Ziyah Karmali and Kent Morrison Announced as New Co-Host Team for CTV MORNING LIVE, Beginning November 2


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October 20, 2020

– Morrison returns to CTV News Edmonton to team up with Karmali at the helm of Edmonton’s best morning show –

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EDMONTON (October 19, 2020) CTV Edmonton announced today the appointment of Ziyah Karmali and Kent Morrison as Co-Hosts of CTV MORNING LIVE. Beginning Monday, Nov. 2, the duo joins the CTV MORNING LIVE team alongside traffic specialist Carla Turner, meteorologist Cory Edel, and reporter Nahreman Issa.

“We’re thrilled to have Alberta’s capital wake up on weekdays with Ziyah and Kent for the best morning show in the region,” said Heather Kim, Director of News and Public Affairs, CTV Edmonton. “Our viewers count on CTV MORNING LIVE to start their day with all the news they need, and with Ziyah and Kent at the helm, we’ll deliver a lively, informative, and interactive broadcast each morning.”

Karmali is already a familiar face to viewers across the region, most recently as a weather anchor for CTV News Edmonton. Born and raised in Edmonton, she is a trusted voice having spent more than a decade working in local TV and radio. She began her career as a newspaper columnist prior to working in television, and is an avid sports fan who has worked with both Edmonton’s CFL team as well as the Oilers Entertainment Group.

Returning to the CTV studio where he got his broadcasting start, Morrison joins the team from Global News’ local morning program. He previously spent three years as a reporter with CBC News. With more than a decade of experience in local news, Morrison loves to shine a spotlight on the people and places that make Northern Alberta a great place to live.

CTV MORNING LIVE features breaking local news, detailed traffic reports, and up-to-the-minute weather forecasts for the viewers in Edmonton, as well as central and northern Alberta. Airing weekday mornings from 5:30 – 9 a.m. MT, CTV MORNING LIVE is an energetic three-and-a-half hours featuring all the news and information viewers need to get their day started.

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  1. Be still, my beating heart.

    Yet ANOTHER “local” program that I won’t watch.

    Surely there must be talent out there – we do have 36 million people after all – that can start a comedy/variety show in the morning and interview engaging guests and feature “news” breaks (which nobody cares about) and weather breaks (which people depend on).

    An engaging program that features something other than a bunch of kids stuffed into ill fitting suits pretending to be journalists, pretending to like their air-headed co-host, pretending to be knowledgeable about issues that matter. We all know that they couldn’t care less about Edmonton, they are using it as a stepping stone to that “big” job in Vancouver, Toronto or the USA.

    Instead, we get competing programs on all stations doing the same type of morning show, with replaceable no-name personalities sitting behind a desk reading press releases from the corporate and government communication departments.

    Every now and again, a rookie “reporter” will take a very expensive satellite truck out to a street corner to report “live” about an event that happened 24 hours ago and pretend that by reporting “live” they are on top of this important story – even though absolutely no new details have been released by the authorities in charge of this event. The reporter, of course, has never heard of investigative reporting; she was not taught this in the media studies program at NAIT.

    THEN, these same stations tell government that they are vital to Canadians, need government subsidies to survive and taxpayers MUST pay hard earned money to support them, all the while corporate executives at Bell and Corus are raking in the bonuses. Meanwhile, Canadians are telling these media parasites that we are sick of paying for US programming on stations that we can’t watch, thanks to simulcasting. I can’t think of a current program that I watch on CTV or Global. If it weren’t for Schitt’s creek, I would never watch CBC.

    It’s all a giant scam, folks. And we are all paying for it.

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