RIP Vancouver Radio Newsman John Copsey …

John Copsey

Thanks Gord at NW Broadcasters for sharing the following:

1/26/21 – Numerous postings on Facebook are acknowledging the passing of Vancouver news anchor John Copsey, who died Monday, one day before his 54th birthday. He spent seven years as news anchor/ reporter at CJOB Winnipeg before moving west to join CKWX Vancouver. Copsey then joined CKNW in 2018 in his most recent position as Network News Anchor with Global News Radio.  Facebook Postings


  1. Sad news as the world has lost a gentleman in the newsroom. A calm and professional presence with a quiet and dry humour. My heart goes out to John’s daughter, family, friends and those who had the opportunity to work with him.

  2. Wow… incredibly sad. I loved his news voice. Just listened to the 9pm Jan. 21st CKNW audio-vault to hear his voice one last time. Wish I knew how to post it in memoriam.

  3. I always enjoyed listening to John Copsey on the CKNW newscasts. He had just the right tone in his voice for radio and a calming prescence over the air. He will be missed. Condolences to his family, friends, and fellow workers.

  4. The VERY FIRST time I heard his voice I was a fan. Measured, professional. And a tip to SO

    many of his fellow broadcasters in this day and age…he never pronounced “another” completely

    wrong as in the “a” should sound like that of hat, not hate.

  5. John Copsey was one of the best newscasters in Canada. Very talented and excellent voice. My condolences to his family and may his soul rest in peace

  6. It is really nice to here his peers show so much respect .

    Not trying to be funny here but when out in the car at night I have dozens of times tuned in to
    CKNW to hear his newscasts and then tuned out and back to SXM when that full of self importance wind bag Adler came back after the news break .

    R. I. P.

  7. I grew up with CKNW and have fond memories of great news presenters such as John McKittrick and John Ashbridge. Mr Copsey was the present day embodiment of these presenters. He had an excellent voice and delivery. Behind that voice one realized that he was an educated man. He had a degree in English from the University of Manitoba. I will miss his newscasts.

  8. Fond memories of a great kid and young man who was one of my twins’, Brian and Terese’s best friends beginning in elementary school. There was a large group of fine young people, male and female, all were a joy to know and a pleasure to follow through the years – too few in John’s case.

  9. When I listen to Charles Adler on week nights in Toronto, I really enjoyed listening to John Copsey delivering the news. Incredible voice for radio & well spoken, I thought he was on vacation
    in early February & later a family emergency or getting a new post elsewhere until i searched
    the internet. I really miss him.


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