Drex Started his new show at 5am on JACK FM Vancouver Today…


Justin Wilcomes, aka Drex left the Corus overnight show called The Shift on CKNW locally back in September and started his new gig on Jack FM this morning. Joining Drex is Bob Addison, his producer on The Shift, also added to the show has been Lena Shulman.

Listen to Jack FM Vancouver HERE


  1. Hey look everyone….FAR LEFT WOKE Trump hating and anything that is NOT left hating “Drex” found a new job. Well that’s nice.

  2. you’re right Brad. Fact is I’m very happy for Drex and I wish him all the best in doing battle with the other morning shows.

  3. I am only disappointed that this wasn’t announced earlier, otherwise I would have tuned in JACK-FM this morning. What, no pre-launch promotion?!?! Congrats mate on the new gig!!

  4. While I’m happy for Drex, I remember oh too well the rigours of early morning radio. Sorry mate, I’ll have a sleep in while recording your show for later playback. Congratulations and good luck.
    As for RioBobbo, congrats to him as well with a reminder to save time for his family. Well done ya’ll.

  5. Responding to that guy “poly tics” or whats his name: simone on 104.3 the breeze: left wing politics+ friend of producer of veteran sports show down south with lack of sports knowledge+ passive listening to said sports show trying to get on+ pd of supposed easy listening station=radio salad of worst kind. Would the breeze stay as is as a result, or would it switch to a new format sooner or later?????

  6. I may not much agree with DREX and I may not listen much but I wish him Much success !!

    I must admit a few years ago while on the way home I would sometimes call in and terrorize him (and I did a good job) but I must give him credit he always let me have my say and I really respect that ! I think poor Phil or Brenda would but me off at the first syllable .

    Nothing makes me happier than seeing people find work when it is needed !

    What is it you people in entertainment say, “Knock em Dead, or is it Break a Leg” ?

    Anyway Good Luck DREX !

  7. No sign of Adam/DJ Trouble on Kiss Nightshow webpage anymore, is Rogers still slashing?

    Always interesting on here people not realizing they are NOT the target audience, but thinking everything should be tailored to them!

  8. Drex , you left the shift. On your own accord? Pushed out? With yours and Mr Addisons departure the shift is stuck in neutral. It was better with Drex
    Good luck playing DJ

  9. Did Far Left Woke TRUMP hating Drex start lecturing all of you about why you need to roll up your sleeve and inject yourself with an mRNA Gene Modification Drug yet? Or is that for tomorrows show?

  10. Miss Drex and Bob on the shift. Rarely agreed with his political views but loved his take on most other frivolous topics. Will give the morning show a try. Best of luck old friends!

  11. If 96.9 Jack wanted to actually lose ratings points in the local morning show wars, then they found the right guy to do it with in Drex.


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