‘Gilligan’s Island’ star Dawn Wells dead at 82

Dawn Wells

Fox News

December 30, 2020

Dawn Wells, who famously played Mary Ann Summers, has died. She was 82.

She died in Los Angeles of COVID-19-related causes Wednesday morning, according to her publicist.

The actress starred as the unapologetic “good girl” who was stranded on an island with six other castaways. “Gilligan’s Island” ran from 1964 to 1967 – for three seasons – and yet it has never gone off the air. It continues to be screened across the world in over 30 languages.

“There is so much more to Dawn Wells” than the “Gilligan’s Island” character that brought her fame, her rep said in a statement.


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  1. RIP Dawn.

    As a kid I got a kick out if Gilligan’s Island, I would imagine what it would be like to be stranded on one with others as we lived in our very own little society.

    ***Stop reading if you do no wish to rad my added Covid 19 comments!***

    As to her dying of Covid 19 complications.
    OF COURSE SHE DID! Everyone now dies of Covid 19.

    The US CDC shows influenza details on the US map. In 2019 it was clear that the USA had a typical flu season as the map was colored state by state in different colors to show different influenza numbers. IRONICALLY! the map for 2020 is almost all shown state by state in the color green which tells us there is virtually no influenza deaths this year. SO COVID19 has magically cured the seasonal flu.

    BTW the US government pays every hospital an average of $53,000 per reported Covid 19 death.

    Likely conversation below:

    ER doctor says, “This patient crashed his motorcycle and was not wearing his helmet. Unfortunately the paramedics had to scrape up his brains off the road.”

    Pathologist replies, “Ok, we will put Covid 19 on the death certificate.”

    ER doctor exclaims, “What? He died of a bashed in head from a motorcycle crash.”

    Pathologist yells back, “The idiot government does not pay us $53,000 for motorcycle crash deaths. But will pay us $53,000 if we put Covid 19 on the death certificate.”

    ER Doctor sighs and says, “So for $53,000 we will violate laws and our medical ethics?”

    Pathologist says, “Look, I just keep my mouth shut and keep getting paid. If the government is stupid or crazy enough to throw $53,000 per Covid 19 death , THAT IS THEIR PROBLEM, NOT MINE!”

    This sort of stuff is happening all over the USA and God only knows where else.

    If we had a credible news media with true news journalism, THIS SCANDAL WOULD BE ON EVERY MAJOR NEWS NETWORK AND NEWS PAPER!

    But today our t.v., radio and online news media is essentially what t.v. and radio Izvestia was in the former USSR back in the day. Every print news service here is now the same as Prvada was for news print back in the USSR days. 🙁


    People are still falling for this mass deception. 🙁

  2. My favourite show when I was young. And she died peacefully of OLD AGE…..not the fake virus covid.

    The Americans are waking up and finally protesting against this FRAUD finally. They are opening their businesses and taking off the masks. Canadians are chickens and cowards and won’t of course. Sad.

  3. Richard..interesting comments….

    Canadians ‘chickens and cowards’?

    As one of the commentators on CNN said recently: “anyone with a brain will be wearing a mask…” referring to the situation presently in California…

  4. bagoverheadguy

    I quite agree…only let me fix it for you:

    As one of the commentators on CNN said recently: “anyone with a brainwashed brain will be wearing a mask…” referring to the situation presently in California…

    There. All fixed. I would be happy to pay you my 6 month old never paid out bounty of $1000 if you can point me towards “credible” evidence this FAKE virus is real.

  5. Why is there no scandalous juicy dirt on Dawn Wells?
    Covid? Is that the best story the media can come up with?
    Where is Trump killed Dawn Wells? I guess virus thing covers that news story.


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