Troy Scott heading to the big smoke with Rogers…


Word from our friend Troy Scott’s facebook page…

Troy Scott

Worst kept secret ever. I am truly humbled, and honoured to take on the greatest call letters in radio history as Content Director. CHFI was the 1st FM station in our country, and the flagship station/ 1st asset of Rogers. I will miss TEAM JACK so much… We only had a year under us, but wow did we “keep JACK crazy”!! I am VERY proud of all our hard work, and thank you forever for letting me join JACK. When Paul Kaye asked me about CHFI, I lost my feet. I swear to god I fell down on my staples chair. It is every drivers dream to drive a Ferrari after all. Julie Adam told me that CHFI was magic. It is, and I will never ever let the brilliant CHFI blue fade under my watch. Ever. EVER.I am very excited to take up National Content Director for Adult Contemporary for Rogers Sports and Media. I am NOT Wendy Duff (who could live up to that?! COME ON!) But- we will continue her hard work with the great Julie James. I would like to take this space to thank Howard Kroeger and Chris Brooke – to whom I owe so much, and will remain forever grateful. I would also like to thank my most favourite person on earth Casey, my life partner. Thank you for continuing this life adventure with me. I love you.We’re trading the Husky Tower for the CN Tower – Here. We. GO! ??#CHFI283 Comments


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