CBC announces it’s cutting about 130 jobs across Canada over next 3 months


Job losses will be spread across 5 locations, but most will be in Toronto

CBC News

October 8, 2020

CBC announced Wednesday it is cutting more than 130 jobs across the country. Most of the losses are in Toronto, home of the Canadian Broadcasting Centre

The CBC is cutting about 130 jobs across the country over the next three months, the Crown corporation said Wednesday.

“As a result of some necessary changes with respect to resizing our business, a number of positions from within the organization will no longer be a part of our workforce come the end of the calendar year,” Barbara Williams, CBC’s executive vice-president of English services, said in a note to staff.

In a separate note to staff, an official said that 58 positions across news, current affairs and local will be cut.

Subsequent to that announcement, CBC spokesperson Chuck Thompson said in an interview that there will be job reductions beyond the divisions outlined in the note to staff, and in total, about 130 positions across the CBC’s English-language services will be cut by the end of the year, mostly through attrition, retirements or collapsed vacancies.

The CBC’s biggest union, the Canadian Media Guild, said about 40 unionized workers have already had their positions eliminated as a result of the cuts.

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  1. If they were to cut all the jobs in CBC News, it would be an example of what Branch Rickey called “addition by subtraction.”

  2. Well, they’ve gotten rid of the remaining White males, let’s see how many White females they can purge. Soon, we will have a broadcast facility where the on-air personalities resemble those currently on air in India or Hong Kong. I’m waiting for the first burka clad transexual to host the “news” from Prince Albert.

  3. Hey, now that you have a ton of time on your hands, you folks can go visit the other fired CBC employee, Don Cherry.
    I’m sure Don would love to have you over. Actually no. But the other fired CBC guy, Jian Ghomeshi probably would.

  4. Oh Brother…LOL, great post!

    George…small point, Cherry was paid by Hockey Night in Canada, not CBC…
    HNIC sells itself to networks in Canada.
    I suspect Cherry would invite, Ghomeshi wouldn’t…

  5. @Bohg
    Missed the fine points of HNIC & Don, however, eventually we will see the same kind of headline from HNIC and I can cut and paste the previous comment.


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