Former Broadcaster Marrett Green charged:Refusal to Wear a Mask, Plus getting physical – Officer Breaks Leg…

Marret Green

Thanks to Gord Lansdell of NWBroadcaster for sharing the following story…

Charges have been laid against former Vancouver broadcaster Marrett Green following an altercation at a Vancouver courthouse involving a man who allegedly refused to wear a mask and got physical with police, leaving one officer with a broken leg. Green was a news anchor at CKVU-TV (then branded UTV) Vancouver from 1994-99.  CTV News


  1. Gary and others who have bought into the scam, and its a big one at that. Please take the time to watch the video on the link called’ Plandemic Indoctrination.’ This 90 documentary covers from a to z. Covid didn’t just happen last year, it’s been in the planning stages for years. The media plays a large part in creating fear among the masses. This is not about a Virus, it’s about COMPLIANCE.

  2. As of Jan. 29 2021. According to WorldOmeter, Globally of the reported 29,000,000+ who are Coronavirus cases. 99.6% suffer no more than mild conditions. ONLY 0.4% (about 110,000 GLOBALLY) of all cases are in serious condition.

    We have literally stopped our economies from working properly, governments have piled on debt like no tomorrow. Violations of HUMAN RIGHTS are being done by arrogant and lying governments through narcissistic bureaucrats DAILY! Personal lives have been and are being wipe out and made miserable. Polls such as one in the UK have something lie 56% of UK youth feeling they have no future and suffering massive anxiety and depression. COPS ALL OVER ARE NOW BEING A$$HOLE THUGS IN BADGES SEEMINGLY HAPPY TO VIOLATE THEIR OATHS!

    The CDC says in the USA about 96% of all reported Covid 19 deaths were NOT due to Covid 19 and that Covid 19 for most had little to no impact on the deaths. Only a bit over 9,000 US Covid 19 deaths can be attributed in some way to Covid 19. YET THE LIES AND FEAR MONGERING CONTINUES ESPECIALLY CARRIED BY A PROPAGANDA DEPARTMENT CALLED MAINSTREAM MEDIA!

    Yet too many in our populations just fall for the lies and ignore the hypocrisy.

    Over the last 10 months I have come to see how easy even a so called educated and intelligent western society can be sheep like and just give in to arrogance, ignorance and disgusting fearmongering! 🙁

  3. Gary

    The science? Gary wear a mask, don’t wear a mask. Double up, triple up the mask. Healthy people don’t wear masks. Bacterial pneumonia is real from continued wear. Just look at the numbers from California and Florida on mask wear and look at the numbers between the 2 states. California has been in lockdown for eons to the point they want to recall the governor of California for his handling, Here is a story about cases of the flu. Shocking that no one is getting the flu.

    Gary covid is real. But do you also notice now the mainstream media (CNN) doesn’t have the ticker on the screen with their talking heads? Covid seems to have taken a back seat. When Illinois and New York are now saying we need to open, what changed?

    Gary this isn’t likely going anywhere soon and mask wearing. But look around and see that its not about mask wearing. The push back coming from these lockdowns is starting to happen. Italy had 50,000 restaurants give the government the middle finger and opened last week. You see that happening a lot in many places.

    The scary thing is that in the USA is how they are taking that country right down a socialist path. A guy gets 10 years in jail for a meme and an FBI agent who forged a FISA warrant gets 100 days probation? Gary that should scare the hell out of you. The US could be headed for a civil war.

    Gary sorry this isn’t about science and if you believe it is email me, I have a box of PPE for you.

  4. Well said Mr. Baxter. The majority in B.C don’t have the guts to give the government the middle finger.
    When Adrian Dicks and his lapdog Henry are rolled out to sternly tell us we must do more. So ya’all, wear your masks and gloves and hide under your beds like good little drones. Obey!

  5. Gary
    Face Diaper,
    I should think that it would be obvious, even for you. Perhaps seek out a basic science text and get back to me.

    Hey Gary… is some basic science. It comes directly from the Ontario Chief Medical Health officer:

    October 8, 2020
    Ms. Christine Massey
    221 – 93 George St. S.
    Brampton, ON L6Y 1P4
    Dear Ms. Massey:
    I am replying to your access request made under the Freedom of Information and
    Protection of Privacy Act (the Act), for the following information:
    All records describing the isolation of a SARS-COV-2 virus, directly from a
    sample taken from a diseased patient, where the patient sample was not first
    combined with any other source of genetic material (i.e. monkey kidney cells aka
    vero cells; liver cancer cells).
    Please note that I am using “isolation” in the every-day sense of the word: the act
    of separating a thing(s) from everything else. I am not requesting records where
    “isolation of SARS-COV-2” refers instead to
    •the culturing of something (i.e. the culturing of supernatant in vero cells), or
    •the performance of an amplification test (i.e. a PCR test on a patient sample
    adulterated with an enzyme to release genetic material from cells), or
    •the sequencing of something.
    [If any records match the above description of requested records and are
    currently available to the public elsewhere, please provide enough information
    about each record so that the public may identify and access each record with
    certainty (i.e. title, author(s), date, journal, where the public may access it).]
    Pdf documents sent to me via email; I do not want anything shipped to me.


