Eye-Witness Report Reveals Masssive, Shocking Levels Of Election Corruption, Voter Suppression, In Detroit

Gordon Pennington

by Teresa Neumann


November 9, 2020

A famous quote—sometimes attributed to a modern totalitarian leader—says: “It’s not people’s votes that matter, it’s the people that count the votes.” Nothing could be more true this election. Gordon Pennington*, a credentialed poll challenger in Michigan, reveals shocking behind-the-scenes cases of ballot fraud, bias, contempt and election interference that he witnessed first-hand during ballot counting in Detroit’s Cobo Arena the night of the election. It’s a MUST READ for every American who values voting integrity and expects their ballot to be counted. There have been many wake-up calls in 2020, and this close election is just the newest of “unveilings” which is exposing yet another swamp that must be drained. (*Corrections have been made to the misspelling of Gordon Pennington’s name)

The following is an interview with Gordon Pennington, former Director of Marketing for Tommy Hilfiger, who—as a Michigan resident and official poll challenger on election night—witnessed first-hand so many voter count violations it staggers the mind. His testimony is an urgent one, for Christians particularly, to pray and intercede on behalf of our nation. (Image: Gordon Pennington)

BCN: In a nutshell, Mr. Pennington, what did you witness in Detroit on the night of November 3, 2020?

PENNINGTON: I witnessed an absolute maelstroma violent stormof activity and procedures negating the narrative that the tallying of votes in this election is being conducted and tabulated fairly. In reality, I saw that it is anything but. 

BCN: How did you end up in Detroit on election night?

PENNINGTON: Well, early on the morning of Election Day, I voted in person in my home precinct of Owosso, Michigan. I can tell you, there were long lines before 7AM, but it went very smoothly and very quickly. When I finished there, I immediately drove to Cobo Arena in downtown Detroit to watch things unfold on the election counting floor in person. 

BCN: They allowed you in the Arena?

PENNINGTON: Two weeks ago, I completed two hours of training through the organization Election Integrity Fund to become a credentialed poll challenger. I admit, and deeply regret, that until now, like many people, I had taken the integrity of our election process for granted. I thought it was high time I tried to witness the process personally.  

BCN: What were your first impressions watching the vote-counting process?

PENNINGTON: Arriving on the huge counting floor (it was approximately 100,000+ square feet) inside Cobo Arena and Convention Center, I received my credentials, signed in and witnessed what at first seemed to be a well-ordered and comprehensive ballot accounting system. That is, until I started asking questions and watching closely.

Spread out across the massive floor space were 134 counting boards (picture an assemblage of 5 processors at 6 tables arranged in a rectangular arrangement) representing 503 precincts with about 930 poll workers paid by the Wayne County Election Board. Thus, we poll challengers had an enormous floor area to inspect simultaneous processes constantly.

Their poll workers original pay was $250 per day, but I was told that a Zuckerberg-funded foundation upped their pay to $600 per day. This included substitute poll workers who watched television in a large holding area on the second floor. Table supervisors were paid $700 a day. Get this: The Department of Elections had hired and trained 99% Democrats and 1% local Republicans as poll workers. 

BCN: That’s outrageous! 

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  1. Perhaps a little education is in order when it comes to electing the President & VP . Gary you may want to do that before crowning Joe Biden.

  2. Care to educate us, Teddy?

    Seems like this system has worked just fine for a long, long time.

    How could “”sleepy Joe Biden”, who never left his basement according to Fox News, manage to mastermind an election plot that spans every state, city, polling station in the US?

    Seems an awfully tall task for a guy most Republicans say is senile, no?

  3. Networks need to report news and not make it. Ron If I educate you, you will simply say yeah “your opinion”. So watch Democrat Van Jones explain it here. State legislatures confirm the vote and if that doesn’t happen you can call sleepy Joe all you want. Electoral College and Congress have to also stamp the process. And its not “President Elect.” He isn’t until it goes through steps ahead. But let Van explain the rest. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZWRhLW7Y8w

    And if you think Sleepy Joe masterminded this whole thing I have some radio stations in Timbuktu to sell you. Politics is a dirty game and its being played out before our eyes.

    The greatest country in the world doesn’t have a uniform voting process.? In what world can you vote without voter ID? Dumps in the middle of the night in states Trump was winning and the next morning Joe is in the lead. Don’t need to re hatch the Rep story here. But the republicans have been played. The Dems have been hatching this story for years and have been telling the world since the day Trump came down the elevator.

    They have every right to bring these lawsuits forward. Its America where you can bring lawsuits whenever. If the proof they are putting forth in court is tossed so be it. But its not up to media to make news. And more importantly don’t dismiss claims unless you have actually done any investigative journalism which main stream media has not.

    And Ron my father died having suffered from dementia for 5 years. Sleepy Joe has many of the same symptoms and he is just a figure head.

    Ron, Al Gore challenged for 37 days in 2000 and he didn’t get skewered. Give Trump the same consideration .

    This election will boil down to the two seats in Georgia. Reps win and should Joe win, America will survive. Dems and Joe win, be prepared for a civil war.

    Just saying.

  4. A civil war if Joe Biden wins?

    And you think people like me, and like Joe Biden, are the problem.

    The Florida recount was a much tighter race in every way. Florida was the difference state in an election that saw Gore and Bush separated by very little, both in Florida (it ended up being around 300,400 votes), and nationally.

    And it was an issue with the actual ballots (the hanging chads), not an issue with a Republican Party trying to weasel out of a legitimate ass-kicking by making up allegations of massive systemic voter fraud. .

  5. Joe Biden and the Democrats won the election, plain and simple. I applaud the non-believers, go down with the ship and hang onto the past. Trump is looking very ungrateful, moody, and childish by not accepting the truth.

  6. Robert Williams again….the Bolshevik shill.

    Please make sure you come back to apologize when Trump and his elite special forces troops break down the doors of Dominion Voting Systems and arrest all that were involved in the biggest voter FRAUD in history.


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