Bell Media fires Victoria anchor and cancels weekend news…

Alana Kelly

Courtesy of the Times Colonist

by Carla Wilson

February 4, 2021

CTV News Vancouver Island’s weekend newscast appears to have been axed as part of Bell Media’s restructuring plan, which has cut jobs for more than 200 employees in Canada.

Alanna Kelly, who worked as a journalist and weekend anchor at CTV VI, tweeted on Wednesday: “I’m gutted to be part of this corporate restructuring after pouring myself into my work 24/7. “My time with Bell was short but I’m proud of my stories and the people they represented.”

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  1. More fake news Jour-Nose fired.

    But we are supposed to “BEELEEVE” everything these morons say about the fake virus, Trump, the Proud Boys the “peaceful protests” by the ACTUAL TERRORISTS BLM and ANTIFA….

    Keep the firings going…..the world will be better for it.

  2. We still have a problem when the parent company increases its dividend and cuts news simultaneously. Hopefully when the government comes up with a plan, it will favour the locally owned stations over the ones controlled by bean counters 5000km away.

    Also, can site admin look at identifying the geo-location of some of these posters? I consider myself right-leaning but some of this is a bit much. A regional focus for conversation would probably be better for this site.

  3. Ugh I shouldn’t feed the trolls but anyway. Anyone who knows how to Google can see that BCE isn’t in danger of not turning a profit. These layoffs are about greed (increasing the dividend), not about protecting your existing dividend. Anyone who knows how to google can also see research reports on the risks of de-regulating oligopolies, which you seem to be advocating for. Moron.

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