Ryan Jesperson no longer with 630 CHED


Puget Sound Radio received word that mid-morning talk show host Ryan Jesperson and 630 CHED have parted company…

This news has sent shockwaves throughout multiple fronts, broadcast, municipal, provincial and city governments

Jesperson’s profile has been removed from the radio stations website

This is a Developing Story…

Jesperson viciously attacked the staff of Mike Nickel’s of Mike’s Checks on air, calling them chimpanzees

Mike Nickel – Ryan Jespersen, today in your rant you called members of my staff “chimpanzees” Wipe the foam off of your mouth and smarten up. We have visible minorities on our staff and with what’s going on in the world today, your words are extra tone deaf. You stopped being a journalist a long time ago. In light of your recent comments, I have decided not to engage another 630 CHED interview. I hope soon enough, a decent person like J’Lyn Nye or Chelsea Bird hosts the morning show. Attack my positions all you want, but my staff are off limits. – Mike Nickel | Facebook

Morning show host Ryan Jespersen fired by 630 CHED

Parent company Corus Entertainment confirms rumours of the morning show host’s departure from the Edmonton radio stationAuthor of the
by Jeff Labine

Citytv's Ryan Jespersen performs during the Funniest Media Person Challenge, which is part of the 2014 Edmonton Comedy Festival, at the Ranch Roadhouse in Edmonton, Alta., on Thursday, Oct. 16, 2014. Codie McLachlan/Edmonton Sun/QMI Agency
CHED radio host Ryan Jespersen Photo by Codie McLachlan /Postmedia

Long-time Edmonton media personality Ryan Jespersen is no longer with 630 CHED, parent company Corus Entertainment confirmed Sunday.

Jamie Jensen, communications associate with Global News and Corus Radio, in an email to Postmedia confirmed online rumours of the radio morning show host’s departure.

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  1. Edmontonians are jumping for joy knowing CHED has fired Ryan Jesperson. He’s a genuine ‘Snowflake”

    just heard he had the opportunity to make lots of monies by endorsing Mike Lindell’s company “My Pillow”. which he rejected! Why? because Mike is a friend of Donald Trumps. Another Corus Trump Hater, the companies filled with them, over 90%! How pathetic, and it’s idiots like Jesperson we have allowed people like Larry Gifford to poison our local airwaves

  2. I wish Mr. Gifford would fire Bruce Allen. Talk about tone deaf, Allen once again this week referred to the less fortunate as ‘bums’, among other disparaging labels. CKNW should not allow him this bully pulpit to openly discriminate and foment hate. It tells you a lot about the man’s moral compass.

  3. Every since they rid off Dave Ratherford Ched turned into a commie station , I absolutely hate that globalist full of lies news network. It used to be preset in my vehicle as a primary radio station and I used to enjoy it and listen to them religiously , not any more… I hope this radio station falls and never returns to air waves…

  4. Ryan Is far from a bright light, he’s a dim wit. He’s just a loudmouth and a bully, and really, who cares what he thinks. Just another pompous on air person, NOT a journalist in any sense of the word, who will whore himself off to anyone with some cash. Hmmmm, what’s to come of his Oilers gig. Good luck getting any real work in this city! Ha ha. That brings me to another loser, Stacey from CTV was let go too! Hooray! Talk about a nice coincidence, the started stinking up the airwaves together when the co-hosted the Big Breakfast Show on the now defunct A Channel.

  5. Good bye and good riddance you clown! And Ms. Clown is gone at CTV! All that’s left to do is get rid of Shaye at CHED. Make it a trifecta!!!!

  6. Saw this coming a long time ago ….Ryan’s too ‘liberal’ for the likes of CHED and the Global News franchise. I do remember when Dave Rutherford was on his last days, and one of those final interviews he had was with a scientific researcher claiming Bigfoot was a genuine possibility. I thought “My God, Dave ….surely the station can’t keep you anymore.” His more and more extreme-right attitudes were rightfully turfed, and soon after that Ryan took the chair. But it was too wide a political swing for the CHED audience (or more specifically the ‘hardcore’ conservatives entrenched at the top) for him to last, and to be honest he held out far longer than I thought. Ryan grew on that show, but in the wrong direction for station directors. All the best Ryan, I know you’ll find a home somewhere in the Alberta public realm, and I look forward to your ever-developing opinions there 🙂

    And best of luck with Danielle Smith, 630 Ched ….I won’t be there listening though.

  7. A good number of you really need to read your comments and internalize how vile they really are. You’re adding nothing to the discourse. You may not have liked Ryan—that’s perfectly clear—but name-calling and spitting on him aren’t doing anything to make your argument. Quite the opposite.

  8. This is unfortunate, the celebration around silencing another voice of the people is deafening.

    Thanks for bringing an occasional smile to our faces and being frank and honest.

    Take care.

