Why do we have to rely on News India to investigate Justin Trudeau? Canadian Media have sold us out!


News India have decided to investigate and report on the PM of Canada, a job Canadian reporters should be investigating and reporting on. It’s amazing how 600 Million Dollars, PLUS ongoing deposits will quell the news about how corrupt our governments from provincial to federal really are, as well how the Canadian media have also become corrupted! Shame on them!

Check out this News Anchor from India HERE



  1. King Justin of brownface is merely following his Chinese masters instructions and aggravating the Indians. Cold weather Chinese army training for use in, yup Northern India. Remember his trip to India? And how about the NDP leader a supporter of the Sikhs that have asked China for help, same folks who like to blow up jetliners leaving from Canada… we should be making them our trading partners not the communist chinese party that justin the groping feminist so admires…

  2. Great piece and a very good question .

    Far too often this is the case, what is it about Canadian Media that makes them idolize and run interference for a PM who is inept, impotent, dishonest, intellectually challenged, and simply a grifter ?

    What is it that media see in PM Justin, that causes them to throw all of their credibility away by
    either ignoring his mistakes or actually running interference for him ?

    Absolutely crazy .

  3. Because the same Bolsheviks that created the USSR control all Govts, Media, Big Tech and corporations. That’s it and that’s all….

    World Revolution Incoming……hey you coward RCMP who need 3 of you fat slobs to jump one guy not wearing a mask…this means you.

  4. January 7, 2021 – 7:48 am
    Bob Price
    What a ridiculous thread. Trumpism lives in Canada I guess.

    Why don’t you move to the Communist Country of China then if you hate freedom so much.


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