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Laura-Lynn Answers BC Election Debate Questions

Guest’s website: http://www.lauralynn.tv/

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  1. Wow! How refreshing! One’s gotta love this gal and what she stands for. She talks truth and more important about Freedom. Am only sorry there is no CHP candidate running in my riding.

  2. I like Laura…..I really do.

    But unless the people fight the Govt and the FAKE NEWS over this FRAUD virus nothing will ever happen. GLOBAL News BC needs to be blockaded and protested. Same with the CDC BC. Protested and blockaded by hundreds of people demanding answers the FAKE NEWS and Govt will not provide.

    I have been posting a $1000 bounty for MONTHS now asking for Isolation Data for this FRAUD called COVID. Thousands of comments. I have NOT PAID IT OUT. Think about that.

    Waving banners and yelling on the steps of the “FART GALLERY” in Vancouver every Sunday accomplishes nothing. You need to cut the head off the snake……


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