  9. Ryan is an excellent journalist whose opinion I respect.
    Best wishes to him! I’m sure he’ll be doing something soon that’s more in line with his abilities, opinions and values.
    He’s too good for Corus.
    I won’t be listening.

  10. Jespo was right down the line, didn’t pick sides. Ched, bell and all the other news stations in Edmonton are garbage. No wonder I subscribe to Sirius

  11. I hear there’s a municipal election next year….Mayor Jespersen?????? I will truly miss his voice on weekday mornings..

  12. I guess he is going to have return the Mercedes he was able to drive for endorsing the local dealer.
    I listened to Mr. Jespersen from time to time. I did not agree with many of his opinions, but he certainly had the gift of gab. He would be great to have at a party. I did not enjoy his free plugs on the radio, because it was for his benefit. Good luck in the future Ryan Jespersen.

  13. This makes me so sad. He was what I looked forward to each and every morning. I will not be listening any more. I cannot stand Danielle Smith. Ryan kept me listening. Loved his opinions and his interviews. Truly a joy to listen to. Along with Chelsea Bird amd Shay. My two favorite morning shows. I will only listen till 9:00 now. You have definitely lost this listener. Why not give him a chance to rectify his error. Instead of letting him go. A big mistake Corus. He was lively and funny and his energy was contagious. Sad day in radio.

  14. Beyond pissed off , that Corus did this.
    Jespo, is an absolutely centrist opinion, in an increasingly alt-right media landscape in this province. I’m totally finished with Ched, and now the search begins for a radio viewpoint, I can relate to………

  15. First, to compliment him. He brought a lot of energy to the air. He was always ‘on’ in the sense he was engaged to speak and debate just about any topic. However, his latest rant about Mike Nickel was uneccessary. This wasn’t the first time he let his mouth run. He came across as a guy who talked about being open minded, but when it came down to it, he was arrogant, self centered and unwilling to discuss opossing views. I called the station a few times to call out 92.5 FM’s brand name (in violation of Section 14 of the Canadian code of Advertising Standards since August 3, 2018) and they would not take my call. Should I be surprised? I don’t mind Bob Layton and some of the sports coverage. Corus/Ched however comes across as an arrogant company.

  16. Best news ever! Hopefully he leaves town, no one will hire that twit here anymore! Let’s hope anyway. Finally every idiot on the air gets canned eventually! So long sucka!

  17. I will certainly be a lot happier now that CHED has Danielle Smith on. The reception listening to her here in Edmonton is much better than trying to tune up 770 CHQR in Calgary to listen to Danielle and putting up with the signal much weaker here in the City. Congratulations to Syd for making a decision so close to his retirement. Thank you Syd Smith for doing the right thing.

  18. At least he is out of Corus, smart move, you should try listening to Corus in Vancouver, CKNW, after 12 noon not worth listening, Corus Canada wide seems to be a sinking ship.

  19. Only reason I began to listen to CHED for a few minutes each day was because of Jesperson’s show; his was the only moderate voice in the station. I won’t be tuning in any more.

  20. Ryan was so full of himself , and if you talk to people that knew him outside the radio station , they would say he changed drastically since he joined @630ched.
    (Even detested among many Strong liberals)
    As a mom of 4 amazing half back kids Ryan… I am absolutely disgusted in you.
    Move away , Edmonton is done with you

  21. This is absolutely disgusting and morally reprehensible that the Chorus Network (of which 630 CHED is part of) had wrongfully fired popular 630 CHED Edmonton talk show host, Ryan Jespersen. I had really liked Jespersen’s witty, polished, often entertaining professional interviewing style and he had also definitely showed respect and courtesy toward his various,highly diverse interviewee guests. He had been a very level headed, empathetic, well prepared, smart talk shou host on CHED! Shame on you Chorus Network for wrongfully firing Jespersen! Bedause of this outrage, I won’t be listening ANY MORE to 630 CHED !!And I will be strongly encouraging friends, family, acquaintances to listen NOT to listen to CHED any more too!

    I had been listening to CHED for past 20
    years and I had to turn it off after listening to you for the first month you were on the air. Your topics were boring and one sided. I hope you never return to radio or TV in Alberta again.

  23. Thank God! I feel for his family and I hope he finds another means of income but I’m pumped his voice is off Edmonton air. The self righteous leftist monster that he has helped create just devoured him. Oh the irony!

  24. When you share your Liberal values and demonstrate bias, you are not nuetral. Ryan often used this platform to input his political bias. CHED has been bought by the Liberal govt. So obvious! News channels need to be unbiased in reporting and interviews. Ryan lost his way.

  25. I knew something was happening at CHED since he hasn’t been on air for 2 weeks. Absolutely love having Danielle Smith on Edmonton’s talk radio too. This lady is the best, informative, respectful, and gets all kinds of experts relating to the topic of the day. Her show on fossil fuels, wind power and solar power was the best. Not only very informative but it made you think and examine are the people being told the truth. Listen to her Pod Casts. CHED, please keep Danielle as a permanent host in Edmonton.

