Why I love my 37-year-old clock radio


by Brett Martin

News Media

January 14, 2021

My parents bought me a JCPenny clock radio as a birthday present when I was a teenager. I’ve been using it almost daily ever since. It’s officially named an AM/FM Clock Radio Cassette Player. The radio offers two alarms, which I’ve grown accustomed to using so I can have one alarm for workdays and one for Saturdays. I don’t set an alarm for Sundays. Everyone needs one day a week to sleep in.

One of my favorite features, which was a new concept to me when I was gifted the radio, is the snooze alarm. I didn’t use it at first because I didn’t trust it and was scared of oversleeping. Now I can’t imagine an alarm clock without one. I’ve been using it at least once a morning, six days a week, for years.

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  1. I still use a clock a clock radio. I got my last one at The Bay in 1993 and I retired it a couple months ago after finding an identical and practically new model in a thrift store last year which is now in use. It still worked but the display was starting to fail. Made in Malaysia by General Electric. My Dad used to say they made things to last and he was right.

    I still use a Flip Phone and I got it in 2016 after my first one gave out after 14 years but that’s a topic for another day!

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