Dr Henry Goes TOO Far! Harvey Oberfeld


by Harvey Oberfeld

Keeping It Real…

November 8, 2020

It’s too much! BC is NOT Cuba, China or Venezuela … and Dr. Bonnie Henry, and Big Brother Adrian Dix and Big Brother John Horgan’s latest dictates aimed at controlling the Coronavirus exceed reason, reasonability and our human rights..

Henry Saturday announced new rules BANNING any PRIVATE social gatherings of any size in PRIVATE HOMES with anyone not already living with your immediate household in the Lower Mainland.

NO visitors in ANYONE’s private home, not even ONE son or daughter or friend allowed to drop over to visit or help. Even if they wear masks, distance while visiting.

For anyone with mobility challenges, especially elderly couples or singles, already struggling with isolation, unable to walk far, having Covid fears of using taxis or buses, this is solitary confinement! Cruel and unusual punishment!

Especially when Big Brother and Big Sister ORDER them not to even allow ONE or TWO people now from their already small personal bubble inside their PRIVATE home!

And yet, those who can manage to get out CAN still meet in restaurants, in bars, where people sit across tables much closer to each other than in a living room … in groups up to six …with other groups of strangers nearby.

In fact, think about it: the NEW rule actually makes things MORE dangerous. It encourages those who are mobile, instead of having one or two friends in for tea/lunch to go out to socialize! And drive, take taxis, buses to restaurants, cafes, other inside venues … surely more vulnerable than having ONE or TWO people visit in your own home!!!!


This is Big Brother … or should I say Big Sister … over-reach!

I believe it VIOLATES the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms which declares and enshrines:

” 2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:

(a) freedom of conscience and religion;

(b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;

(c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and

(d) freedom of association.”

Dr. Henry’s new Orders violate both 2 (b) and 2 (c).

NO government and NO government agency, I believe, has the right to tell any Canadian they cannot have ANYONE in their PRIVATE home if they meet all the other public health rules, such as mask-wearing, self-distancing, hand-washing and don’t violate other laws/bylaws, such as noise, disturbances etc.

This is government gone too far!

Where the hell were BC’s media Saturday in raising tough questions about Dr. Henry and Brother Dix’s arbitrary imposition of such selective dictatorial controls/restrictions?????

Too many reporters, especially at the Legislature, are being too soft, too friendly in just delivering Dr. Henry’s and the NDP government’s messages/rules and dictates TO the public, instead of the other way round, representing the public TO the politicians and public officials …. which should be their REAL role!!

Dr. Henry’s new orders also impose several other restrictions on Lower Mainlanders when it comes to activities/ travel within and outside the region.

You can read full details here: https://www.vancouverisawesome.com/bc-news/bc-announces-567-new-cases-of-covid-19-saturday-increasing-regional-restrictions-for-two-weeks-2859897

Dr. Henry says the new rules will only be “temporary” … in effect for for two weeks.

Let’s keep it real: that may not be the case … there is NOTHING to stop Henry from extending the private home-visit ban, especially if people meekly just go along with this violation of our Charter rights.

NO government or officials, in a democratic country, should be permitted to TOTALLY BAN citizens from having ANY visitors in our PRIVATE homes!!! Not even ONE? or TWO?

Really? Is that a true threat to public health … or government just over-reaching, invading and controlling PRIVATE spaces, because it thinks it can?

Castro, Xi and Maduro would approve … but WE must not!

We’re not talking large gatherings here, parties or celebrations: the latest BAN attempt is on ANY visitor, even your closest relative or friend. TOO much!

I get it. The virus must be stopped, or at least contained as much as possible until and even after a vaccine is made available.

I get it. The number of cases in the Lower Mainland, upwards of 550 a day recently, are scary and must be cut.

I get it. Activities and venues that are contributing to the rising rates need more and better control … some may warrant even closure.

But the great initial success in fighting the virus in BC was through public co-operation, shutdown of public places; curbing of public activities.

NOT invading and interfering in people’s private lives in their private homes, especially where they are willingly following Dr. Henry’s own guidelines and policies on masks, self-distancing, hand-washing.

Denying people even ONE or TWO visitors, from their own already limited bubbles, in their own homes goes too far!

There have already been studies showing how isolation and loneliness is hurting too many people too hard … especially singles and seniors living alone.

To order anyone, but especially singles and seniors, NOT to have even ONE or TWO family members or close friends drop by and visit … even if they wear masks, wash their hands and self-distance … is beyond reason.

That will only make things even worse, because public co-operation and compliance is a pre-requisite for any societal rules to work.

And the latest ban exceeds the social and personal saturation point norms: it will just increase social isolation, disrespect and disobedience when it comes to Covid-fighting efforts.

Dr. Henry MUST change this order to be more realistic, more credible and therefore more effective.

Or most will just ignore it.

Harv Oberfeld


  1. What happened to the “ safe six” buzz word the the good “Dr” is so good at throwing around during her scripted stage appearances. I plan to have as many family members (no strangers) over to my house as I see fit. If someone doesn’t like it, feel free to call 311, the Dr. Henry private snitch line.

  2. Wake up people if you or someone in your household gets covid and dies then what ? Who you going to blame ?Thats right you’ll say government didn’t do anything to protect us .Think people !!! We are very fortunate to have Dr Henry. It won’t be for ever if we all do our part .

  3. It’s only for 2 weeks…come on. Also, your most extreme examples are still permitted under Dr. Henry’s order as they would cross into the “essential visit” category which is, by design, loosely defined.

  4. Who has more credibility on the science behind Covid? C’mon Harvey. Show us your medical degrees and background fighting viruses. I know your trying to be controversial but stick to politics. It’s views like yours who put us all at risk and that in inexcusable for someone who purports to be a ‘journalist’.

  5. Those with paranoia, feel free to stay home. Those with no brains, feel free to go out in public, pretending to distance. Those with common sense, fight this nonsense! The borders are OPEN! Religious places are OPEN! Society is OPEN! So why are our homes CLOSED?

  6. Harvey is dead right on this one. The reason that Henry is over reaching is the PCSJW culture that the hypocritical NDP government uses as a guide book.
    Halloween on Granville ST. Look at the videos. Almost all of the people ignoring all the health edicts that night were South Asians.
    Look at the violations at weddings , funerals, house parties. South Asians. These our just simple facts. In todays twisted climate many think that is racist. Because of this twisted climate Henry has no choice but to over reach


    Even US mainstream news is like…yeah it has a 99.9965% survival rate for anyone under 80, if your over 80 with both feet in the grave a bad peice of lettuce in your salad CAN kill you a gust of wind can give you lethal pnuemonia. Absurd

    I REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE THIS MEDICAL DICTATORSHIP’S “ORDERS” I won’t destroy my life for *shuffles cards* Deloris Farmhedge aged 94 with stage 4 cancer sorry not sorry.

    You do you, live in fear wear the face diapers wash your eyelids with bleach I’ll be fine.

  8. Dr. BH, how pathetic can a person be. I have a 94 year old mother who still contributes her time for a variety of charities, and for you to write off our most vulnerable is disgusting. I’m so glad I don’t have someone like you in my sphere of family and friends. And of course, it’s all about you when it’s about all of us which is why we wear masks. Disease of any kind does not discriminate. I can only assume you’ve never experienced tragedy. I’ve wasted enough time on you.

  9. It’s called the Totalitarian Tiptoe. Remember when we were told we needed to just isolate for 2 weeks? Listen to Dr. Zev Vladimir Zelenko. None of this was necessary. Let the doctors like Zelenko, who know how to treat COVID, set policy. Fire Bonnie!

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