Lisa Daigneault New PD at Ocean 98.5fm Victoria…

Lisa Daigneault

Former Vancouver and Victoria radio personality Lisa Daigneault has announced she is the new PD at Ocean 98.5 CIOC-FM Victoria.

Lisa Daigneault She has previously been a traffic reporter for the Canadian Traffic Network in Vancouver and was morning co-host at CIOC from 2015-17

Courtesy of Gord Lansdell NW Broadcasters

Lisa Daigneault Bio

 I’ve been a radio announcer, mainly morning radio, for the past 13 years. Starting in 2008, I began my radio career in BC and over the years made my way across Canada learning as much as I could about the inner workings of a radio station. A PD once gave me a great piece of advice; learn as much as you can about all departments in a radio station and how they all work together, it’ll make you that much better as a Program Director. So that’s what I did.
Eventually, in 2015,  I took on the role of Morning CoHost with Ocean 98.5 in Victoria with Rogers Sports and Media. By 2017 I decided I was ready to begin my Programming career. That brought me to Nova Scotia overseeing 2 heritage stations. I then moved over to Ontario to Program a new station and relaunch an existing station. In 2020 I was offered the role of Program Director of Ocean 98.5 with Rogers Sports and Media and I excitedly accepted. Becoming a PD was my career goal from day one and to be in such a beautiful city, with one of my favourite media companies is a dream come true. ?


  1. I hope Ms. Daigneault’s first managerial decision is to re-hire Forbes and Marshall. The OCEAN collapsed after their departure

  2. Forbes and Marshall, that’s a wonderful idea Robert. do you happen to have the name of the nursing home they currently reside in………

  3. Hi Ron I don’t know if you’re joking or not, but Micheal and Lisa are some of the finest people I’ve ever met, fantastic parents and outstanding citizens.

  4. Good Luck to Her !!

    Good Luck to her new station and Good Luck to whom ever she puts on the air, it is also a positive thing when people kind are employed and cultivating/growing listenership .


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