How Trudeau bought the media

Peter Mansbridge and Justin Trudeau

Through a long process of regulation, licensing, and cash handouts, Trudeau has managed to bring nearly the entire Canadian media under government supervision.

By Derek Fildebrandt

October 16, 2020

The overwhelming bulk of Canada’s media is bought, and paid for, by the federal government. In particular, by the Liberal Party which has extended generous taxpayer subsidies to outlets that comply with its diktats. 

In its 2019 budget, the federal government rolled out nearly $600 million in subsidies for select media outlets that obtain the federal government’s approval. The latest $600 million cheque is meant to fill a blind spot in exerting government influence over the Canadian print and online media. 

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  1. If it were that easy we could just “vote out the bum”. It is NOT that simple. TURD-eau is fully controlled by the Global Bolsheviks……who control all the worlds media. Global Revolution is coming………hang on…’s going to get ugly.

  2. The fact that Mansbridge was an invited attendee at a Bilderberg meeting while still in the employ of CBC tells me all I need to know. About him and his ilk.

    Mansbridge was not a journalist. He “took the ticket”.


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