Fox News Is the No. 1 Network for 2020 Election Night Coverage

Brett Baier and Martha MaCallum of Fox News

By A.J. Katz

TV Newser

November 4, 2020

An estimated 56.9 million people tuned in to watch coverage of the 2020 U.S. presidential election during prime time on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

While coverage varied by network, 21 networks aired live coverage from 8-11 p.m. ET.

The 56.9 million includes the sum of the average total viewership, and this figure, unlike in previous election nights, includes out-of-home (OOH) viewing as well as connected TV (CTV) viewing. Contribution coming from CTVs can be as much as 11% for televised political events.

The 2020 presidential election featured President Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden has yet to be be decided.

But what can be decided (at least according to early data from Nielsen), is that Fox News was the most-watched cable news network for full coverage of 2020 election night, drawing 13.6 million viewers in prime time, and 10.5 million viewers in the 6 p.m.-3 a.m. common cable news coverage period.

This marks back-to-back presidential elections that the cable news juggernaut has finished as the most-watched network on election night.

Not only was Fox News No. 1 on election night, but its 13.6 million total viewer count represents a network and cable news election night audience record.

The network also ranked No. 1 among adults 25-54, edging CNN by a small margin (which we’ll show on link below).


  1. President Biden. Has a great ring to it. Better then multi billionaire tv reality star who has filed for however many bankruptcies Donald Trump.
    Biden will do much more for the US and even Canada then Trump could ever do

  2. I think the main reason so many eyes were glued on Fox News was due to the fact the Trumpathizers were worried #45 was going to get turfed in a hurry and knowing Fox was pro-Trump all the time, they went there.

    The polling may not be over yet but Trump has already threatened 3 lawsuits against states where he’s trailing. So full of grace that man,

    The author of the above piece, A.J. Katz, is obviously a Trump/Fox fan by his calling the news outlet a juggernaut. (Favouritism noted).

    One way or the other I can’t wait until January 20th.

  3. Since the Murdock kids took over the running of Fox the network has been moving closer to the left. And you can see it now in some of their staff member at least the left leaning ones they have hired lately like Donna Brazile.

    I don’t quite understand the shift of Fox news. They are getting killer ratings and kicking the other networks arses. When Fox called Arizona for Biden it raised a lot of eye brows considering all the other major networks hadn’t and haven’t.

    If Biden holds on what are the likes of Hannity, Ingraham and Carlson going to talk about? You tuned into them because at least you didn’t get the same talking points you got on MSNBC, CNN etc.

    Far as I am concerned the big loser Tuesday was Fox news coverage.

  4. Terry

    Of course you are entitled to your own opinions but you are not entitled to your own set of facts, facts do matter .

    Whether you like DJT or not you must certainly acknowledge that half of the registered U.S. Voters supported the “Bad Orange Man” and truth be known many of those Trump Voters were/are ethnic minorities of various religions and skin tones and within that Black and Hispanic came out in record numbers for DJT .

    You may not also like to acknowledge this fact either but people of all ethnic bqackgrounds and origins want secure borders, control of migration/immigration, safe streets where they need not worry about Antifa and the now “Radicalized BLM burning their storefront, residence, car, any other valuable asset, and they do not want to be assaulted .

    Just how many Trump Voters are out there burning flags, destroying storefronts, fire bombing, overturning cars, and rest of assorted attacks in Portland, Seattle, NYC, Chicago, Oakland, Baltimore, Kenosha, and so many more cities .

    Then please keep in mind that in many cases the very neighbourhoods those good citizens destroy are the one they live in . WTF ?

    “Spin” this as you might but once again, facts are facts, FOX is indeed a Gargantuan Cable Ratings Winner how could anyone with more than Room Temperature dispute that fact ?
    If memory serves FOX some times doubles or even triples competition from MSNBC, CNN, etc. .

    Trump is rude, brash, moronic at times, boorish, and even “Orange” but he is the only one that held China to account (now that will cease), fixed NAFTA, secured Borders, did a great job with ISIS, fixed the economy, increased salaries, lowered taxes for ALL Americans, supported Israel after Obama tossed that great country an Anchor along with so many more too numerous to mention .

    BTW – When was the last time you saw 2 or 3 hundred Americans of any ethnic background, religion or skin tone rush down to the beach in Miami, cobbble together a raft out of old cigar boxes and row off to Venezuela or Cuba ? Please let me know .


    I own a company that exports Union Made B.C. Manufactured Product world wide, about $ 7 Million Dollars of that is distributed to every single coastal city, town, hamlet in the USA that provides Marine Service . Trump fixed NAFTA which was broken, he re built the economy and he made USMCA work for Mexico, the USA, and Canada, he also provided Canada with a huge break by protecting Canada Supply Management, he is a hard man but he is fair if other nations do their part which Canada did .

