Update! BC Gov’s Mixed Messages Helping Spread Covid, by Harvey Oberfeld


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by Harvey Oberfeld

Keeping It Real…

December 6, 2020

Law-abiding and rule-respecting British Columbians are suffering: we can’t gather with family and friends; we can’t play hockey or soccer or even curl in groups; we can’t visit loved ones in hospital or long-term care homes; our kids can’t have birthday parties; we can’t worship in church/temples/mosques/synagogues or even attend weddings/funerals; and, it’s looking like they won’t want us to celebrate Christmas, New Year or Hanukkah with those in our social circle either.

BC is hurting.

Tens of thousands of British Columbians are out of jobs or getting only reduced work hours or have had their businesses shut down or so severely restricted, they are facing obliteration …or have already failed.

This is the result of Public Health Orders imposed on us for weeks now, weekly announced with great solemnity by Public Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry and Health Minister Adrian Dix.

And if government bureaucrats or police catch you … a FEW of you together …violating their strictures, YOU will get heavily fined and punished.

Unless you get hundreds together, gather to PARTY on Granville Street or rally hundreds to PROTEST something … whether here or even thousands of miles away … and then BC looks the other way!

Police will even assist your marshalling/gathering … just call it a rally … and then no limits on how many can congregate, no masks required, no distancing enforced and not likely anyone, not even the organizer(s), will face tickets, charges or fines at all.


For the same reason I believe a few weeks ago, Dr. Henry and the BC government imposed a highly restrictive Public Health Order all the way from Vancouver to Hope, rather than zero in on the particular areas where Covid was running totally amok … in Fraser Health, and especially South Surrey.

Because the BC government is weak: afraid to identify/offend specific regional, geographical or ethnic communities where large numbers are ignoring/thumbing their noses at the rules the rest of is are following.

We can understand … although not like it … when No-Maskers (people most of us regard as ignorant, misdirected, or just wackos, egged on by anarchists) hold rallies deliberately violating Public Health Orders.

BUT when hundreds of BC citizens ignore the movement and gathering restrictions the rest of us have been respecting, enduring and hurting under so much for so long, and mass together, shoulder to shoulder to hold a rally, complete with shouting and speeches … they are thumbing their noses at the government and their fellow British Columbians.

Saturday, HUNDREDS turned out in Vancouver to rally on behalf of farmers in the Punjab, involved in a dispute with the Indian government. ( http://Large crowds turn out for 2nd B.C. convoy supporting Indian farmers | Globalnews.ca)

And this was the SECOND such rally in less than a week …. also drawing HUNDREDS (https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/second-car-rally-farmers-india-cloverdale-to-vancouver).

Just think of everything Dr Henry and Dix have told us about how Covid can spread: from one to another, in social gatherings, on transit, in groceries, restaurants, in shops, in offices, and in schools.

How many British Columbians will get Covid as a result of these rallies; how many will require hospitalization; how many will die ???????

How many tickets were issued? Were organizers charged? Was there a free pass policy?

If THEY can gather outside in large numbers with impunity to protest, why can’t WE gather outside in large numbers to play sports, celebrate our family events, holidays?

People ARE watching!

BC officials are sending MIXED MESSAGES by allowing one set of rules for some (enforcements ignored) and a stricter set of rules for the rest of us (rules enforced).

The result will be NO ONE will pay attention any more … and Dr Henry and Dix will both lose credibility.

And THEY will be helping Covid spread.

Harv Oberfeld


  1. until the federal government lockdown the country we will see these protests and parties. the economy will come back, hopefully no major market crash.

  2. Correction

    The COVID LIES are helping to spread chaos, poverty and make your corporate masters and their concubine politicians wealthier than EVER

    Enjoy the gulags baby — they are coming as sure as your leaders are communists, sell outs, perverts and thugs like the rapists who run Hollywood

  3. Fake News: Requests for field hospitals in Alberta and ICUs running out of space is just an average winter for the medical system to you?

  4. Hey fake, heres a story you draw (use your best crayons)your own conclusions

    My wife and I are close friends with a family in Abbotsford. The older parents our both in their 70s
    They have 3 daughters and many grandchildren
    Their son in law brought the fake virus home and his wife tested + . She has had to put her chemo treatments on hold while she either beats the fake virus or it kills her due to her already impaired imune system from cancer treatments. One of their 3 children has also tested + for the fake virus. Her dad has advanced lung and throat cancer tested negative. The mom tested + so she has mover into quarantine with her son in law and daughter. The family is in complete turmoil. All because a fake test for a fake virus that is killing real people.

  5. 13,
    I wish your friends and their relatives a speedy and successful recovery.

    If the test is fake and the virus is fake, what is killing real people?

  6. Covid19 Fear and Doomers, here are some facts.


    1: In Canada over 82% of all of those who died WITH (they never say from) Covid19 were seniors with underlying health issues living in Seniors homes and hospice care. Most of those died due to their age and already grievous heath issues and not from Covid19.

    2: The average age of death with Covid 19 in Canada (mirrored as similar in most of the world BTW) is 82.5 years of age. Which is at or beyond average age of death in Canada.

    3: If you are under age 70 your odds of dying with Covid 19 is virtually NIL. If you are over 70 but not in a care home your odds of dying with it are still only tiny.

    4: Face masks DO NOT PREVENT THE SPREAD OF ANY AIRBORNE VIRUS!!! 17 studies ALL SCIENTIFIC BASED over the last 40 years some using hospital workers and others general public found no disposable, cloth or even N95 mask usage resulted in lower airborne transmission of viruses.

    The typical virus is from 0.05microns to 0.15microns. They say the SARS-COV-2 Virus is 0.1 microns. These viruses are blowing through those disposable masks or those cloth masks. Even N95 masks only block particles down to 0.3 microns.

    As for the nonsense of stopping spittle, USE SOME LOGIC! You wear the face mask and moisture from your mouth and even nose builds up on the inside of the mask. Covid 19 virons may temporarily be held back in the mask with the moisture you release, but with each breath you take and expel you either re-inhale these virons but now increased concentrations, which could trigger an immune response and make you sick rather than being asymptomatic. Or you are just through your breath pushing these built up virons being temporarily held up in your mask, the weave fibers of the mask is now slicing and dicing the virons and being blown through the front of the mask, not all aerosolized rather than just spittle from and unmasked mouth falling to the ground in a couple of feet or so. WAY DA GO YOUR MASK IS NOW SPREADING VIRONS THROUGH THE AIR!

    Next, especially cloth masks you fill them with your moisture and temporary held back Covid 19 virons. You take the mask off and since people are lazy you are NOT PROPERLY WASHING THE MASK AFTER EACH USE. The mask sits in your pocket, on a table, or hanging on something. The Covid 19 filled spittle now dries. The next time you go to put it on the dried Covid 19 filled spittle just flakes off and FLOATS in the air waiting for you or another person to breathe it in. WAY DA GO YOU JUST SPREAD COVID 19 IN THE AIR!

    5: In 2008 the NIH yes, including Dr. (GOD to you Covid 19 fear and doomers) Fauci studied the 1918-19 Spanish Influenza. They found that MOST of the 20-50 million deaths were due to BACTERIAL PNEUMONIA! Not the Flu. They found the flu virus attacked the upper respiratory system like many flu viruses do, but NOT to the point of death for most. Bacteria concentration they attribute through the nasal passages settled in the upper respiratory system and grew into a bacterial pneumonia. The only consistent source was prolonged and extensive face coverings.

    These face masks GET FILTHY. I see people wearing especially cloth ones and you can see the filth on them. AND YOU FOOLISHLY THINK THEY ARE PROTECTING YOU! But you are causing bacteria growth in them and then reinhaling this bacteria in your lungs. Add the fact the Northern hemisphere is now into our winter flu season just you watch how many people will get bacterial lung infections and pneumonia this winter.

    6: More on the masks. You can fit over 1 million Covid 19 virons on the head of a pin, DO YOU THINK YOUR FACE MASK IS STOPPING VIRONS BLOWING THROUGH THE MASK?

    Eye glass wearers, do your eye glasses fog up when you wear your face mask? YES! Um then think, if moisture from you breath is being redirected by the mask to your eye glasses due to those cloth or disposable masks, COVID19 virons are as well too.

    7: Mandatory face mask rules in locations, provinces, states, nations have NOT showed lower infection rates compared to places that do not have mandatory face mask rules, in fact they tend to show INCREASED Covid 19 transmission numbers. BTW same goes with (anti)social distancing and lock downs. NO SCIENTIFIC PROOF SHOWS THESE HAVE WORKED!

    But business lock downs have killed millions of jobs and businesses globally and lead to increased suicides, spousal and child abuse, drug and alcohol abuse and mental health issues. BUT THOSE LIVES DON’T MATTER TO YOU COVID 19 FEAR MONGERS!

    8: Violation of human rights. All these measures being used by many jurisdictions violate the 1948 UN Declaration of Human Rights, the Nuremburg Trial Codes, Our Canadian Charter of Rights, The US Constitution and likely those of many other nations. RIGHTS ARE NOT ARBITRARY! If they can be violated for any government reason then they have no teeth and we have no guarantee of liberty and freedom.

    The attack on religious freedom is most abhorrent. Costco, Wall mart, Super Store etc. can stay open. Liquor stores, drug shops and abortion clinics can stay open but Churches can’t and oddly enough many places do not allow fitness centers to stay open. YOU CAN DOWN BIG MAC’s AND HUGE SODA POPS ALL DAY LONG! YOU CAN DRINK YOURSELF SILLY OR DO DRUGS ALL DAY LONG! But you can’t partake in organized fitness activities or again spiritual activities with your Priests, Pastors or Congregation. ALL VIOLATIONS OF OUR CHARTER RIGHTS!

    9: The mRNA vaccines….. One, they by their own manufactures words WILL NOT PREVENT YOU FROM CONTRACTING COVID19! They only will reduce your symptoms. You now do become and asymptomatic spreader. Two, they are finding quite significant side effects based on trials, high fever, hard chills/shakes, severe headaches, bad pain in the injection area, nausea and a bad feeling of fatigue. Three. The manufacturers are silent on possible fertility issues on women of child bearing ages, but the scuttlebutt is these vaccines (which again they really are not ) may attack the ability of a pregnant woman to make the placenta. Four, they have NO IDEA of long term health and genetic effects on the human body. These are DNA altering vaccines unlike normal flu vaccines. Five. In order to rush these to market the have bi-passed steps such as laboratory animal tests. THAT SHOULD SCARE THE HELL OUT OF ANYONE!!!

    10: If you FREELY choose too as an adult take a vaccine (it should not be give to children for they have a NEAR ZERO Covid 19 contraction numbers) that is your choice. You will be “PROTECTED (NOT)” by it so you should not worry for those who choose not to take a vaccine. Just as those silly face masks…. IF YOU FEEL that they work then they protect you from those who choose not to wear a face mask then do not worry about those who choose not to wear a face mask… FACE MASKS IF YOU BELIEVE THEY WORK PROTECT BOTH WAYS FOOLS!

