Red Robinson’s wife and long-time partner Carole passes…

Carole and Red

Carole Robinson, wife of veteran Vancouver broadcaster Red Robinson, passed away Wednesday morning at St. John Hospice at the University of B.C. in Vancouver. She was involved in Red’s broadcasting work during most of his career.

Heartfelt Condolences to Red and family…

(Thanks to Gord Lansdell of NWBroadcasters)


  1. I was privileged to know Carole for many years, and she was special. We laughed, did English accents on the phone, back and forth and I would see her at Red’s office. A sweetheart.
    I can’t really say much, or I will get choked – other than the light of life for me, has dimmed a bit, with her passing. Kind, funny and always so wonderful and generous, she will live on in many hearts.
    My condolences to Red, and the Family.
    We were friends for over 30 years.
    This has been very painful for many people.

  2. Sad to hear this. I know one of her songs is elvis late 60s/early 70s “if I can dream”. Should be her funeral song.

  3. R.I.P.

    Mr Robinson seems to be a wonderful person, I am sure his wife is as well .

    Very nice comments from those above, I am sure Mr. Robinson will much appreciate them .

  4. I’ve known Carole and Red since the early ’60’s and a finer couple you couldn’t find. Carole was very much involved with Red’s life and business, encouraging him in every way possible. I’m sad to learn of her passing.
    Condolences to Red and their family. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

  5. Lin and I send our heartfelt condolences Red. We have such fond memories of the lovely evening with you and Carole in Palm Desert a couple of years ago that we’ll treasure forever.

  6. Dear Red , I am so sorry to hear about your wife . I am sure she was as outstanding as you are today . Out of all the people I know in broadcasting Red you have always stood out as a true honest gentleman ! You are an icon and there aren’t many left ! Well done good and faithful servant .

  7. Sincere condolences to you Red and your family on the passing of Carole. Good memories never
    leave you, they never die.

  8. Red, I know a lot of us think of Carole as having been your right arm for so many years. My best wishes to you and your family at this truly sad time. I know I speak for many of us who are thinking of you now.

  9. Red and I became friends shortly after my move to Vancouver in 1986 and eventually shared offices for 13 years. During and since that time, Carole and I also became good friends. Two finer people you will ever meet. So sad for Red and Kellie and Sherrie. My heart reaches out.

  10. This is tragic. In these times, marriages seem to last about three weeks. Red and Carol were a wonderful exception. And why not? Two of the nicest people you’d ever want to meet. And a fine example of them together being greater than the sum of the parts. So sorry, Red. Going to miss you, Carole. Dang!


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