Rogers has unveiled a $3 billion investment proposal to benefit Quebec



Rogers has unveiled a $3 billion investment proposal to benefit Quebec, should it be successful in its bid to acquire Cogeco’s Canadian assets. Rogers new plans would include: investing $3 billion in Quebec over the next five years, including $1.5 billion in network investments; ensuring 5,000 jobs in Quebec for a combined Rogers/Cogeco entity; maintaining Cogeco’s headquarters in Montreal with a Quebec President leading its business in Quebec; maintaining the Cogeco brand in Quebec; and continuing relationships with local suppliers and contractors. Rogers also says it would also establish a tech innovation hub in the province that would create 300 jobs and act as a Centre of Excellence in artificial intelligence, software engineering and digital technology, as well as build on Cogeco’s rural expansion commitments to reach an additional 100,000 households, among other community partnerships and event sponsorships. Additionally, it pledged to establish a French-language training fund for Rogers employees outside Quebec.



  1. As a Cogeco subscriber in Ontario, I am STRONGLY opposed to Rogers taking over COGECO.
    Rogers has a long history of screwing customers (I am one of them) and doing nothing of any consequence for the communities they are supposed to serve.
    Cogeco’s customer service is excellent!


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