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Fellow broadcaster Dennis Walker, a small town boy from southern British Columbia, who was birthday-gifted a little red radio from his Grandma, a gift that opened up his world to the industry of broadcasting. Dennis recalls what happened next, among them in the publication of his first book, ‘The Little Red Radio‘..

Contact: Dennis Walker                                                                                    November 23, 2020

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“The Little Red Radio: Dennis Walkers’ Radio History Stories Released” 

“Good radio is good storytelling” and now we can get the best of both worlds. Cranbrook morning radio show host Dennis Walker got busy during self-isolation: building a greenhouse, climbing Fisher Peak Mountain, and writing a book. If you’ve ever had a conversation with Dennis you know he makes everyone he knows out to be a celebrity. Now he is sharing his lifetime of experience in a book with the one thing that’s carried him for decades – his voice.”The Little Red Radio” takes readers right back to the 1970s when volunteering with local cable TV and working KIJHL hockey games as an official scorekeeper eventually got him on the radio in his hometown of Creston B.C. 
The book is broken down into chapters by his radio station timetable, starting as a teenager. As a child, Dennis would wake early to listen to the little red radio his grandmother bought him, and that’s when it got in his blood. Dennis spent 5 years at CKOO radio in Osoyoos in the mid – 80’s where he worked with highly driven news personality Tom Shields who stressed presenting full-out local content. This staple of connecting with local people and events has carried Walker into his 40th year on the airwaves. (Those 40 years don’t count the 6 years of volunteering with media-related positions.)
The stories’ climaxed while working for CIGV- Great Valley’s Radio in Penticton where Walker was rolling into his 3rd decade only to be let go in a mean-spirited corporate takeover. In the age of technology, Dennis with the help of friend’s were able to turn the bad situation into a golden nugget. This job loss led to him starting up a radio station in his kitchen which then lead to a job offer for a new radio station that was starting up in Cranbrook.
Walker has never taken a broadcasting course. His personality and community-driven mind elevates his success. Read how a self-taught small-town kid worked his way into the radio industry and developed hisown way of presenting radio.
The stories along the way include the many folks in his radio family…. that continue to grow.

“The Little Red Radio” is available now at Dragon’s Den and Sunshine Glass and Mirror in Penticton, or buy the Kindle version on Amazon. You can also Facebook message Dennis if you’d like it mailed. 

Dennis Walker holds a copy of his autobigoraphy, “The Little Red Radio,” in his Cranbrook studio – Penticton Herald


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