Vancouver’s Breeze switches to Christmas music


Stingray’s Vancouver’s ‘The Breeze’ switched today and is now…

Playing Vancouver’s Christmas Favourites 24/7


  1. Just saw the tiktok video of kelly and simona on instagram. when I heard the song before mariah carey, I have a feeling that stingray is prepping a format flip to hip hop new or otherwise which would have happened already if not for the pandemic. With the breeze now having a lot of newer songs as qmfm, and qm being the market leader still, it would make sense that the currently struggling 104.3 would flip completely after all sooner than later (early next year possibly), possibly to hip hop or south asian. Give robotic walking talking memes the top dog of a sports talk radio show and they will set that shows bar really low. Give those same people top dog of supposedly good stations and…… same.

  2. I wont be listening to the station at all until first monday of december. I dont quite care if we need a respite from the pandemic; too early. On boxing day, sure; after remembrance day for wall to wall christmas music?!!!! Very stupid. At least I have simple radio for my true easy listening and oldies needs when there cant be one here.

  3. Just found out lg 104.3 after december 27 will be back to easy listening, but probably to the qmfm wannabe and not a true easy listening format. But the breezes days will be numbered after then sadly. Sorry, simona and devon; you guys only like people who are like you and dismissed everyone else, me included.

  4. Have been a fairly frequent Breeze listener for their 60’s & beyond music, but can’t handle wall 2 wall Christmas music yet.
    I get it Breeze…get us into Christmas mode so we’re out spending $$ at your advertisers…we’re too smart 4 that!
    Bye Breeze!

  5. I agree with the last guy so well. Like, I get it, simona; play fewer oldies that not very many people know and every night go down the music snob route because dont we all want to stay fresh and hip and after all as jim rome says in order for things to get better you have to get better and one day the whole country will be working for me; sorry, I get it, but were way too talented and musically interested and of a “music lover” for all that crapola you uttered; our brains are going to turn into tapioca!!!! Sorry, no offence, simona and devon, you are too self serving. Anything with 50s-70s oldies 50s-80s easy listening as a true backbone would keep me hooked……….. wake up, guys……….

  6. The station needs to scrap the licence completely. Plain generic muzak every night to fill that quota
    If not for that ruling which is very rare on radio, that crap would never have seen the light of day. As bruce allen calls it, government music welfare. Any feature of that that doesnt feature a dj should never be on the air. Maybe in an otis elevator but not on my radio.


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