and others stood against China, do you think that those same nations will stand ” United against China” with Sock Puppet Joe Biden in the White House ?

    Do YOU think that the soon to be POTUS Kamala will give any of those nations and more the courage to stand up to China ?

    In the meantime 90% of media will show POTUS Joe the Red Carpet and instead of asking the “Gotchya” questions they asked Trump they will be asking poor old Joe about his Dogs, the paint scheme his wife picked for the private WH residence, what kind of breakfast he prefers, and they will ask about his shoe size either in dress shoes or ice skates .

    As Joe might say himself, “Come On Man” !!

    Trump made many mistakes, no doubt about it but the world, the U.S., and Canada were safer with him in the White House .

    Joe Biden wants to and will surrender to countries like China, that is not defending the rights and freedoms of democratic countries, he iis much like the Canadian PM, he is more concerned with symbolic gestures, PC SJW nonsense, virtue signaling, and appeasing Special Interest Groups than accomplishing anything meaningful .

    Think about just this one thing that Bien passed by Executive Order on his first day in offfice .

    Joe Biden passed Legislation that would allow those males that were born MALE and identify as Trans/Women to take part in Girls sports, whether it be basketball, soccer, track and field, or any other sport . That legislation covers Girls Sports from about junior high through university including recreational sports not affiliated with school sports .

    How would you like to be an adolescent girl who has worked her whole life to run track and you happen to be the best in your state and then you want to advance to the Nationals but your time is not quite good enough to advance because you are number 11 men that identify as female out of a group that ran better times than you and you are SOL .

    Think about that, just for a minute !!

    That is what Joe Biden calls “Meaningful Legislation” ? !!!”Come On Man” !!

    Try this on for size .

    Where the Hell are the Womens Rights Groups on this ? Where are Liberals on this, Feminists, where is the Feminist Canadian OPM on this, I thought they cared about Women and Girls ?

    How does legislation like this SERVE Women and Girls ? How does this advance them ?

    Despicable and Disgusting !!!

  4. Gary

    Nothing of substance to say to defend your position ?

    “Come On Man” !!

    Surely to goodness you cannot condone the Executive Order that allows Boys/Girls to compete in Women’s sports .

    Please tell everyone here you condone and endorse the Biden executive Order that allows Males to compete against Females in Track and Field right here on this thread .

    Show us what you are made of Gary, step up .

    Somehow I do not believe you have the courage to condone that on this page in writing .

    Hell Gary, Women’s Tennis Icon Martina Navritalova has taken a stand on this and she is being vilified, show us what you have, come on Gary, “Put on your Big People Kind Pants” and show us what you are really made of, put it in writing .

    Not sure about you Gary but “I Salute Martina Navratilova”, she has common sense and courage than the LGBTQ Groups mentioned and she has a lot more courage than you .

  5. If the STOLEN Trump election by the Bolsheviks does not convince you the world is run by criminals…..nothing will. Good luck to you slaves…

    What irony……as I write this the “real” President just walked on stage at CPAC.


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