    11: Covid 19 CASES!!! FFS!!!! Who the Hell cares about cases! The only care is how many people get sick? how many go into hospital? how many of those in ICU? and how many die of Covid 19? Lets break it down. Upwards of 90% of all cases are asymptomatic. Even your GOD ( NOT) Dr. Fauci stated never before has a respiratory virus pandemic been driven by asymptomatic spread.

    Only between 2-5% of those who get ill need some hospital care and much less ICU. The death rate in B.C. is 5,100,000 citizens / 500 Covid 19 deaths as of Dec. 7 or 9/10,000ths of a %. It hardly is a GENOCIDAL KILLER VIRUS!

    As too the nonsense of hospitals being overrun here or most anywhere. BUNK! Lets look at how hospitals run. Using CANADA as an example. We have about 95,000 hospital beds ready for use and about 5,500 ICU beds. Canada like MOST nations tries to run hospitals at an 85-90% capacity rate. WE HAVE MANY MORE BEDS AVAILABLE PROVINCIALLY AND NATIONALLY. But we close off wings or wards when capacity is not needed. Why pay to keep empty wings or wards open? That money can be better spent giving care. Canada has about 2,000 active rolling Covid 19 cases in Hospital 95,000 beds/ 2,000 cases = 2.1% of hospital beds being used by Covid 19 patients (most of those due to more serious underlying health conditions). Canada has about 500 Covid 19 patients in ICU. 5,500 ICU beds / 500 ICU patients = 9% of all current ICU beds being used by Covid 19 patients.

    NOW UNDERSTAND THIS! If a situation were to rise in most any province that required MORE hospital beds, the hospital administrators would contact the Government to FREE up money to open up wings/wards and ICU beds as needed. WE RE NOT EXPERIENCING ANY COVID 19 OVERLOADING OF HOSPITALS AND ICU’S IN CANADA OR DARE I SAY MOST WESTERN WORLD NATIONS!!! Our politicians, bureaucrats, health bureaucrats and sadly our FAKE NEWS Media are LYING!!!!!!!!!! to us all. Do fall for it. Every talk show host is a ignorant or liar, every newscaster or fake journalist is a propagandist. DON’T FALL FOR IT!

    11: If you still think this is all about a virus, one that as time passes has a death rate low or lower than a typical seasonal flu, then you are being FOOLED! It is a political and social agenda not just in BC. but in most of the world. One being driven by 21st. century Globalist, Corporatists, Socialists and outright Marxists!

    STOP BEING SHEEP>>>> LETS BECOME WOLVES AND PUSH BACK! I did not vote for Dr. Bonnie Henry to be B.C.’s Premier which she has become defacto Premier. Dr. Bonnie Henry has been violating her Hippocratic Oath by her fear mongering and UNCONSTITUTIONAL edicts. Same goes for those health bureaucrats in the other provinces and most US states or nations. I did not vote for CCP plant Dr. Tam to be our defacto Prime Minister.

    They all have been given too much UNELECTED and UNACCOUNTABLE power. The endless fear mongering over a virus with a low death rate is SICKENING, The global attack oh HUMAN RIGHTS is a CRIME. Necks of many should be stretched by rope!

    I hope you all stayed with me here. I know I went long but this is important. I don’t demand you believe me, but I give information that may cause you all TO THINK and STUDY facts for yourselves! WE ARE BEING LIED TOO, FEAR MONGERED and HAVING OUR RIGHTS SUBVERTED! Information is the first tool in fighting back!

    If you agree with me SHARE MY INFO IN PART OR IN WHOLE.

    My parents lived under Communism, they fled Hungary during the revolution. They were accepted into Canada.. THEY DID NOT EVER WANT TO LIVE UNDER ANY FORM OF MARXIST GOVERNANCE!!


  7. Les

    I for one am ok with precautions and would not to infect anyone with a C – 19 virus I might have but I find much of the points you make very valid and I would like to hear what Health Canada or B.C. say about each and every point you make, the “Great unwashed” deserve to know and they deserve to know now .

    Just how effective are the lock downs, the restrictions, and the other edicts health officials and governments in Canada, the U.S., the EU, or any other nation ? Does the public in general get enough information so we can actually judge as to the edicts laid down are working ?

    Then we must now look at Sweden where there were basically no restrictions and they are now suffering with a very serious infection rate .

    Hell, I want to know is C – 19 virus changing, adapting, as opposed to what we saw the first six months ? Any reporting on that ?

    What about long term problems with lungs or other organs for those that have more or less recovered, do we have enough information on that ? Why does it infect and harm lungs and other organs of a low percentage and not others ?

    Then there is this, we hear and see reports that not as many people are dying because of the Flu, especially older people in long term care, the cases of flu are way down .

    Is the reason for that many of those that are dying of the actual Flu are being categorized as “Deaths by Covid” ? Are health authorities actually testing to see whether the tests of 85 year old grandma dies from the Flu or is it just added to the Covid list ?

    No where near the transparency and too many mixed messages and not enough open discussion with adequate reporting from health authorities and media, they need to do better .

    Having said all of that George people are dying and there are a lot of them kicking off world wide, we need and deserve better answers than what we are getting .

    I think you pose many good questions Les and you make many valid points, let’s hope we get some answers on all of them soon .

  8. Les,

    Thank you so much for posting and summarizing your points. This information is not hard to find or validate and confirm. Some very smart physicians are speaking out, and they aren’t tied to governments. My own doctor was very suspicious about the level of fear being spread (initially through social media) and then into the lazy and under qualified mainstream media. This is the first social media pandemic, and social media can easily be hacked and influenced as evidenced by the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The fact that 2020 was a US Election year, may have been one of the initial catalysts.

    Sadly, it’s always about money. Lockdowns have created a dependence on devices and connectivity (speed) and many of the companies benefiting from optical, and wireless and entertainment/streaming services, also own the mainstream media. That begs the question; is it in their interests to challenge what’s being claimed?

    The vaccine issue is also worrisome and a giant racket that deserves its own separate thread.

  9. Les is More!
    Excellent post. Still looking for proof C19 actually exists as a disease. So far, it’s all hearsay.
    More and more whistleblowers are coming out and being ignored by MSM.

    Do the fraudulent voting machines/software, that elected illegitimate governments (in Canada also), play a role in controlling the people through the implementation of The Great Reset?

    Where does MSM fit into all of this?

    Will the sheep wake up before it’s too late?

  10. Further Info, to ponder and investigate… Again I do not demand anyone here to believe what I say. In fact I am to the point from seeing all too many sheeple in my society, actually likely to mostly ignore or disregard my points all made here and in my previous post.

    How do I know this? Well recently in trying to push back I searched long and hard and printed out DOCUMENTS of credible facts from many prestigious institutions and editorials on much of this stuff so that I could try to inform some of my sheep like family, some friends and co-workers. I figured they would surely be open minded to the reams of printed out facts.

    BOY WAS I WRONG!!!!!! Not only did most of these otherwise normal everyday people disregard and show NO interest in facts that I produced, they called me a conspiracy nut and some even a frigging NAZI! GO EFFING FIGURE!!! They told me that they saw NO reason to not believe our news media including radio talk show hosts, people like Dr. Tam, Dr. Henry, Dr, Faucie etc. and why would our governments lie to us!?!?!?!

    It was as if I was kicked in the gut. These people KNOW ME! But they ignored and attacked me. It was extremely troubling for me. I since then made it a point to try to not really talk of any of this stuff to those family members, friends and coworkers anymore. I will choose to speak my mind informally at forums and such places as this, at least I can reach many more people and maybe more of them will at least think about and maybe investigate more and not just be DAMNED SHEEP!

    1: Testing. The PCR Procedure ( it’s not a test ) was never meant to be used to test for things like viruses. The man who invented the procedure (now passed away) noted that it should never be used as the world is using it now for testing for things like SARS-Cov-2 ( Covid19).

    The main problem with it is how they use it. They run samples through cycles to amplify looking for things/anomalies in this case virus proteins. The more you cycle the more you amplify. If the cycles run more than 25 times you begin getting false positives (about 50% false positives at 25 cycles). Run the procedure more than 33 times and the false positives reach about 90%.

    The CDC is telling testers to run the cycles 45 FRIGGING TIMES! WTF!?!?! This almost guarantees a near 100% false positive for the sample is so amplified (UP TO NUMBER 11 ON THE VOLUME DIAL as per SPINAL TAP SAYS 🙂 ) that it will detect TRACE Coronavirus proteins that could have been from colds you suffered YEARS AGO!

    The medical experts when telling the truth said the test CANNOT differentiate SARS-Cov-2 from SARS-Cov-1 that came about in 2003 to which most humans probably have some SARS-Cov-1 virons in their bodies.

    So all those DAMNED Case numbers they are SCARING you all with, most are FALSE POSITIVES! The case numbers we are being scared with are likely mostly false.

    2: Covid 19 Death numbers in the USA are SKEWED! The signing of the CARES Bill back in the Spring 2020 includes the LUNACY of paying hospitals an average of $20,000 for every patient that DIES of Covid19. Hmm, YA THINK maybe Death Certificates are being falsified (yes I know it’s illegal to do so but $20,000 TAX PAYER BUCKS per death is enticing).

    This is why for one example we saw motorcycle crash victims, gun shot victims, industrial accident victims etc. having Covid 19 on their death certificates. George Floyd (the Saint he was NOT!) who actually died of a drug overdose and not by cop HAD COVID19 ON HIS DEATH CERTIFICATE! Are you all starting to see the BIGGER PICTURE?

    3: More on vaccines…. IE: Bill Gates was responsible for pushing a new Tetanus with elements, used to affect DNA vaccine that when given to women in India caused most to have miscarriages in their 2nd month due to the vaccine causing the body’s immune system to attack the fetus. Hundreds of thousands of Indian females suffered this. ANYTHING LUCIFER WANNABE BILL GATES AND HIS EQUALLY VILE WIFE TOUCHES AS TO VACCINES MUST BE LOOKED AT WITH GREAT SKEPTICISM!!! His father was a Eugenicist!!!

    Mark my words these rushed and not properly tested vaccines are going to make people very sick and kill many people. A typical vaccine averages about 12 years to get to successful market. These faux vaccines for Covid19 are done in less than 10 months Hmm????????

    4: Business and social lock downs not only violate articles in the 1948 UN Charter on Human Rights, various nations’ Constitutions, but the UN itself admits these prolonged and HARD lock downs disrupt notable food chains and other necessities have been and will kill tens or more millions of people globally, most in the poorer nations. They now estimate these ILLEGAL, IMMORAL LOCK DOWNS will drive OVER 1 BILLION PEOPLE INTO EXTREME POVERTY THIS YEAR! But hey NONE OF THOSE LIVE MATTER RIGHT?!?

    5: What is it going to take to stop this MADNESS and abuse of civilization by arrogant, ignorant and LYING Governments , Health Officials and our totally FAILED MAINSTREAM NEW MEDIA!?!