    Contrary to CNN propaganda Trump also made NATO greater and better than every inform yourself .

    The attached is from Bloomberg, no friend of DJT

    I travel to 17 different world nations on a regular basis and as Trump says some of them are “Shit Holes”, the USA is a World Leader under Trump and everywhere I go informed people in those countries tell me he same thing, Trump is a better world leader than Obama .

    ARE YOU aware that Jerusalem has named their main square after Donald J. Trump ? Not Obama, not Bush, no, Bubba, and not PM Justin, think about that for just a minute .

    One last question here Terry and James, jus exactly what qualifies either one of YOU to tell the rest of the “Great unwashed” that Biden is a better POTUS for the U.S., Canada, or the rest of the world ?

    Exactly what is your experience ?

    I await your comments with great anticipation .

    Oh and one last thing here, how about a preview of the Biden Cabinet

    Chief of Staff – Hunter
    National Security Advisor – Richard “Danang Dick” Rosenthal
    Secretary of Treasury – Warren,
    Environment and destruction of business -AOC
    Homeland Security – Omar,
    Economics – Bernie
    Secretary of Inclusiveness and the exclusion of “White Males” – – Cory
    Secretary of the interior – Beto
    Secretary of Commerce – Gavin Newsome
    Secretary of Education =- Di Blasio – God does he need the job, he is BROKE
    Attorney General – Andrew Cuomo

    I have more for you but I will wait until I see your very clever responses .

  5. For months we have heard on CBSNBCABCCNN Biden was way ahead of Trump in the polls.
    In 2016 Same story re polls putting Hillary in the white house. I wonder if the “polling error” is a criminal act. Its is a form of voter suppression. It was/is obvious that the networks hire polling companies that give them polling results that fit their narrative. Should be investigated and if collusion is found then arrests.
    At the very least the polling companies cant accurately predict sunrise every morning

  6. Hi BMCQ

    The US has become a laughing-stock under Trump.

    You go ahead and justify having a racist POS in office, but the reason there are riots is because Trump has exacerbated nearly all racial and economic problems in that country. I notice you casually disregard how Trump-inspired militia threatened to kidnap a governor. You also casually disregard Charlottesville and the overwhelming rise in white supremacist groups, emboldened by Trump

    Guess that doesn’t fit your narrative

    I’m guessing you’re religious? That must explain why Israel matters so much to you. Must also be why you can disregard all the garbage a Trump presidency has brought, in favour of a nebulous line of reasoning that…oh, yeah, the economy is so good. Yes, it was also rising steadily under Obama, after the previous Republican president nearly ran it into the ground

    Anyways. Good on ya. Glad your business is doing so damn well

  7. I don’t even bother reading through the BMCQ diatribe. Very long-winded and the same tired tighty righty stuff over and over. Managed to read through was of his two page posts months ago and that was good enough.

    Bottom line as we sit here on a Thursday afternoon it is looking better and better for Biden. A return to some normalcy as opposed to this terrible four year reality show.

    What get’s me the most is the hypocrisy of the right including many contributers to this site. There are just way to many things to mention but I guess the latest is a President of The USA screaming “Stop The Count”. Trump would fit in perfectly in a place like North Korea. Absolutely unbelievable. Of course the Trump lovers find nothing wrong with something like that. The same people who were up in arms when Obama showed up at a White House news conference wearing a white suite. Oh yes, the hypocrisy.

    Let’s go Joe!!

  8. Ron

    Without a healthy vibrant economy the social programs demanded by you, me, and others are basically a no go, just ask Venezuela a country that quite possibly possesses the highest proven oil and gas reserves in the world yet with a mismanaged economy people have resorted to eat zoo animals to stave off hunger .

    Joe Biden is basically a “Sock Puppet” and will be pushed aside by Kamala within 12 or 14 months .

    You and Lance are obviously both Top Mensa Members so you can obviously learn nothing from being inquisitive and objective while considering facts and other ideas and opinions .

    Fill your boots and continue to fight your way to the top .

  9. BMCQ

    Venezuela!?!? That’s your argument?

    Please show us where and how recent democratic Presidents have pushed the US towards an economic spiral like the one Venezuela has gone through. Please prove your ridiculous statement. I don’t recall Americans eating zoo animals when Obama and Clinton were in power

    That’s the weakest comeback I’ve read on this site, and I’ve read a lot of dumb ones

  10. Clinton was a decent POTUS and over all did a commendable Job with the economy other than mistakes made with China and a bad NAFTA deal for the U.S. which was recently improved with USMCA .

    Obama and GWB were hoodwinked and swindled by China .

