News 1130 Welcomes Frances Yap to the Team…

Frances Yap


of Charmaine de Silva

News 1130

Charmaine de Silva@char_des

Please join me in welcoming @francesLyap to the @NEWS1130 team. Frances will be anchoring and reporting for us. She brings a passion for storytelling and performance, and we are excited to see what she can do! Listen for her on air in the coming weeks!

4:41 PM · Feb 12, 2021


  1. “She brings a passion for story telling and performance” Story telling and performance? What a terrible description! How about someone “for accuracy and professionalism” ?

  2. Given the absence of any relevant info in the release I took a look at her social media record. Not much of substance but some SJW retweets, anti-Trump protests, etc. So, I would surmise she works cheap and endorses Rogers ‘woke’ spin that they inject in all their media & sports outlets. 1130‘s ‘news’ is cringe worthy enough lately, so I’m sure this will just continue or reinforce the same garbage they produce.


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