    Dr. Bonnie Henry for one should lose her medical licence and so to should other Doctors ( Dr. Tam is a CCP plant and she should be deported back to China) peddling such overblown fear on a virus that is now as low or less lethal than the typical seasonal flu.

    News readers, staff, journalists and worse these sycophantic liars or ignorant talk show hosts should be ashamed let alone CANNED for spreading, misinformation, lies and fear while they ignore FACTS!

  11. Les and BCMQ

    Can you two please pass along your work history, education, your published medical research, your bonafides?

    I’m assuming you both are, at the least, medical doctors or immunologists, or virologists, with how confidently you both suggest that our medical officials in BC are useless….

    Thanks gents

  12. B.C. Covid 19 Stats as per 4:30 pm Dec. 8 2020.

    Stay tuned for stats that show Dr. Bonnie Henry and our Government is INSANE.

    Population of B.C. 5,100,000

    Active cases ( BTW WTF CARES!!!): 38,718.
    Currently Hospitalized: 352.
    TOTAL Hospitalized Since Covid 19 began: 2,112.
    Currently in Critical Care (likely ICU): 74
    Confirmed Deaths (BTW that is with Covid 19 and not from Covid 19): 543.
    Total Recovered: 27,897.

    For all this, our current PROVINCE WIDE RESTRICTIONS have been imposed most UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

    Death rate: 5,100,000 /543 = 0.0001%
    Hospitalized rate : 5,100,000/352= 0.00006%
    Critical Care rate: 5,100,000/74= 0.000014%

    Now they banned family Christmas and New Year for those tiny percentages.

    BTW the 10 year average in motor vehicle crashes for B.C. (2008-2018) 326. We did not shut down life and business for that.

    Now get this, They do not want families getting together for Christmas, BUT reason this out. Bars, Clubs, and Restaurants are open (BTW THEY SHOULD BE, ALL BUSINESS SHOULD BE OPEN, ALL CHURCHES SHOULD BE OPEN) and as long as people observe the Covid 19 rules such as the lunacy of having to wear a face mask inside the bar, club, restaurant , but can take it off once seated they can meet with any mix of people can come together. So your family can all meet up at a local bar, club or restaurant for Christmas but NOT INSIDE ONE’S HOME!

    FFS!!! Rod Searling could never have written a Twilight Zone Episode so SILLY!

    So Covid19 is so smart you can sit, eat and drink at a bar, club or restaurant table without face masks and NOT CONTRACT COVID19. But if you have to get up to use the washroom you MUST put the mask on. DOES ANY SANE AND REASONABLE PERSON NOT SEE THE IDIOCY OF THIS!?!

    So DAMMIT break these UNCONSTITUTIONAL rules if you may but if you want to ‘lawful’ get your family and or friends together for Christmas, then hook up at a local bar, club or restaurant around Christmas and celebrate it together then.

    I know my God may not like me to say this but I pray for these miscreants in government, their sordid bureaucracy and the water carrying FAKE news media to all go to jail and for many HANG BY THEIR NECKS over this abuse of power ILLEGAL authoritarian measures and nonsense of this COVID 19 over reaction bull crap.


  13. Phil your request is meaningless. As one can dig into and learn from the many credible sources to support points made and in my case points I myself have put forward. I made it clear my points are based on RESEARCH, something it seems that all too many of the people do not do as they only do as they are told and believe what they are told.

    The very institutions that push this fear mongering actually provide evidence to show they are wrong.

    Back in August the US, CDC said that asymptomatic people SHOULD no longer get tested (The very PCR test that has up to a 90% false positive rate anyways). They say its a waste of time. ONLY IF YOU HAVE SYMPTOMS DO THEY SAY GET A TEST! This is a CDC point.

    Before July 2020 the CDC said face masks made NO difference in the transmission of ANY respiratory virus. Dr. (GOD to you Covid 19 fear mongers) Fauci is on record back last Spring saying face masks make no difference, but now he sings a different tune. BTW the WHO went from no face masks to face masks and admit IT WAS DUE TO POLITICAL LOBBYING TO DO SO! NOT SCIENCE!

    Back in August one of the WHO’s top Doctors decried enforced business and social lock downs as he was seeing evidence of such costing more lives and creating mental health issues. I’m sorry I forget his name, but I watched his plea video online in August.

    The WHO admits lock downs have and are killing TENS OF MILLIONS of people globally. The UN just admitted they expect over 1 billion will fall into extreme poverty this next year due to all these (stupid) measures over Covid 19.

    Phil I said in an earlier post I dug up reams of papers on this stuff to try to inform some of my more sheepish family, friends and coworkers over this Covid 19 nonsense. I HAD FACTS FROM MANY OF THE MOST RESPECTED INSTITUTIONS and ironically I also used US CDC and WHO stats against those very institutions to show to their hypocrisy. But some of my own family, friends and coworker DISBELIEVED MY OWN PRESENTED FACTS! Just I as feel you are likely to do here.

    Some yokal on Harvey Overfeld’s page said destroyed economies can be rebuilt, but life can’t be brought back WTF!?! That idiot can’t think how many people have died prematurely to loss of businesses and life invested savings. He can’t rub two brain cells together to see more people are suffering and dying globally due to what governments are doing over Covid 19 than dying of Covid 19.

    BTW all this government spending in most nations is NOT FREE! It’s going to cost us in higher taxes less future wealth and more run away inflation from this nonsense. GOVERNMENTS DO NOT CREATE WEALTH THEY ONLY CONFISCATE AND REDISTRIBUTE IT AND USUALLY DO IT STUPIDLY!


    The number one global respiratory illness is Tuberculosis. Approximately 1.8 million die from it every year, IT’S QUITE CONTAGIOUS! but since most deaths are in poorer /developing world nations THE REST OF US COULD NOT GIVE A F**K! We don’t shut down life and economies over T.B.

    So one needs not be a doctor to provide evidence to support points made, but just some effort to be better INFORMED and not PROPAGANDIZED TO!

    As I said earlier I do not demand you accept my points or believe me, but use what I say to maybe research for yourself and NOT JUST ACCEPT THE LIES AND PROPAGANDA BY GOVERNMENTS AND BUREAUCRACY! But sadly my gut tells me YOU and many wont, You and many likely accept the narrative, after all why would Dr. Henry, Dr. Tam, Dr. Fauci, Prime Minister Trudeau, Premier Horrigan, Premier Ford and others including all news media and talk radio hosts LIE TO YOU AND ME! If you believe them all then my discussion with you and others similar is MOOT!


  14. Phil

    My work history .

    I am in business and my company exports $ millions of dollars of Union Made B.C. manufactured product world wide, I am not an epidemiologist . We do own a lab and work with chemistry, physics, and math every day . My company manufactures strategic components that are used on boats, ships, docks, bridges, pipelines, and much more in every free world nation . You can also think of me every time you or someone you know attends a clinic, cancer centre, or hospital for an X – Ray, my company is a big factor in every X – Ray room in western Canada . That is just a start Phil .

    I am not a Dr. But I do however have a brain and I fully understand that science is never settled and I acknowledge that Les raises some very interesting points and questions . One would need to be an idiot moron not to recognize that the whole of the population should be informed and educated on absolutely everything C – 19 related .

    I happen to Not necessarily agree with all Les points put but once again many of his points are valid and his questions and charges should be answered . Do you not want to know as much as you can about C – 19? Or do you want to just navel gaze and hope for the best .

    Ask yourself this, were health authorities correct several months ago when they told the “Great Unwashed” masks were of absolutely NO benefit to anyone ? How is your retention rate, do you remember that Phil ? What happened Phil, was the science settled on masks early on ?

    Do your Remember when W.H.O Chief Tedros said this before it was known that the Wuhan Virus had spread world wide from China and the CPC lied about when it originated and the fact that it spread from China without China taking steps to stop the spread and allowing Chinese Nationals to travel the world . Tedros stated, “We do not need to worry about China, they are transparent and controlling the virus, it is other world nations we need to watch” . Remember that Phil ?

    I can’t speak for Les and I will not, I simply state that Les asks some good questions, makes very valid points, we need answers to many of those questions, we need more transparency, and we need accountability for China .

    Even though I have many questions about effectiveness I wear a mask everywhere and I follow C – 19 protocols but I must say I find it despicable that a virus that originated in Wuhan is killing millions and crippling the Economies of most world nations .

    How about you Phil, what have you accomplished as of late . Go ahead Phil impress the Hell out of me .

    I do not believe people should necessarily disobey Covid – 19 rules but we should be allowed to ask questions, demand answers and yes criticize .

    The Great Unwashed also deserves better answers from our political masters .

    I await to read your impressive list of credentials Phil, go ahead Big Guy .

  15. ….so now you’re resorting to prayer to solve this, Les? But you seemed to think you’re smarter than everyone else. Is there some giant angry god who’s going to spit angry fire at Dr Bonnie Henry?

    Still waiting for your educational and career experiences, too.

    Angry Facebook posts don’t count

  16. So I finally took the time to read Les rather lengthy post only to find a couple more.
    Have to admit Les has made many claims that should be debunked (or not) by a health expert one at a time and not by calling Les a conspiratorial liar. I dont think asking people for their medical backgrounds is valid because his concerns should be addressed one at a time by someone from government that has been accused with spreading fear for no good reason spreading all of the covid lies

  17. (Response: I mourn for the state of journalism in BC … especially political reporting. I’ve actually heard a “reporter”, use the word “we” … not “they” … in explaining BC government actions. Holy sh*t! I assume the “reporter” was using the word “we” in the context of how the “province” is addressing Covid, but nevertheless I believe it capsulates the problem: the media have literally become the government’s messenger … too friendly … many of them giving up or unmotivated to ask tough questions, challenge government actions, and inactions, and EXPOSE their weaknesses, failures and unfairness. Instead, it fell to a blogger and a nurse to publicly shout to the rafters about the hypocrisy of the NDP government in cracking down HARD on families, curlers, others sports enthusiasts, churches, but apparently doing little or nothing when LARGE groups of protestors hold rallies, protests involving HUNDREDS, many of them shoulder to shoulder, shouting, chanting, making speeches! It’s outrageous … and the “media” … not a nurse or blogger … should be putting the government’s feet to the fire over it. h.o)

  18. I’m not sure I need to give my credentials, BMCQ

    I’m not the one questioning people who’ve made careers in medical fields, nor have I been writing essays with “facts” from “sources”.

    I’ll guess those “facts” and “sources” don’t have a lot of legitimacy. That said, if you can provide those sources, I’ll take a look. Breitbart, by the way, isn’t a legit source. Nor is Facebook. Nor is word of mouth from your brother-in-law.

    by the way, Byron Christopher, you’re ABSOLUTELY MUST WATCH AND SHARE video is from this crank: https://www.mcgill.ca/oss/article/covid-19-pseudoscience/psychiatrist-who-calmly-denies-reality

    And the fact you do some work with X-ray companies, BCMQ, doesn’t mean you’re an expert in what those x-rays mean, or in epidemiology, or anything to do with Covid.