    This is to inform you that no responsive records were located. A reasonable search of
    the ministry was conducted, and no responsive records were found. Dr. David C.
    Williams, Chief Medical Officer of Health, is responsible for this decision.

    They have NOT isolated this FAKE virus. And this is the same FOIA for Health Canada and 46 other countries. But of course you will never hear about this on the LYING MEDIA. They are so unbelievably disgusting and corrupt. When this all comes out no one will ever believe anything from the POS media ever again. Go read this and and come back and tell us covid is real….GARY.

  6. Today I watched the documentary called ‘Plandemic Indoctrination’ … Wow! So well-documented, the producers did their research.

    When we see the Big Picture, the set-up, the lies, the compliance … man, it’s damn depressing — and frightening.

    So, 0.4 percent of Covid cases are serious. What a coincidence. 0.4 of the news on the man-made virus is legit.

    We’re being had.

  7. Good, aggravated assault for the broken leg. Very serious and generally will get you some jail time. And the accused is ‘known to police’. I’m sure the courthouse surveillance cameras will show it all and send this guy to jail. Why didn’t he leave when asked. Answer: he was looking for a confrontation.

    • Uhuh…why didn’t you wait for more information before commenting? It has something to do with critical thinking. I teach these classes. Please let me know if I can help. I will teach you for free seeing the desperation. And I’m ‘Known to police’ because I’ve made complaints against the police. Read my memoire sister…read my memoire.
      btw, you writing I’m known to police helps my defamation lawsuit against everyone of these degenerates. Thanks again. You are my #2 fan. Yes, #1…the first spot is filled already by my new friend I call jorgy.

  8. This is Marrett Green. The person arrested in this violent attack by the bc courthouse sheriffs. There are many things not right, even close to accurate, with these ‘stories’ that will come out in the trial.

    Have you noticed they are not releasing video of me trying to kill cops for a $300 ticket? Exactly. Bcuz it’s BS.

    This racist immature amoral little girl of an ‘officer’ saw a Black man on the ground, got carried away after their little attack frenzy…and got just a little tooo excited, and carried away…and thought such a stupid allegation of me, Marrett Green, trying to ‘disarm an officer’ would fly because she/ they thought such allegations would make sense for any Black man. Clearly. He’s Black. So of course people will believe such an allegation. Wrong.

    I am Black, but anyone, even those tragically cognitively limited, as these racists pretending to be officers, would see – as they NOW have – that violence of such nature is the farthest thing from my Nature.

    This sick ‘little supervisor’ I asked to speak to came up barking at me to “put the mask on or get out and wait for your ticket!”

    But but I…
    Hey? Why are you putting on your gloves, buddy? Let me record this.
    “you can’t record in here!”
    “Put the mask on your face (it was on my head) or get out the front door, and wait for your ticket!”
    Okay, I am leaving. I put on my knapsack and head up the stairs as all the videos show.
    Then as I get upstairs they grab me from behind. I went to the ground in 2 seconds. The video shows this. I did not resist or fight with anyone because I knew with them attacking me, I would be suing them. I would not give them any reason to justify their violent vile attack.
    .. I asked to speak to a supervisor about my (two medical letters/notes) medical condition regarding masks. And one of those notes come from the whiplash case I was at the courthouse dealing with. Look at my CV and professional experiences and tell me you see anything even close to violence, or stupidity, to try to kill another human being for a $300 ticket?
    These ‘officers’ (people) are truly disgusting, and should be ashamed of themselves. And if they are not, they will be. I will sue each and every one of those little degenerates pretending to be officers. Every single one will answer for their crime against me, and every Black person (the insult in such an allegation only to mitigate their unnecessary violence against me) on this planet.
    The last time I went to court, even the new crown prosecutor was explaining to the judge that I ‘missed an exit’ so that is why the ‘officers’ ‘assisted me’ and then a ‘scuffle’ ensued. No mention of me (Marrett Green) trying to kill someone (for a $300 ticket) because they know it’s just plain BS, and no one would believe it. I immediately told the presiding judge no ‘scuffle’ took place because I was on the ground in seconds…as the video shows.

