Hijab-wearing Woman to anchor CBC News

Ginella Massa,

Courtesy of the Kelowna Daily Courier

by Victoria Ahearn – The Canadian Press

January 9, 2021

Toronto journalist Ginella Massa’s career has involved many firsts.

In 2015, she was believed to be the first TV news reporter in North America to wear a hijab on-air as a video journalist for CTV News in Kitchener, Ont.

The next year at CityNews Toronto, she became the first Muslim woman in hijab to ever anchor a major newscast in Canada.

And on Monday, the CBC says it’s believed she’ll become the first hijab-wearing national TV news host in Canada, with the debut of her prime-time news show “Canada Tonight with Ginella Massa.”

“It’s a dream come true to be part of Canada’s national public broadcaster and to have a national platform,” the Canadian Screen Award winner said in an interview.

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  1. “to have a national platform” For what? She is a news reader, that’s not a platform. that is a head with a mouth that moves and speaks words.
    Lady, don’t overestimate yourself. Sure, the whole freaking western world is telling you how brave your are and you believe it.
    It’s just going to tank the CBC numbers even greater.

  2. Terry Bell, the point you raise strikes to the heart of the matter. However, allow me to refine that point as I believe the presence or absence of the hijab is a red herring for some one who has inasmuch expressed identity with the hijab. The question becomes, if there is a newsworthy article discussing immigration fraud, or female genital mutilation, for example, will she present it? Or will her producers or news directors avoid and thus censor the news because it would look bad or put her in a “difficult situation”.
    The latter and former scenarios are where we get to gauge the difference between a journalist and a diversity hire or, indeed, a news production organization that is too weak to present information that Canadians are entitled to know.

    I have seen her “promotion ads”. Yes, brave, very brave. Hurrah. More than a participation prize but not quite a 1st Place. It’s all crap and nonsense. We are all brave. We all carry baggage and scars from whatever family or socio-economic situation we were born in or whatever accident or disease we were afflicted with. News Flash. Most of us don’t make it our badge of courage, we make our accomplishments our badge of courage. Not what we wear on our head or bodies, not on what our skin colour gave us or took away and not on where we came from or how many generations we can trace our ancestry in Canada.

    If on day one, she just sat in the chair and started reading the news, it would be “Oh, she is reading the news now, wonder what happened to so and so”. Exactly no big effing deal. But our state-run broadcaster just cannot help itself with shoving the “here is why our news delivery will mean more to you now, believe our propaganda more now because this very important, and she is important because we are telling you she is important, person is going to speak some words.

    I will be honest. Never heard of her. She has done nothing to improve my life, to decrease my taxes, to present honest reporting on the china virus, or provide any news that will help me make informed decisions for me and my family. She is a nobody that I am being told is a somebody. Another manufactured news celebrity. We are flooded with these celebrity talking heads and I find radio unlistenable now. Whenever I get into the car, I am almost exclusively listening to AM730 traffic news. Those folks are real and fun. It is actually enjoyable to listen to them talk about the same traffic situation and yet make every repeat just a little bit different. They got their gigs without fanfare, but by golly, they are worthwhile characters.
    So, yes. These days, to me, traffic news is the only real and enjoyable stuff coming out of my car speaker. And if they are wearing hijab, yarmulkes, turbans or propeller-beanie, I couldnt care less.
    There is only one thing I want to hear each day, and it makes my day when I hear it: “The East-West Connector is, well, east-west-connecting”

  3. I still say, If Wendy Mesley and Don Cherry are racist then so am I. Best of luck to a channel and journalist I pulled the plug on over 5 years ago.

  4. With all this leftist, SJW wokeness and their hypocritical virtue signalling maybe within 5 -10 years after things get so bad and retarded we will finally see a news release saying the following:

    This Just In from (________) Network:

    Joe Sixpack, white heterosexual male, Christian, married with 2 children will be hosting the Evening News on ( _______ ) network. This is a significant news release for equality and justice.


    Seriously HOW STUPID OR IGNORANT must these people be to see that they ONLY!!!!! gets these jobs based on the genitals, their non Christian faith and / or their race/ethnicity? It would bother me much to know that I was just a political/social lackey as my job or career is only given to me based on these irrelevant things and NOT MY ABILITIES!