  19. Blind faith in politicians, doctors, journalists, or even people with bone fides, are no guarantee they are telling the truth or acting in the public’s best interest. How many of our political leaders with exemplary bone fides have proved themselves less than truthful or honorable? How many doctors have been sued for malpractice or have mid-diagnosed a patient or sold out to the pharmaceutical industry. How many drugs have been introduced to the market only to be pulled a year later because all those with MD’s and superior bone fides screwed up.

    It’s easy to attack someone’s background or education and place those with MD’s or titles attached to their names in higher regard. I find it arrogant and dismissive. Dr Fauci himself has flip flopped numerous times in his comments.

    Are all the decisions based on science? Really? I suggest you follow the money, or who benefits from the arbitrary decisions made by our politicians. From a statistical perspective the world has had much worse health crises’ without draconian measures from governments than presently imposed. I am not denying the existence of Covid however to me much of the “things” going on fail to pass this common man’s “Smell Test” bone fides withstanding……

  20. Phil doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about. Breitbart illegitimate, I call Bullshit. Do you not know who Andrew Breitbart was? As for your OPINION on David Icke and the presentations by doctors, you sir haven’t got a clue what you’re talking about. Fact is, there is NO WAY you had time to watch any of the doctors testimonies. You’re a Liar and a Fake. Idiot!!!

  21. It was YOU that asked about my work history was it not ? My work history has nothing to do with a claim I made about epidemiology, or did you see something in my note I did not ?

    Where did i continually mention sources, i quoted very specific facts that are well documented and did not do not quote or read Breitbart .

    I find it rather interesting you ask for my work history and credentials yet you are too busy to put forward your own when asked . Come on Phil you are I am sure a Top Member of Mensa, your credentials must be very impressive . As Joe Biden might say, “Come On Phil, give it up” !

    I challenge you to speak to anyone in science in any field and they will tell you that unless one has a political agenda “The Science is NEVER settled” . The very way that C – 19 is being handled by governments and world health officials is a very clear indication that “The science is NEVER settled”, go ahead tell me I am mistaken, show us exactly where the scientific community has stood firm by their early conclusions on everything from masks to herd immunity to who contratcs C – 19 and who does not, and then tell me how and why Sweden who thought they had it correct is now suffering a catastrophic C – 19 outbreak, come on Phil, was Sweden right or wrong with their C – 19 strategy . Sweden if you can recall took a totally different strategy on C – 19, how do they look now ?

    I eagerly await your answers to everything I have mentioned and asked you here, somehow I think all I will get is another pathetic deflection .

    It is a very dark and wet winter Phil, I suggest that you open the curtains on your mommies basement window or have her purchase you a solar simulator it will help with your condition .

    Do not worry Phil, somehow I believe Brenda may attempt to back you up, it is rather sad she has absolutely nothing of substance to offer .

  22. (phil
    I’m not sure I need to give my credentials, BMCQ

    I’m not the one questioning people who’ve made careers in medical fields, nor have I been writing essays with “facts” from “sources”.)

    I’m with FAKE NEWS. I have emailed and called EVERYONE in Govt. No one can give me “hard evidence” COVID is even real. I even have a copy of a FOIA from Health Canada that says they do NOT have Isolation Data on the virus.

    Then you have POS dr’s like Issac Bogoch – Bolshevik – going on the FAKE NEWS every night spreading BS about the fake virus COVID. I have tried emailing him many times….no reply. I did get a reply from his (fake) Dr friend Phd Jason Kindrachuck who tried to give me some laughable study from Korea about one guys “pee” where they isolation covid. Are you kidding me? That is like the Church that ran the country 500 years ago telling the people a “ten pound weight” falls 10x faster than a one pound weight” with no evidence.

    I have also put out a $1000 bounty for CREDIBLE evidence Covid is real. I have yet to pay it out.


  23. Harvey says: “when No-Maskers (people most of us regard as ignorant, misdirected, or just wackos, egged on by anarchists) hold rallies deliberately violating Public Health Orders.”

    Harvey, your use of the word “us” turns this into 100% an opion piece with no greater gravitas or insight than anyone in the comments section, whether for or against the government response to the the virus that orginated from Wuhan, China.

    In fact, Harvey, pay attention to the comments section. It is gold. These folks come up with more insight and explanation and questions that need answering and answers to questions than you could hope to imagine if you wrote five times what you did. The debate as we see in the comments is exactly the kind of debate we should be having because people on both sides are bringing up arguments that are valid and need examining. This should be on every newcast in print and television.

    The fact that it isn’t, when clearly the comments show there is a debate, and a lively and well-informed on at that, allows for only a few conclusion when it comes to mainstream media and their reporting staff: 1) reporters think that all physicians and their precriptions are infallible (look up the word “iatrogenic” and are afraid to ask a real question (“Dr. Henry, all your predictions of deaths since the start have been horribly wrong, why are you still using modelling based on the work of the disgraced Prof. Ferguson?”) 2. Reporters are afraid to counter the Dr. Tam’s narrative (penned by the demonstrably corrupt WHO) as it underpins PM Trudeau’s re-making of Canada and if they do counter, then their respective media bosses won’t get a cut of Trudeau’s media bailout money (it is called “whoring”). Basically, what we have left is today’s version of the Völkischer Beobachter. As history has taught us, it ends badly.

    Harvey, you were good at one time. Now, next time I see that you have penned an article (opinion piece), I am going to give it a pass. It’s not worth my time. I would sooner click on an article written by our resident gamma, phil.

  24. Are those facts, BCMQ….or have you just decided they’re facts?

    I believe, based on what I’ve read and researched and been told by medical experts, that Covid is real

    I have some concerns about how the lockdowns are being handled. But I’m also still working, so it hasn’t affected me a lot. If I had lost a job, I’d probably feel differently

    Nothing any of the posters have said makes that change. It seems like a lot of old men ranting and trying to be experts.

  25. @Fake News The government response to the virus that is claimed to originate from Wuhan China is real. The actual genetic code of the virus is an in silico (computer guessed) probablisitic function. A number of requests for patent and chain-of-continuity-verified virus samples taken from people who have actually had the virus and been diagnosed as being stricken by a virus not seen before (i.e. novel) have yielded negative responses. Not, negative, as we won’t give you the info, but negative as we don’t have the info as the info does not appear to actually exist.
    It’s like the PCR testing. In my opinion, Red Flags and dodgy.

  26. As a follow-up, I believe in questioning our political leaders. Most leave a lot to be desired…but that’s easy for me to say, as I’ve never run for office

    I do have family members who work in hospital environments. Two are nurses, one a paramedic, one is high up in a regional health system on the Prairies. They see the stress Covid is causing our medical system, to our hospitals. I believe what they have to say – because they see if firsthand – over what I’m reading here

  27. Phil,
    You believe C-19 exists. That’s a belief, like Santa.
    Looking for proof.

    Your family members could be very valuable in this conversation.
    Obviously people they see are sick/very sick.
    How do they know these people have C-19 with a faulty/useless PCR test?
    Could these people have the common cold, influenza, pneumonia, or even bacterial pneumonia caused by wearing face masks?

    I think the board would appreciate any proof they have that C-19 actually exists.

  28. Does oxygen exist, Fake News?

    Does Marianas Trench exist?

    Is the world 6,000 years old or 4.5b years old?

    Why would you believe any of those things?

    Have you made a detailed study of oxygen and how the lungs work? Do you really believe those textbooks? Could be fake news, you know

    How deep is the ocean? Maybe Marianas Trench is a lie to scare us away from exploring the ocean?

    Do you have any actual proof of evolution OR of creation?

    Do these questions seem dumb? Because they seem no different from what you and Lea and BCMQ are asking about Covid

  29. Fake

    I’m sorry, are you suggesting people I know – family members, etc – who work in hospitals and in health care are lying to me, that they’re actually only seeing the flu?

    That’s quite a bold statement.

    Do you really think there’s a massive conspiracy involving every single nurse and doctor in Caanda and that only three or four people on this website see through all of it?

  30. phil
    “does oxygen exist blah blah blah blah” You are conflating the personally observable to the generally unobservable.

    phil, it is good that you are here and that there are so many people like you. You and they provide a valuable contribution to society.

    Please do tell me (and some of us) how the mRNA vaccine works out for you and your likeminded confreres. I am so glad that you have so much faith on our non-conspiratorial medical and pharmaceutical industries that you are willing to believe the science and roll up your sleeve so the rest of us can see if it really is worth taking a vaccine cobbled together in less than a year as opposed to the usual 5 years.

  31. Phil,
    Sounds like you don’t have family working in hospital environments, or if you do, they won’t talk to you.
    Thought you were in a position to get to the truth.
    Be sure to let us know how that vaccine works for you.

  32. Here is a couple of my experiences.

    I am 5 miles from where the first Covid patient was identified in the US. The clinic I go to for monthly blood checks has yet to see a Covid patient almost 11 months later.

    The best man at mt wedding had his 95 yo mom in a nursing home near me. She had been in hospice care months prior to the pandemic. She died in March and her death was listed as Covid. Her demise was hardly at the hands of the Coronavirus.

    In the US the hospitals have been incentivized to list deaths as Covid. That is why even the CDC admitted only 6% of deaths where Covid was the main cause. Is this the case in Canada as well? Statistically the survival and infection rate from Covid doesn’t fit the response in my opinion. I also feel the stats have been rigged for political and financial motives. Again follow the money. Using the 6% number the CDC admitted to Covid in the US would prove to be nothing more than a flu event. Smoking still kills more people each year.

    Phil you seem very angry. Discourse is good but personal attacks and gross generalizations (without knowledge) of the backgrounds and education of commenters here, not so much.

  33. Re.: Pfizer’s Data on its Vaccine. At p. 19

    I looked at page 19 and have concluded that the number of natural deaths during the time of the test corresponds quite accurately with the natural death rate expected in a population of 40 000 people. There is 106 death per day in BC, for all reasons, in a population that is approximately 100x the size of the vaccine tested population.

    One would expect that on average one person’s death per day would be normal. That explains the deaths of people who were injected with a placebo. In other words, the deaths registered are within the range of statistical expectancy. There is nothing there that should scare anyone, providing all the other numbers are true.

  34. New Book, by Canadian Scholars, “COVID-19: The Politics of a Pandemic Moral Panic.”

    The new book by Canadian scholars warns about politicians and bureaucrats making decisions out of fear and panic and implementing COVID-19 policies that are disproportionate to the problem.

    “The chief emotion associated with a moral panic is fear. In terms of the COVID-19 pandemic, fear has fueled many disproportionate reactions, especially in regard the medical responses to the pandemic,” It is authored by political scientists :

    Dr. Barry Cooper and Dr. Macro Navarro-Génie, both senior fellows with think tank Frontier Centre for Public Policy.

  35. Just to put into a perspective the covid death with death caused by other reasons, read the following link that takes you to the article from the local paper about Overdose deaths in Delta published yesterday.

    The following is another article, by CBC is confirming that 5 British Columbians dying every day from overdose, as per coroner reports.

    There are statistical graphs that may shock you.