    The proposed economic policies promoted by Warren, Bernie, AOC and others are a clear and present danger to the U.S. and will/would have detrimental affect on USA jobs, taxation, standard of living, create high unemployment, increase cost Of living dramatically and in fact In time threaten the food chain .

    You obviously are not an individual that gets out much but if you were to leave your mothers basement every once in a while and see and experience what can and does happen when poor economic policies fail you might get it . Of course Venezuela does not happen in a week but the economic policies and so called “Green New Deal” proposed by the Looney Left would reverse a vibrant healthy economy in a hurry .

    Each government is different and only a simpleton would attempt to compare a Clinton Gov to what has been proposed with the GND and other economic policies by the very Left Dems of today . Not sure what your background or business acumen is but I suggest you spend an hour or two and familiarize yourself with the GND and what Bernie proposes, it is very hard core . I am not 100% sure but I believe you could grasp And understand what their intent is and what they propose is indeed Venezuela . I suggest you take the time, tear yourself from the video games and do a deep dive into what the Dems propose and get back to us .

    That is why many Dems in the House and Senate are serving notice that proposed hoped for economic policies by the aggressive Dem left wing should be jettisoned .

    The Dems suffered a big set back in the House and it appears that the Republicans will hold the House so the Kamala Gov will be a “Lame Duck” with vastly dismissed powers especially for taxation, and other key corner stones so there will be no danger of damaging policies being pushed through any time soon and then there will be more changes favouring Republicans in 2022 .

    How can/could anyone blame Any politician When an independent group like a militia Attempt anything, would anyone but a moron blame Obama for violence carried out for BLM ? Would I blame Obama or Biden for Antifa and the destruction of cities ?

    You might also keep in mind that DJT and the Republicans increased the vote from Blacks, Hispanics, and other visible minorities while those same groups were down dramatically with those same voters .

    Trump racist ? Please keep in mind his Daughter converted to Judaism, is married to a Jewish man, his sons both married to Jewish Women though one is now separated and all of his grandchildren are Jewish .

    Are you the individual they describe that states the following, “Please Do Not confuse me with the facts, I have already made my mind up” .

    If your Mommy ever throws you out of her basement please reach out to me, I am sure there is something I can do to assist, you seem very nice .

    BTW – your reference to me being religious because I support Israel and consider them an ally, I don’t quite get that .

    I travel to Israel on a regular basis, do a lot of business there and would be there this week if not for Covid, Israel and it’s people are a “Shining Light” .

    Trump can often be an “A” Hole and sometimes His boorish behaviour was uncalled for but his policies were best for the U.S. and the world . Trump hurt himself in many states and he musy\t live with the consequences, unfortunately a Biden/Kamala Government will ensure the rest of the world suffers .

  11. Meanwhile, back to ratings, as CNN beats allcomers for the past few days as the votes are counted. A lot of fans of John King out there.

  12. Funny how selective hearing and selective reporting exists. Count every legal ballot is different from count every ballot. If the fact all this is happening in battleground states with democratic governors and lawmakers doesn’t raise any eyebrows than no explanation will ever do for those that think Trump is a POS. All I can say is you are living proof that the media has become opiners. Stuff like this is where reporters should be turning every single rock for free and balanced reporting. And in case you haven’t been watching if you really think Joe is going to govern should he take office then your head has been in the sand. Remember when its all said and done you only get to vote for communism and socialism once.

  13. BMCQ

    Is that a shot at me, the multiple mentions of me and my mom’s basement? Do you really think that offends or hurts me? Do you actually think that everyone who has a different opinion from you must be a useless waste of space? Maybe that’s where the communication problems with you come from. Must be difficult to be so superior to the rest of humanity, BCMQ

    Meanwhile, you continue to offer no proof of anything other than bizarre references to every president – other than Trump, of course – being bought and sold by every nation in the world and slowly leading the US to complete economic ruin. And of course, add in a dash of Bernie and AOC references to fully complete the rant.

    But of course, you know better than me.

    Now, mommy just made some meat loaf, so I’m gonna zip up there from the basement, then play Fortnite for an hour, and then I’ll maybe do some research on this appalling economic plan that the Looney Left is pushing.

  14. Having never been a fan of Donald Trump I find it fascinating how many people look past the policy positions and elect based on the person / personality (or the D or R by their name).

    All that said I also find it strange people voted to elect a person, that many of my friends on both the left and right admit, has lost more than a “cognitive step” and may well be in the early stages of dementia. (The policies and statements of his running mate are as far left as I have ever seen in an elected official this high in Government including using Executive Orders to change Constitutional Amendments)

    I have never been more worried where America may be headed. The extreme division and lack of moderate politicians on both sides is disturbing.

    With Veterans day approaching Wednesday I hardly recognize the country I once served to defend.


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