    One would have to be a real TOKEN TOBEY to be ok with such. 🙁

  5. Bravo to this woman! If you dont like how she looks, how she dresses, get lost. The most important thing is that she is qualified, give her a chance.

  6. She covers her hair in fear that men will assault and rape her if they see it. That’s what this boils down to: a religion and culture that treats women like property and masks them so the property doesn’t seek better opportunity. Yes, she can wear whatever she wants, but the reason she’s wearing this is that her culture and religion uses it as a tool to remind people women are less. This isn’t brave, it’s subservience.

  7. Cannot understand why she and others feel the need to wear such an oppressive article of control, err clothing, why, why, why??? Perhaps could someone please please point out exactly where in the Quran it states that a hijab, burka etc. must be worn, or that women cannot drive cars or that female genital mutilation is a requirement. This reeks of pandering, and promoting a down trodden gender…

  8. Funny thing is if she outwardly professed to be a Christian woman she would probably be lucky to get a position as a beat reporter.

    In all my years of employment my religious preference was never brought up (well except on my Army dog tags 😉 )

  9. @Christine. I don’t believe that the criticism is about how she dresses or looks. If that was the case, we would have endless debates about John Northcott and Suhana Meharchand.
    Both CBC and Ms. Massa brought up the hijab as being “something”. Most of us here recognize that the “something” is not a qualifier for what makes one a good journalist or not.

    We just want the news, we want factual reporting without editorialization, and we want all sides of the story. We don’t want an interjection of “bringing my life experience into the story” crap. That is for the editorial pages. I would be fine with factual reporting and a segment on the news where the various celebrity-newsreporters can have 5 minutes each to put their spin on various stories after the news elements have been aired. It provides good opportunities to check how my pyrogies are cooking or take a bathroom break.
    The question to also ask is: “why do we care”? Well, this brave hijab-person is collecting my tax money and if viewership continues to tank because its all about the hijab and not all about the truth in reporting, then I am not getting value for my money and am basically financing a grift.

  10. Some great comments here, I agree, Raymond it is long past time for you to come out of your coma .

    Identity in politics, media, tv ads, casting of television and movie rolls virtually ensures that it will be almost impossible to get a job there or in any level of government if you happen to be a “Pudgy White Heterosexual Male”, why bother the cards are stacked against you .

    I wonder how the Mensa Members in Hollywood would figure out how to cast actors and directors for the War of 1066 – Battle of Hastings or a reboot of a First World War epic ? Can you imagine what a CF that might be ?

    I can only hope and pray that the same criteria is not applied to surgeons, I can only hope and pray that the people kind holding the laser of the scalpel is standing over me in the O.R. Room just because they fit a certain demographic . Just thinking of that gives me the shakes .

  11. @Cephas
    You missed CBC’s darling interviewer, Jian Ghomeshi. A trail-blazer if there ever was one. And of course Michaëlle Jean, eventually getting the coosh GG job. Also, not to forget Suhana Meharchand, whose ability to make the interview about her is almost at par with Heather Hiscox. Then there is Natasha Fatah, who is still trying to figure out how a sailboat works.
    Mulling over this list, I am kinda longing for the Chez Helene and Friendly Giant days. Oh, waittaminite. The CBC was the first to feature regular appearances by a mouse, a rooster and a giraffe.
    There we have it. Quite obvious now. The CBC leads, and we follow. What could go worng!

  12. @Jack Morrow
    I like watching the Lindsey Duncomb show in the mornings on CBC News. Her daily twist, spin and contortion of reality designed to fit the 4am-drop narrative is something to behold. Her visceral hatred of Donald Trump reminds me of the girl who had the hots/stalked the alpha dude in school but he would not give her the time of day. I get the impression that Donald Trump reminds her of the fact that alphas like him are order of magnitude above her league. That’s why she does her best to belittle him and make him out to be some kind of a monster. She wants him to be at her level so she has a chance.

  13. Hahaha…you old, pudgey white guys can’t handle it. I’m sure you’ll be having a nap when she’s on, so don’t worry about it.

  14. Brenda
    Hahaha…you old, pudgey white guys can’t handle it. I’m sure you’ll be having a nap when she’s on, so don’t worry about it.

    Says Brenda the 200 lb swamp donkey. Are you out of blue hair dye? Go clean those black WOKE eye glasses of yours.


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