    The total death from all causes in BC this year is, according to the government statistics, 39 927 while the total death accredited to covid (in most cases falsely) is just 395. This is a statistically insignificant number. (1.1 deaths per day!?) You can look up also a sharp drop of death due to flu, pneumonia, and other respiratory diseases. This covid pandemic is the biggest government hoax invention the in history of the world. The only purpose of it is the establishment of a totalitarian regime the commies/fascists never even dreamed of.

    In 2018, there were 23 deaths from influenza and pneumonia per 100,000. BC population is 4.7 mil. so it would be quite normal if 1 081 died (3 deaths per day) from it this year. Where is the panic about it? These numbers are not published. All media and the governments are just scaring everyone by talking 24/7 about numbers of covid cases and related deaths.

    I just should add that huge mega-corporation are allowed to stay open while closing churches and small businesses is the government priority. It is the elites waging war on us the little people. Our governments at all levels are the enemy of the people.


    Nothing can make me feel wonderful during this globalists’ frontal attack on freedoms and liberties so many people fought and died for, while the richest and powerful are getting supper rich by every second while the majority of the population lives in self-imposed home arrests and wearing useless face masks which are nothing but a symbol of obedience and submission to government.

  36. Fake News, George , Louis

    I’m sorry that my belief in what family members in the medical field and health officials suggest makes me a sheep and simple-minded

    I liked, in particular, how Louis replayed two personal stories about people he knew that – of course – showed Covid was BS. And you guys all believe that, no problem.

    But my personal angle – family working in the medical industry – show a person who’s angry and can’t find the truth. One poster suggests those family members obviously actually don’t talk to me

    Clearly, you guys have this thing figured out, and I’m just barking up the wrong tree by suggesting that taking personal responsibility and showing some trust in our health experts isn’t a bad thing

    Covid is obviously a control device that corporations have put out there to take advantage of the sheeple. I stand corrected

    Thank you for telling it like it is and keeping society honest.

    Well done, gents.

    Very well done, indeed

  37. Phil,

    Nowhere have I denied covid exists and have stated MY experience which were facts. Obviously you feel yours is the only valid viewpoint and won’t question the status quo. You have clearly not read or understand my posts.

    You do seem very angry and seem to enjoy attacking people rather than ideas. On that I rest my case.

  38. phil
    I never said you were a sheep or simple-minded. A sheep and/or simple-minded person would not articulate anecdotes about family/friend in the health care industry that reinforce the present fear-mongering. Fear mongering that may be completely bogus for nefarious ends, or completley justified. If your belief in the anecdotes just so happen to be in the justified category, good for you and bad for us, if in the manufactured fear category, well, bad for you and good for us.
    The debate is about getting as much information as possible as we have learned not to blindly trust our government, our medical community and our media. They have all lied to us at one time or another (Tainted blood scandal, anyone?).
    I think what makes PSR so valuable is that we kick around what we believe and what we observe. For every anecdote that you proferr on family friends in the industry, some of us can provide the same, me included as my involvement is more than tangential. Some of us are not experts in epidemilogy however we are versed in the calculus and model development in areas such as meteorology or oceanography for example and understand the limits of models and forecasts. Some of us are experts in statistics and some are experts at observation. I will take a farmer’s observation of how his herd of cattle is doing over a book-worm PhD who thinks he knows something.
    phil, you and Fake News and Loius and everyone here, via your’s and others’ postings are providing a valuable service to the community. This is not only true for topics surrounding the virus that came from Wuhan China, it is also true for isssues related to politics, the media and even the “CKNW aint what it used to be crowd”.
    No one can tell me that they do not read this and other posts and feel like they are better informed, or more deeply versed in an opinion they already have or are in the process of making. We all want to make the best decision possible. There is a risk, whenever a needle penetrates the skin. There is a risk, if it does not. We are trying to put ourselves in a position of saying to ourselves, “I did the right thing” if we get the jab or if we don’t. Because, if you get the jab and happen to get Bell’s Palsy, you want to be able to say you thought you did the right thing. If you didn’t get the jab and get sick with the Wuhan virus, you want to be able to say the same thing.
    We are no longer able to trust the institutions we used to trust. Pharmaceutical companies exist to make money and more sick equals more money. Government exist to keep themselves in power and more fear equals greater chance of staying in power. The media exists to tell narratives now and as long as we know that the government is doling out cash to government-friendly media, we cannot trust the them.
    So, we are left with flailing-about to find the truth. And the truth is found today, the same way it was found eons ago. By people interacting with each other, just as we do on this site. It is this way we get a kaleidoscope of opinions and we are able to better discern thruth from nonsense.
    It is funny and perhaps telling. We, as a society are able to get a clear picture of what is indeed going on aournd us when we get together. Family dinners, church, fraterity or sorority gatherings and the like. It really does beg the question though. Does Bonnie Henry really want to cancel Christmas Holiday gettogethers to fight the virus, or to impede people talking about how their experiences may not align with the given narrative?
    phil, Merry Christmas and let us know how the jab works out.

  39. The biggest “Red Herring” in this FAKEdemic is when people like Phil say things like “I had a family member with covid or died of covid”.

    If you are using a FAKE test to determine a FAKE disease then you can’t logically say someone had or died of a FAKE disease.

    I’m still waiting to pay out my $1,000 bounty to anyone who has credible Isolation Data of this FRAUD virus. Still……..waiting.

  40. THE VACCINE! Danger Will Robinson! Danger Will Robinson! Danger Will Robinson!

    Within two days of dishing out one of these vaccines, some nurses that were shot up with it developed major allergic reactions. So bad that the British Ministry overlooking this have told people who suffer severe allergic reactions should NOT get the vaccine. People are getting very ill and yes already some suspicious deaths from the trials already.

    BTW these are not true vaccines…. THEY WILL NOT PREVENT YOU FROM GETTING THE CONVID19!!!! They only by reshaping you DNA will help in fighting the CONVID19. The amount of helping is debatable for these vaccines have been rushed and without FULL TESTING including the lack of animal testing.

    Modern vaccines take on average 10 years to bring to the public use and approximately 94% never get government approval for numerous, mostly health reasons. NEVER HAS AN EFFECTIVE “MRNA ” VACCINE COME TO PUBLIC USE! Previous attempts saw animal testing and the animals either suffered potentially serious side effects or many animals died!

    DO YOU WANT TO TRUST YOUR FUTURE HEALTH AND MAYBE YOUR LIFE TO RUSHED MRNA VACCINES???? ONES WHERE THEY WERE ALLOWED TO BYPASS ALL ANIMAL TESTING??? BTW these are DNA altering vaccines, that means they will forever alter your DNA and if passed on to future offspring THEIR DNA!!! Any side effects from such CANNOT be helped or fixed in future by medicine!

    ALL THIS FOR A CORONA-VIRUS THAT NOW HAS A DEATH RATE AT OR BELOW THE TYPICAL SEASONAL FLU! One where typically 80%+ of all deaths were seniors in seniors care or in hospice homes! Even anyone over aged 70 if not in a care home the survival rate is like over 94% and that is with underlying health issue. If you are under 70 and of normal health your survival rate from CONVID19 is over 99%


    We are destroying economies, businesses, personal and family lives. We are raising a generation of youth to be SCARED SHITLESS!!! The mental damage we are doing to all people and notable fear mongering to the youth is AN EFFING CRIME! People should hang for all this!

    There are tens of thousands (and growing in numbers) of doctors and health scientists CRYING OUT TO STOP ALL OF THIS NONSENSE!

    Stop lock downs of business and social life.
    Stop mandatory face diapers.
    Stop these not properly tested vaccines.
    Stop the fear and paranoia pushing.
    Stop the censoring of speech over this Convid19 stuff.

    But our criminal governments and all their sycophantic health bureaucrats, the butt kissing idiot cops an bylaw officers going along with this while society crumbles. All of our FAILED NEWS MEDIA and yes even us citizens who rather than investigating for their own and families well being just ALL JUMP ON BOARD LIKE MINDLESS ZOMBIES! This is all more disturbing than even life during the damned Cold War.


    The greatest lie ever told was that Satan does not exist! But yet he does.

    Wake up people, this is your life, your family’s lives, all of our lives. We are being governed by a mixed group of idiots, fools, arrogant and ignorant politicians along with others who are in on an agenda that is NOT going to end well.

    Again, I do not demand that you accept all I say as correct, but that you take what I said and think, then investigate for yourselves. THE MEDIA HAS FAILED US, THE GOVERNMENT IS CORRUPTED, and we are not by many International Conventions to be guinea pigs to likely dangerous vaccines, but we are also not sheep to slaughter as these assholes destroy our economies and our basic human social lives.


  41. Well said Richard.
    However, I will add to your observation.
    We are doing present and future generational damage to our society not iota bit due to the virus itself, but due to the governments responses to the virus.

    If we did absolutely no more than what we usually do with a bad flu season, the death rate would fall within recent history noise-bands and we would have carried on as before.

  42. DK

    You are suffering from the anyone who doesn’t think like you is wrong effect. LOL.

    Sorry no morally superior hi highfalutin psych name for it.

  43. DK.

    You seem to misunderstand what Dunning-Kruger effect is.

    My posts are clear to not demand any persons here accept what I say. I speak my mind and defend points made, backed up with credible facts. I noted that I want others to read what I say and then invesitgate for themselves if they are not sure to accept my points.

    But if you or anyone are going to trust current day mainstream media and the equally vile social media platforms to give you facts, if you think our governments can be trusted including unelected bureaucrats to have the facts and our best interests at hand, without question, then I say you may be the fool.

    You deliver to me a personal attack but stand here figuratively naked in not refuting any points let alone all points I and others have made here.

  44. Good thread … speaking out from all angles … now see if you can get the same “facts” into any newspaper or on any radio or any television station … that would be a giant step in this controversy ……!

  45. Voice Over, (PSR Staff)

    That doctor’s Letter to Premier Kenny is the sort of stuff I have been going about not just here on this thread but for months at other forums and in my own personal company.

    There is NO scientific nor IMO moral and lawful reasons to invoke any lock downs of businesses and social life, same with mandatory face masks and the (anti) social distancing nonsense.

    THIS IS NO LONGER ABOUT A VIRUS! This is pure political, economic and social manipulation of most of the world’s societies and IT WILL END BADLY!

    Dr. Bonnie Henry for one example, did not use science to impose a mask mandate. She herself said it was due to businesses in consultation with her. WELL FCUK THOSE BUSINESSES! WHO MADE THEM ARBITERS OF OUR INDIVIDUAL FREE CHOICE!?! She by that fact alone has failed her medical duty as B.C.’s Public Health Officer.

    If these unenlightened, arrogant, ignorant and abusive political leaders, bureaucrats and talking heads DO NOT STOP THIS INSANITY! I say many will in time swing by the neck globally.

  46. Voice Over excellent read and based on science and data without a political or politically correct perspective. The data provided by the CDC is flawed (by their own admission). False positives and the over reporting of actual deaths (vs having covid-19 when actually dying of a different cause) has caused an over reaction on the part of elected officials that is having a much higher cost than the disease.

