Carole Pauline Robinson Tribute!

Carole Robinson

Carole Pauline Robinson passed away peacefully in Vancouver, BC on September 30, 2020. Carole is predeceased by her son Jeff, in 2003; Mother & Father, Pauline (nee) Presley and Bryan Smith; and is survived by her loving Husband, Robert (Red) Robinson; Daughters, Sheri and Kellie; Grandchildren, Mazzy and Aidan; Brothers, Tony, Paul, Michael, Simon and Gary; Brother and Sister-in-law, Bill and Donna and their families; Nieces and Nephews.

Carole was born in Bromley, England and came to Canada with her Dad and brothers after finishing school. After a couple of winters in the Maritimes, the family moved to Vancouver in the early Sixties.

Carole Smith met Red Robinson on a blind double date while he was the evening DJ at C-FUN. Carole was with newsman Cameron Bell but Red couldn’t get her off his mind. The next morning, he began calling every Smith in the Vancouver phone book. “I was determined to find her no matter what it took. Luck was with me, as she’d mentioned that her father’s first name was Aubert, and when he answered the phone with a British accent, I knew I had the right place.”

Red asked Carole for a date, and by 1963 they were walking down the aisle.

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