    These ‘officers’ told the media, I am a ‘regular’ at the courthouse. What does that mean. ‘a regular’? They are hoping people think I am there defending nefarious actions, being there regularly, when in reality I have spent the last four years suing a woman named katja g. jouini for defamation of character. This woman now owes me $35k for her lies stating I assaulted her. This idiot forgot she wrote me the greatest love letter known to mankind, right after leaving my home. She forgot this when I told her I wasn’t into a relationship, and clearly felt dejected. Sorry, that does not make me a rapist. And this is why she now owes me $35K.

    Please google my name, and or go here I have worked very hard for the portfolio and accomplishments I have achieved, to date. They will pay for the damages they have caused physically with assaulting me, and professionally with the character damage…malicious and intentional with telling the media /world I am ‘a regular’ at the courthouse like I am a criminal. Ha.

    I will also sue CTV and the VPD for stating ‘I’m known to police.’ I am known to police because there is an inspector dawn richards, and her supervisor rankin, who refuse to charge this woman, katja g. jouini, who falsely accused me of assault. This inspector told the police review committee the only reason I won my defamation of character lawsuit against katja g. jouini, is because she did not show up to court. Can you imagine? So of course I am taking them to task with demanding my rights be upheld.
    I do not have any records or priors or charges as they are publicly alleging.
    Thank Goodness There is a court system….and I will take them all through it.

    Why at the courthouse that day? Well, among other cases, I was taking care of a lawsuit I launched against a physiotherapy clinic that damaged my neck. And the reason why these ‘officers’ stopped their violent attack when I called out for my neck which they were damaging it further with their ‘gi-joe training take-down moves’ (it was like they were all having sex for the first time, not a clue what they were doing). It’s when I felt one of the ‘officers’ lifting my right shoulder off the ground, while another idiot had my head pinned to the ground, that they were doing more damage to my neck, and I called out, ‘my neck, my neck.. I am here for a whiplash claim. you’re damaging my neck further!’

    When you see the video you will see they all stopped at the same time without any cue other than my screaming for my neck which snapped them out of their frenzy – just like little kids.

    It’s the first and only time I said anything after one of them literally grabs me from behind…I had no idea they were going to attack me…the idiot grabs me by my jacket collar and whips my body back against the wall. Yes, literally attacked me from behind with no warning. This was them ‘helping me to find an exit’ (as I am following direction and heading for the front door)…according to the crown prosecutor. Yeah, right. I cannot wait to see a 12 member jury deliberate over this crap. These people are disgusting and they will pay for their crimes against me – Thank Goodness.

    I will see everyone of them in court before we See God over what they have deliberately done. Absolutely disgusting people. None of these people deserve to wear any badge…not even scouts or girl guides. Pure disgusting people.

    • Hey hey my #1 fan!

      (well you did take the time to write, didn’t you? This makes you my #1fan – thanks),

      &Thank you for the letter. Sorry for the tardy reply. I didn’t see this until today. I’ve been busy – I’ve apparently got a Life… apparently a pretty full / cool and and exciting Life, eh. Thank Goodness. 

      You know what else this means? This means you care, jorgensen. I know, I know you’re confused. It’s okay. Most people who speak before thinking are.

      You see jorgensen…this is nothing new for me (head shaking)…if you only knew the # of weak-minded ‘little’ boys like you I have to deal with daily/ constantly, you’d have thought twice before replying. Perhaps not. 

      Like most jealous ‘little’ boys, you see me doing many many things you wish you could do yourself, correct? Yeeeesss….correct. This is exactly what the ‘sheriff’ who attacked me proved as his problem, while testifying on court…yes jealousy. I deal with this constantly…wait till you read my memoire. 

      You see, I had a conversation with the ‘little boy sheriff’ the week before they assaulted me. And evidently (in court), he kept my (music) business card in his desk however did not bother to keep any video of me being violent and disruptive during this visit, from the week before (still in their library storage at the time of their assault), as they claimed their reason for assaulting me. Make sense to you? Still confused? It’s okay. 

      Well, I say to you the same as I say to the ‘sheriff’…why not try lifting yourself up, instead of trying to tear me down? 

Drama? The drama comes from those not content within themselves and/or able to fully express themselves – which typically leads to jealousy when they witness others doing what they (feel) cannot. While the rest of us are simply just doing what we do, Living Life. Sound familiar jorgensen? Likely not. 

      Finally, I’ve been told I should write a book about this experience. You saying ‘drama,’ and actually taking the time to write me, to state this is drama, definitely supports the notion it’s book worthy. Thank you :).

      Btw, their false charges were dropped in court last week – after me having to contact 469+ lawyers to find one to genuinely stand up against Crown’s false charges. More drama. And now I’m free to seek justice 🙂 Stay tuned, eh. I know you’re loving the drama.

      Muah – – to my #1fan!


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