  47. Hi louis

    You wrote:

    Nowhere have I denied covid exists and have stated MY experience which were facts. Obviously you feel yours is the only valid viewpoint and won’t question the status quo. You have clearly not read or understand my posts.

    You do seem very angry and seem to enjoy attacking people rather than ideas”

    My issue is that I’ve stated my experience….which is that I have family members who are nurses, paramedics, upper-management, all in different health regions, who have all discussed and described to me a health care system (in multiple provinces) stressed significantly by COVID

    To which I received a number of posts suggesting that I:
    Needed to prove COVID actually was real.
    A suggestion believing COVID is real is the same as thinking Santa exists
    A suggestion my family members don’t actually talk to me, and that they don’t actually work in health care
    A suggestion I’m very angry
    Suggestions I’m crazy for being willing to take the COVID vaccine
    Suggestions I’m still living in my mom’s basement

    And on and on

    I realize I’m wasting my time trying to debate this on this board, but it still amazes me. Every one of you thinks you’re scoring takedown blows, and I shake my head at every comeback.

    I agree that some of the measures to deal with this are a bit stringent. I’m concerned significantly at the long term effects of those shutdowns. But I also get the impression that each of you is alright with some older people dying of this, as long as it doesn’t inconvenience you. And that’s alarming. I guess you justify that belief by convincing yourself that COVID is a lie. I don’t really know. But it’s a little bizarre

  48. Phil,
    You have family members in health care.
    Please ask them for proof the Rona actually exists.

    Your latest comment shows you fear the Rona.
    But no proof it actually exists.

    We are looking for proof the Rona actually exists.

  49. Hi Fake News

    You and in both know that the CDC, the WHO, every health organization in Canada, the UN, medical researchers etc, etc, etc have shown and proven it exists.

    And you and I both know you’re going to say that’s not enough proof

    So, you know, I got ripped earlier for asking if any of you had proof oxygen exists, because I doubt any of you are scientists. Other than scientists telling you it exists, other than medical research “proving” oxygen exists, other than your lungs working, what proof do you really, truly have?

    Maybe those scientists are lying and we actually breathe nitrogen. And maybe all those science books are fake news.

    It’s an imperfect comparison, but that’s what I feel like this is.

    COVID has been proven to exist. If you don’t believe doctors, scientists, health organizations, I doubt you’ll believe anything I have to say

    And believe me, I’m trying really hard not to ask any of you older gents if you believe in God, or Jesus….I’d like to see your proof of that

  50. You need only go look at the Twitter account of Jody Vance who occasionally has a p/t job at CKNW to see how insane these media communists have become along with their brown shirt followers. It’s going to be hard to feel sorry for them when they succumb to mRNA drug injuries. Their vitriol and hate is inhuman.

  51. As of Dec. 11/20 official B.C. govt Covid19 stats are.

    342 people in hospital and of those 87 are in critical care.
    Since Covid 19 began in March a total of 2,207 B.C.’ers went to a hospital for care.

    WE HAVE 5,100,000 CITIZENS in B.C.

    We have had a total of 40,797 cases. Most are likely false postives but at that about 90 % are asymptomatic. As of Dec 11. we have 9,589 still active with Covid 19, again most are asymptomatic or suffering only mild conditions.

    B.C. (prettywell the rest of Canada’s) hospitals are not being overrun and have not been overrun. They typical seasonal flu each year has generally more sick people going to hospital than Covid 19 has had over the last 9-10 months.

    Anyone saying our hospitals are being run ragged is a fear monger who is exploiting the situation. Less moral or ethical hospital staff and administrators want to create this issue for sympathy points, in order to scare people and to try to get more funding from the government

    As the piece of crap excuse of a human and Democrat, Rahm Emmanuel once said, ” Never let a good crisis go to waste.” IT’S A SOCIALISTIC, LIBERAL LEFT WAY OF DOING THINGS!
    No morals, because they have no God, they as such have no true right and wrong, it’s all a mish mash of moral relativism and it’s a DAMN SICKNESS that pervades a liberal, socialists’ mind.

    How do now this? Because for over 20 years of my adult life I swam in the liberal left pool of ideology. Thank God I never went into the leftists’ ideology deep end of the pool, but I see it all clearly now how I use to think in a liberal / socialist way. BOY WAS IT EFFED UP and again I only suffered mild leftist ideals.

  52. Re: Does Covid-19 virus exist?

    Transmission electron microscopic image of an isolate from the first U.S. case of COVID-19, formerly known as 2019-nCoV is at the following link of the US Center for Disease Control.

    The spherical viral particles, colorized blue, contain cross-sections through the viral genome, seen as black dots.


    Happy viewing.

  53. December 14, 2020 – 1:35 am
    Room In Vancouver

    Re: Does Covid-19 virus

    Those are pretty pictures of exosomes (not covid). Let us know when you can provide independent pics of the fake virus covid. The pics you provided from the CDC who is controlled by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army don’t count.

  54. The Justice Center For Constitutional Freedom.

    REPORT: On Sars-Cov-2 (Covid19).


    All these abusive and over reaction measures by our governments at all levels are violating our Charter of Rights And Freedoms and yes A MASSIVE CLASS ACTION SUIT SHOULD BE FILED ON ALL THESE GOVERNMENTS!


    Our goverments are not only violating our Constitution, notably in Canada and the USA but likely most any other progressive countries as well. But they are violating a the 1948 UN Declaration on Human Rights, The Nuremberg Trial Codes and any and all doctors who follow through with these measure are violating their own HIPPOCRATIC OATH!

  55. Les
    The Justice Center For Constitutional Freedom.

    REPORT: On Sars-Cov-2 (Covid19).


    It’s not just the Govt. As stated previously…go to the Twitter account of Jody Vance or any of the GloBULL (Fake) News mouthpieces. They are continually repeating Bankruptcy Bonnie’s BS words of “stay home and stay safe” while Govt Workers have not lost one job. While small business is shuttering. While people are being terrified and terrorized by these FAKE dictates. All spread by the FAKE NEWS and their minions – like Jody Vance.

  56. Richard I agree with you. Since this Covid19 crap began I have found CKNW near unlistenable. (I was a long time, decades long listener before this crap began back in March, but find I can hardly go on with any of those CKNW hosts as they are sickening to hear). The nonsense, fear mongering and hosts who act as if they are the better of us as they carry water for a corrupted and vile government and bureaucracy is putrefying.

    The nerve to think the governments and in B.C. through its defacto Premier Dr. Bonnie Henry. Premier Horrigan is now just a figure head. Just as the flamer in Ottawa is a figurehead to the CCP plant Dr. Tam can just treat citizens as if they are all children is DIGUSTING and ARROGANT!

    Every rights stomping edict, bylaw, or rule imposed over Convid19 is a flagrant abuse of power and violation of our Constitutional rights, the UN Declaration on Human Rights and Nuremberg Codes.

    Ie: If a 70-80 something Grand mother or Grand father wishes to celebrate Christmas and New Years with their families…. children, grand children, brothers and sisters etc. THEN WHO THE F*CK DO DR. BONNIE HENRY OR THE FIGUREHEAD PREMIER HORRIGAN THINK THEY ARE IN FORBIDDING IT!!! THEY CAN EFF OFF AND DIE FOR ALL I CARE!

    Our Rights and Freedoms are not dictated by the government, but are codifide by our Charter Of Rights and Freedoms in Canada and the US Constitution & Bill Of Rights in the USA and likely many others around the world.

    I have the unbounded right to peaceable assembly with anyone whom I care too. I have the right to attand a church of my choice. I have the right of freedom of movement in my nation. I have the right to freely leave my nation and come back. I have the right to express my POV. I have the right to attend a publicly accessible business and dispense of my money and/or operate a business lawfully in this country. I have the right to make my own medical and or other health choices including seeking or not any medical care, taking or not any vaccines and or medicines. I have the right to live my life as freely as possible without arbitrarily crossing the rights of others.

    I say CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS AND NEWYEARS AS EACH OF YOU SEE FIT! The edicts enacted are unlawful to the Charter Of Right s And Freedoms, The UN Declaration on Human Rights and the Nuremberg Codes. By all means our governments can ask of us to follow suggestions and guidelines in this regard over anything notably Convid 19 here, but they are now acting abusively, arrogantly, unlawfully and above all IMMORALLY!

    If you want to stay couped up in home for Christmas and New Years , THAT SHOULD BE YOUR CHOICE! If you want to wear a face diaper, that should be your choice. If you want take a vaccine ( UNTESTED AS THESE ONES ARE!) that should be you choice. If you want to live in UTTER FEAR OF LIFE that should be your choice. If you want to think every other person is Typhoid Mary or with THE DAMNED PLAGUE that is YOUR PROBLEM NOT MINE!

    Nobody including government and its generally stinky or vile bureaucracy has the right to deny me my Constitutional Rights!

    Again law people in the know start up massive class action lawsuits over these unlawful edicts and SUE EVERY GOVERNMENT AT ALL LEVELS RESPONSIBLE OVER VIOLATING THE LAW!

    Start a CROWD FUNDING to cover the costs. I bet $millions will be raise swiftly!

  57. Fake News

    I believe we’ve discussed what many view as “concrete evidence” and why we view it that way…and we’ve also discussed that, no matter what anyone says, you’ll disagree with that evidence

    So we’re going in circles.

    And that’s okay – I can respond endlessly to you.

  58. @Richard
    vis-a-vis Jody, and Simi, et al, the term “Lugenpresse” was never more apt. Instead of getting proper history books in schools, it really does appear that they got typical activist teacher curriculum revisionist garbage. In this regard, they are failling to see the the very Weimar era they are fostering for Canada will result in the inevitable response. Very ugly and completely unavoidable.

  59. Phil,
    What happened to your family in health care ?
    Your concrete evidence is from your TV?
    If it’s from somewhere else, please let us know.
    Have you read what Les has posted in this thread ?
    Worth reading if you are open to waking up.

  60. phil
    Fake News

    I believe we’ve discussed what many view as “concrete evidence” and why we view it that way…and we’ve also discussed that, no matter what anyone says, you’ll disagree with that evidence

    We are NOT going around in circles because you have not provided any evidence COVID is real. Where are your links? I see other people attempting to provide evidence like the dude who posted the pretty pictures of exosomes with ZERO explanation as to the scientific method for which those pictures came from.

    So Phil? Where are your links with PROOF covid is real? I still have my $1000 bounty I would love to PayPal to anyone with proof it is real.

  61. Hi Richard

    Quite often, I go to websites from reliable experts in the medical field…you know, CDC, WHO, Mayo Clinic, etc

    I find they have a lot of information that is easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to learn from.

