Seattle’s ‘The Sound’ goes Christmas…

94.1 The Sound Seattle

As reported by Northwest Broadcasters (Gord Lansdell):

The Sound KSWD-FM 94.1 Seattle is the first to make the move with The Sound of Christmas. Puget Sound’s holiday tradition!


  1. I found out torontos chfi fm switched to all christmas music too. And I know 104.3 the breeze will switc h to all christmas music after remembrance day, because i found out from the edmonton version of the channel. The reason that 104.3 hasnt yet changed format outright is because partly because of the relatively good ratings of the edmonton version and because of the fact that we deserve a relaxing respite from the coronavirus. However, the minute the coronavirus outbreak ceases, the station here will no longer be relevant and even it could change sooner early next year. Because 103.5 is good at marketing. One soft music station with newer music as an absolute backbone may work, but not two. Its all dollars and the “in order for things to get better you have to get better” mantra spoken by oprah, jim rome among others. Radio here is losing or selling out tons of loyal listeners because of this. to

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