    Of course, it also helps that I don’t believe medical experts have turned into bogeymen run by Soros and Bill Gates and whoever else is trying to control your mind

    Here’s a good example. This is from the Mayo Clinic https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/coronavirus/symptoms-causes/syc-20479963
    I’ve heard the Mayo Clinic is viewed as top-notch. You probably think otherwise

    This is from the CDC https://www.cdc.gov/media/subtopic/images.htm
    Now, I believe you’ve already claimed that these pictures are just exosomes that could come from anywhere. You go ahead and believe that

    The American along Association has a nifty write-up on COVID, complete with a ritzy video https://www.lung.org/lung-health-diseases/lung-disease-lookup/covid-19/about-covid-19

    You probably think that’s all made up, tho

    So yes, we’re going in circles.

    I provide proof. You say it’s not proof. You provide links to articles that you say are proof. I say they’re not proof. You tell me to show you proof. I show you proof. You say it’s not pro….you get what I’m saying, I think

  62. Fake News, good links.

    The WHO one on them now seeing PCR procedure to test for Convid19 is flawed is a big story that will not likely get much if any fake news media coverage.

    We live in times where the public is too trusting and our news journalists and investigative reporters HAVE AND ARE FAILING! They lost the plot and either with complicity or unwittingly are now just water carriers for government and global elitist evil propaganda. They are too ignorant or stupid to see that when their purpose is no longer needed by this evil cabal they will be among the first sent to to internment camps and or executed. This includes any and all radio and t.v. type talk show hosts who are carrying the propaganda forward. This evil if allowed to win will destroy anyone it used to gain influence and power for those voices could later act against them.

    WAKE UP PEOPLE! History shows authoritarians in power PURGE those closest to them A.S.As.P. and then anyone they used to carry water for them secondly. For example EVERY CKNW talk show host and producer if the cabal of evil win will BE ELIMINATED!!!! Same goes with all other mainstream media.

    Some may think I am nuts, but history tells otherwise. If I’m nuts but we all push back this growing evil then we can win and I’m ok with being called nuts. But if I’m correct and you all do nothing to push back then YOU certainly lose as well and suffer maybe more. I will still be called nuts but we all still lose… THINK ABOUT IT FOR ONCE IN YOUR DAMNED LIVES!!!

  63. Phil
    Hi Richard

    Quite often, I go to websites from reliable experts in the medical field…you know, CDC, WHO, Mayo Clinic, etc

    None of those links provide PROOF covid is real. If they did you would be asking for your $1000 and you are not. What are you Phil? A chinese spy? This is all coming to a head. Covid, Trump, china’s Acts of War through espionage, TURD-eau allowing chinese troops to train in CanaDUHHHH and the people being too chicken to do anything, the FAKE NEWS spreading disinformation like a bunch of sheep cowards…..and we have ALL their names for when this is over.

    This will not end well for anyone. I hope you are all prepared.


  64. “Take nothing on its looks; take everything on evidence. There’s no better rule.”

    ~ Charles Dickens • “Great Expectations” 1861

  65. If anyone is interested in what I have been saying about the “Covid Terrorist” Jody Vance who scares everyone everyday and her Trump Hating diatribe…she will be on tomorrow at 12 on CommunistKNW. I think she might be having FAR LEFT WOKE Jesse Miller on from Mediated Reality who likes to tell all of you how “important” diversity is (even if the person knows NOTHING about the job) and how all you white people don’t count any more. Jesse Miller also likes to make up stories about the FAR LEFT guys who HATE Trump but plotted to kidnap Gov Whitmer of MI. In Jesse’s FAR LEFT WOKE world they were “white supremacists” of course.

    Remember when Trump was running in 2016? Every other paragraph out of Jody Vance’s mouth on NW was NAZI, White Supremacist, White Privilege, Trump is a racist. If Trump is a racist he is the WORST racist on the planet. Trump had the highest number of non-white voters in 2020 in US history. But you won’t hear that on the Jody Vance show.

    This is the kind of GARBAGE that has turned away most normal people from CKNW yet they keep piling it on. Why? Why do they do this? Same with the Govt and the lockdowns for the FAKE virus with no Isolation Data. Same with the RCMP arresting people without masks and churchgoers but Walmart is packed. WHY??????

    I will tell you why. This the last chance the Bolsheviks have to take over the world and make you into slaves. They control ALL Govt. ALL corporations. ALL media. Anyone laughing by now is blind as a bat. Make sure you folks choose the right side when the SHTF…and it’s going to start no matter who wins after January 20th.

  66. @Richmard Pretty hard to disagree with what you are saying. And, indeed, the 4th Estate has become the 5th Column.
    In that regard, in my opinion, Judy and those of her ilk are what the East Germans called “inoffizielle Mitarbeiter” to the globalist agenda.
    Has anyone noticed that our directions, in terms of health, energy, trade and financial policy is coming from the corrupt UN and its equally corrupt offshoots and NGOs? We don’t have Canadian leadership, we have Canadian aquiescence. Our prime minister is not developing made-in-Canada-for-Canada policies, he is lying in the prone position getting policy good and hard from Soros, Tedros, the UN Climate cabal, the TIDES folks, the DAVOS scum and the rest of those low-life Satanists. The problem is, I believe he enjoys it.

  67. Richard,

    I could not agree with you more.

    I was a rather staunch listener of CKNW going back to the 1980’s. But this last year with all the fear mongering and lies over Covid 19, the eternal butt kissing of Trudeau and the anti Trump anti Cacausion, anti Christian, anti America, anti Western values, leftist, pro diversity drivel on CKNW (and elswhere in media) I basically had to stop. If I give it a chance regardless of host within 15-30 minutes I have to stop.

    The LEFT is now 100% radical, self loathing, self righteous, brain dead zombies. They lack any critical thinking skills. They cannot see especially the idiots in the mainstream media that if the Marxist left get their way, they will be among the first to go. Every useful idiot in media, in special interest groups and ‘diversity experts’ will have served their purpose and it’s off to the concentration/work camps and/or up against the wall for them all as they will then beg and plead how good they were to the state. 🙁

    The now 100% radical left thinks they are smarter and more special than the rest of us, especially if they are in positions of influence (Professors, teachers, media types, bureaucrats and special interest group leaders) but the common idiot also thinks he or she is smarter and more special than everyone else. 🙁

  68. This thread is now over 100 comments.
    People working in the media must be reading this thread.
    Has anyone here taken both sides of these issues to their editor or producer, and asked for approval to do a story, looking at both sides of these issues?
    If you did, please let the board know what happened.

  69. You referring to yourself here, Les?

    The now 100% radical left thinks………but *the common idiot also thinks he or she is smarter and more special than everyone else* ?

    These past four posts are sheer insanity.

    Bolsheviks? Marxist? Satanist?

    You guys are really having some issues.

  70. Phil
    You referring to yourself here, Les?

    So you think the worlds biggest heist was done by a few really smart dudes? Dudes that have managed to control the narrative from over 100 countries over this FAKE virus? The numbers are out Phil. Same amount of deaths as last year cept heart attacks, flu, diabetes, GSW’s, cancer and OLD AGE have POOF disappeared? The PCR test is being proven fake all over the world.

    Then there is the US Election. Same thing…you think a few really smart dudes rigged the election in hundreds of counties with no one questioning it. Not even the Supreme Court. The same court where Judge Roberts could be heard yelling through walls they were “scared” of the riots. The same Judge Roberts that has his arm around Ghislane “I have not killed mylself yet” Maxwell – Jeffery “I also did not kill myself” Epstein’s Ma’dam in photos. You think a few “really smart dudes” were able to pull this off?

    Huh…….guess you’re also smarter than all of us Phil.

  71. @Fake News. Given how PSR is so media-centric, I cannot see how at least some media outlets have had a look upon the comments section.

    One thing though, I don’t think PSR is getting out there as much as we would all hope as shill commentary is rather sparse and we should all be seeing more and better quality shills than what we are seeing now.

    In fact, Trudeau’s shill fund must be pretty low because, right now, we are getting bottom-of-the-barrel shills.

  72. Anyone who thinks Covid isn’t real or a media creation is deluding themselves. I got Covid in April and had upper chest discomfort for days followed by a loss of smell for a week. If I were 20 years older, I would have likely had more serious complications because older folks are at the most risk.

  73. So tired of these posts/comments:

    Anyone who thinks Covid isn’t real or a media creation is deluding themselves. I got Covid in April

    So you “got covid” did you? And how do you know you “govt covid”? Because some overweight nurse swabbed your nose with a FAKE PCR test that is amplified 40 times? That is not enough pathogen detection to kill a flea.

    You got SICK and you recovered it’s what the body does. Whatever you got was the same illness millions of people around the world got…..in 2019.

  74. “People working in the media must be reading this thread.
    Has anyone here taken both sides of these issues to their editor or producer, and asked for approval to do a story, looking at both sides of these issues?
    If you did, please let the board know what happened.”

    Nobody is going to take this to their editor because there aren’t two sides. There’s the factual side, and then there’s the conspiracy side. Any worthy media outlet checks and double checks the facts, not some right wing randos on a message board posting wildly inaccurate information.

  75. Anyone who thinks the flu isn’t real or a media creation is deluding themselves. I got it last year and hacked, coughed and wheezed for a week. My chest was in constant pain from the sore chest muscles from all that coughing. And the phlem and runny nose. I lost 5 pounds over a week and a half. If I was 20 year older, I would have likely had more serious complications because, you know, pneumonia.

    Chris, nobody is seriously disputing a coronavirus that originated from China making the rounds. Nobody is disputing the media creation. In fact, the media creation is winding up to killing more people than the coronavirus from China.

    So, Chris. I will take you your chest discomfort and loss of sense of smell and raise you a son who has had reconstructive arm and wrist surgeries delayed for 6 months on one and a year on the other. Chris, I would effing gladly put up with your discomfort so that my son could get the timely treatment he needs because without the surgeries he cannot work.

    But maybe that illustrates the problem we have in the medical community. For what I can gather, Bonnie Henry and Theresa Tam have not borne any children. They have no effing idea about the real pain of watching what their actions are doing to our kids. Any parent will tell you that if there was a bullet heading towards their son or daughter, they would step in front of it without hesitation. If that same bullet was heading towards my mother, well sorry mom, you had your time, I need to be around for my kids. That is how it is supposed to work. That is normal.

  76. The Media

    That is too funny. What you have done is confirmed that the other outlets do read what is going on here and our discourse completely threatens the 4am narrative. Hence the invictive. You call us names and disparage us because we threaten you. You have lost your moral ground of making pronouncements to us because we have seen them for the lies they are. You have lost your mystique because we have seen with our own eyes how factual events and actions get twisted beyond belief in order to fit a pre-packaged agenda-driven narrative. We have seen with our own eyes how the government of Canada has flashed money in front of you that you can take if you say want you want them to say, prostituting your dignity in the process. There is as much truth in prostituted words as there is love from prostituted sex.

    I would say most of us did not start off as “Right Wing Randos”, but your version of controlled messaging and propaganda has certainly turned many of us into individuals who think for ourselves and are willing to banter and argue over the comment written on a site such as PSR. We are dangerous because we have become immune to your bull$hit. And we speak our minds. I use every opportunity that comes across to tell other folks about what The Media is not telling them. Every day, somebody says “What?” “I didn’t know that”.

    One person at a time The Media. You folks have blown your wad. CBC news numbers are tanking. It is inevitable when all The Media peddles is packaged bull$hit designed to modify peoples behaviour for an agenda rather than telling them the truth. The Media in Canada is not the defender of a democacy. It is PRAVDA and TASS now. Ironically, I have some friends who grew up in Soviet Bloc countries and they have taught me how to watch the news. “Assume the opposite of what is being said, and the truth is found in what they are not telling you”. With The Media, this works 100% of the time.

  77. Richard wrote:
    “So you think the worlds biggest heist was done by a few really smart dudes? Dudes that have managed to control the narrative from over 100 countries over this FAKE virus? The numbers are out Phil. Same amount of deaths as last year cept heart attacks, flu, diabetes, GSW’s, cancer and OLD AGE have POOF disappeared? The PCR test is being proven fake all over the world.

    Then there is the US Election. Same thing…you think a few really smart dudes rigged the election in hundreds of counties with no one questioning it. Not even the Supreme Court. The same court where Judge Roberts could be heard yelling through walls they were “scared” of the riots. The same Judge Roberts that has his arm around Ghislane “I have not killed mylself yet” Maxwell – Jeffery “I also did not kill myself” Epstein’s Ma’dam in photos. You think a few “really smart dudes” were able to pull this off?”

    Absolutely none of this made any sense, Richard.

    Are you Charlie’s dad from So I Married An Axe Murderer, ranting about the Getty’s and the Rothschild’s, and Colonel Sanders?

    And “The Media” is right. No one in media pays attention to this board because it’s because a bunch of right-wing cranks pounding out unsubstantiated conspiracy theories

    God, I’m getting nervous about old age.

  78. I see some folks on the right don’t like an opposing view. I never said that being unable to visit a family member in the hospital was equivalent to my experience with Covid. I was fortunate to recover quickly because I am relatively young and have the right blood type. Research shows people with type A or AB blood are significantly more at risk versus people with type O or B blood. I ask anyone who doesn’t believe in this disease to check out all the news reports of Covid deniers getting extremely sick or dying from this. I just saw a report today from a Fort Worth Texas pastor who lost both parents to Covid on the same day after they attended services at his church. Anyone who thinks this is some government plot needs to redirect their anger at actual authoritarian regimes. This virus originated in China and that government allowed it to spread all over for two months.

  79. Hey, The Media. You want to sides, here they are. An example of something reasonable juxtaposed to utter bull%hit but designed to serve an agenda. This is where the media is supposed to tell Canadians that something is amiss. Just like the WHO changed the definition of Pandemic. We are not in a pandemic, and in fact we never were. Your beloved legacy media is not only compliant, it is complicit. You will have taken and wasted more lives than the virus ever could.
    Your media is the equivalent of the Lugenpresse of the Wiemar Era. Stoking fear, anxiety, hatred to fellow neighbours, deifying unelected apparatchiks like the public health officers. Commenting on Bonnie Henry’s fcuking shoes instead of once, just effing once “Dr. Henry, all these lockdowns dont seem to be working, do you have any other strategies besides just more lockdowns” It’s a reasonable and simple question. I think even Jody or Simi could come up with a question like that, they are, smart enough to know that the big tube with the foamy-bulb-like structure at the end is the microphone that they are supposed to speak towards.
    Unfortunately, and predictably as most folks on this site can attest, it is this kind of reporting and this kind of evident stupidity (which can be understood considering low priced salaries will give you low priced talent) or worse, willing to turn a blind eye when viable alternatives are presented, from the reporting and commentariat class that will result in Weimar solutions to Weimar problems.

  80. First, a reply to Chris.

    Covid 19 affects older people who are likely suffering multiple underlying issues and younger persons with such as well. About 83% of all Canadian Covid 19 ‘deaths’ were seniors in care homes and others in hospice care. Seniors over age 70 who are living on their own have a survival rate of between 90-95% depending on underlying health conditions.

    If one is under age 70 and of normal health the survival rate is over 99%. Less than 200 Canadians under age 70 have died with Covid 19, only one Canadian 16 and younger has died with Covid 19. The average age of death in Canada and most western nation with Covid 19 is 82+ years of age . This is at or beyond average life expectancy in most western nations.

    The US CDC noted that 94% of all deaths with Covid 19 in the USA had MULTIPLE comormidities and that Covid 19 still was not much if any factor in their subsequent deaths.

    So certainly the appropriate thing to do and should have been done from the beginning is give ample advice and warnings to higher risk groups such as seniors and other with underlying health issues over Covid 19. Then let life go on. But to arbitrarily and what certainly is illegal and unconstitutional in shutting down lawful businesses and instituions (unfairly as these government did as big business stay open but others don’t) and curtail freedom of human societies is causing greater amounts of death and illness including long term negative health issues.

    But to Covid Karens with their male counterparts and our abusive, arrogant and lying governments and bureaucrats, THOSE DEATHS AND LIVES DO NOT MATTER!

    Another side not as to those USELESS at protecting anyone mask mandates. It’s estimated that globally about 130billion face masks are tossed away and littered including in our waterways, lakes and oceans PER MONTH!!! Some say there are probably more disposed of face masks in our oceans to date than all the jellyfish in the world combined.

    The same governments and other Covid 19 Karens who CRY FOR MASK MANDATES ! are likely the same idiots who cry for banning plastic straws and bags in our world… GO FIGURE!

    They say, but, but, but, if we all wear equally useles cloth face diapers it will be better as those can be washed. But most people do not wash them after each use nor sanitize them properly. I see many people with cloth face diapers on that are FILTHY! One can only imagine the bacterial crap they are re-breathing with those filthy cloth masks on.

    In 2008 the NIH with Dr, Fauci (you Covid Karens defacto GOD!) and another doctor whom can’t recall his name as he seems to not seek attention lie Heir Fauci does. Studied the 1918-19 Influenza Pandemic which killed between 20-50 million people. They came to a conclusion that most did not die of Spanish Influenza, but of bacterial pneumonia. Their lungs were weakened by the influenza virus, but most would not have died from it. The bacteria they inhaled created an infection and pneumonia. The summery was the bacteria grew on the prolonged and extensive wearing of face coverings and the people inhaled the bacteria cultures to then develop the infection and subsequent pneumonia. But you won’t see or hear CNN, CBC, BBC, CKNW, GLOBAL, CTV, MSNBC AND OTHERS, or any talking heads and now politicized health officials and bureaucrats talk about conclusion to the 1918-19 Influenza i history.


  81. December 23, 2020 – 8:28 pm
    I see some folks on the right don’t like an opposing view. I never said that being unable to visit a family member in the hospital was equivalent to my experience with Covid.

    STILL WAITING for all you “covid survivors” to provide us with credible Isolation Data that this FAKE virus is even real. 5 months later…..still waiting to pay out my $1000 bounty.

    In other GESTAPO news…anyone seen the Rebel News video of the Transit Cop in Vancouver beating up and arresting a lady for not wearing a mask even though she had an exemption? It is a shame that more people are not pointing out that these COWARDS are our modern day Gestapo.

  82. Hey VancouverTVGuy

    I’m pretty sure this COVID thing is real….there are over 300,000 Americans dead from it

    Unlike you, and Richard (see above), I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I’m not convinced every health organization and official out there is actually part of a huge hoax

    Richard claims he has a $1000 reward for anyone who proves COVID is real. I think a lot of us have. And I also think none of you have proven it’s NOT real – links to weird Facebook posts and YouTube videos don’t convince me and many sane people that COVID is fake.

    So we’re at an impasse.

    I believe COVID is real. That doesn’t make me a sheep. It means I’ve digested the information available to me in a number of firms, and I’ve decided I’m being told the truth

    You guys have decided otherwise. More power to you.

  83. Phil.

    There is not 300,000+ dead Americans from Covid 19. The US CDC itself admits over 94% of all Covid 19 deaths were people with multiple comorbities (2.9 on average to be exact). It admits most of those saw Covid 19 having little if any impact to their deaths. But of course you never saw or heard this info on FAKE NEWS MEDIA. It’s censored by the main social media sites as well.

    Reports from the USA say less than 400 Americans under age 60 died from Covid 19. In Canada it’s less than 200 under age 70 who died from Covid 19. But again you will never see nor hear fake news media tell you this.

    On top of that our now POWER HUNGRY governments and their usually stuck in back room bureaucrats are all getting ample FACE TIME IN MEDIA. Prior to covid 19 how many B.C.ers knew or recognized Hippocratic Oath failing Dr. Bonnie Henry? How many would know or have recognised Heir Dr. Fauci or Dr. Birx Or Dr. (I work for Communist China ) Tam. How about the FRAUD out of England Neil Ferguson, who’s models were off by over 1000% and he has SCREWED up other models going back decades. YET YOU AND OTHERS ALL JUST ACCEPT THESE PERSONS WORDS!!!

    Covid 19 is now no more lethal than the typical seasonal flu, yet you and others disregard the facts.


  84. Phil,
    Good luck collecting that $1,000 from Richard with your “belief”!

    You consider yourself sane and people with opposing views to be not sane.
    That is insane!

    If someone gets sucked into the fake news/propaganda vortex are they a sheep or a victim?
    Maybe you’re a victim.

  85. @Phil Your directness towards Fake News and Les betrays your logical fallacy
    argumentum ad hominem

    But I will tell you what I think is insane. How the province as a whole is following verbatem the diktats of a barren woman with no children of her own to suffer present and future consequences of a failed and increasingly evident wrongly directed public health policy.

    She is not “in this together with us”. Her paycheque continues. She has no children so she does not suffer parental anguish the way most of us do. She is considered beyond reproach, so she does not suffer the indignities of spears and barbs that people who point out inconsistencies in her pronouncement and the corruption and bad science from the sources of her policies.

    So, in my opinion, we now have a province run by a barren freak, with a lickspittle health minister and an emasculated premier with the chain of command in that order.

    As long as this continues Phil, only the insane would consider that we are not well and truly Fcuked.

  86. Phil.

    So me using known facts to carry my point is INSANE?

    You are willfully choosing to be blind to things that are true and accurate in this long thread of discussion. Any persons I have talked to about Covid19 who are ALL IN! WHY WOULD THE MEDIA OR GOVERNMENT LIE TO US?!? Types, never argue AND I MEAN NEVER! back with facts, with peer reviewed studies and actual statistics. It’s always A L W A Y S!!!! emotional and often irrational emotions along with their sheep like compliance without so much a question.

    Back as a kid/teen and a fan of 20th. century history I use to think, “How could the people living near the concentration camps in Nazi Germany say they did not know it was happening?”

    This last year especially has shown me that PEOPLE WILLFULLY CHOOSE NOT TO KNOW!

    It is eye opening and yet scary to me to see this. I see it with some family members, friends and coworkers, to the point as I said earlier I now don’t really bother talking much of this Covid 19 with them if I can avoid doing so. 🙁

    I speak my mind on the various internet sites and forums as at least I may get many many more people to hear me out and hopefully AT LEAST THINK FOR THEMSELVES and not just be damned sheep.


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