  26. I have a theory why 630 Ched let Ryan Jespersen go. Was it calling one of Edmonton City Counillor Mike Nickel staff member a chimpanzee the last straw? Ched’s ratings has taken a nose dive lately and #Oilers radio rights are up for grabs. Also Ched’s morning show with Shaye Gaman and Chelsea Bird hasn’t performed well in the local ratings. This could be the beginning of a major shakeup at 630 Ched.

  27. Boycott CHED! Outside of hockey Ryan was the only person worthy of respect. Jesper don was hardly a radical lefty. He simply guilty for exposing the gross incompetence of the Kenney regime. There’s no use talking to dummies who haven’t read a book in decades,

  28. I will not listen to CHED again. I didn’t agree with Jespo on everytime but he was a centrist. He also was a decent human being who cared about people. Now it will be the UCP and tory propaganda show. Sad.

  29. I am so happy He is gone ! I found him to be a loudmouth , too full of himself, rude and turned him off if i was in the car while he was on air. I admit i am a die hard Conservative but i am open to other opinions including Ryans , but i like a respectful delivery . He is like the male version of Rosemary Barton …pretending to be bipartisan but just cant help letting his true feelings come through.
    Thank you for taking him off the air i can listen to this station at for now …we will see who is going to replace him .

  30. I found that if anyone disagreed with his personal agenda, he would get very angry and lose it. Not good talk show host material, IMO. Won’t miss him.

  31. Most arrogant jerk I’ve ever heard on the radio.
    Opiniated personal agenda . Big hero. Big talker.
    $3 bill. Big taker Mercedes owner LOL. Lada was his class.
    Whose the primate now?
    CERB for you.
    You don’t even deserve that

  32. Great to see him gone. His mouth was too much and his opinion very one sided. It was Ryan’s way or the highway.
    Like hearing Danielle please keep her own for Edmonton

  33. I wish I could say I’m sorry but by comparison to Danielle Smith’s level headed and common sensical approach to the concerns of the day, Ryan wasn’t even in the race. Smart move Corus, now s a perfect time to sinc 630 & 770’s mid morning shows, save some money and bring a truly informative perspective to today’s issues.

  34. Haha Ryan is the most bias, partisan talk show host I have ever had the displeasure of listening to. 630 CHED just got me back as a listener. I tried to listen to Ryan but I just couldn’t handle his whiny, sniveling personality. Bravo chorus, a very good decision.

  35. I thought the whole point of 630 Ched was that it is a “conversation station?” Whether good, or not so good, I don’t think anyone knows it better than Mr. Jespersen. I’m sure in due time Mr. Nickel will come to realize that the word chimpanzee won’t be the worst word he’s ever heard when he runs for Mayor. I think most people have heard the saying “sticks and stones may break your bones, but names will never hurt you.” I don’t think Mr. Jespersen deserves to get fired for that, when he works for a “talk radio show”.

  36. This is great news. His ott bombastic tone, grated on us, so we turned off ched at 9.00am. I’m not overly keen on Chelsea Bird, and her mcdreamy nonsense, but I think Shaye Gangam is just right for an early morning. Bye Jespo, you did this to yourself.

  37. This is the most disappointing news I’ve heard since Bruce Bowie retired.

    I have tremendous respect for Ryan Jespersen. He speaks honestly and openly, stands by his opinions and his principals. He regularly had guests on who presented opposing opinions to his and gave equal opportunity to all sides to come on the show & present argument.

    He attracted haters, but his show was amongst the most popular in the country; it always amazes me how people can justify texting someone on the radio with insults and thinly veiled threats, and come on a forum such as this and throw around nasty insults … but he’s the one who’s arrogant?

    His downfall was that he calls out public representatives, asks the hard questions and doesn’t let them get away with thier avoidance responses – which s why certain municipal and provincial political figures found it more comfortable to hide from him on air and instead put a bounty on him from the comfort of their offices.

    A huge heart and a passionate intolerance for injustice had him running off on occassion and, by his own standards for respect, reducing himself to name calling was not classy and completely out of line but anyone who has ever listened to him knows that any assertion that his choice of words were meant as racial slurs is ridiculous.

    I’m disappointed that Ryan lowered himself to name-calling, behaving in a way that he would have called someone else out for – but a firing offence? NO. A public apology, absolutely.

    I didnt always agree with him, but if I had to choose between the less than noble politicians he calls out and a talk show host who brings the real … I’ll take Ryan Jespersen any day!

    630 Ched, in my opinion has made a mistake and it’s not just Edmonton’s loss, but Alberta’s.

  38. Wow thw comments of support. I never heard of the guy but his employer says he was fired for insulting the employees of his guest by calling them chimpanzees. I would say that was the correct move on the stations part. Regardless of a persons poltical stance that was a totally inappropriate attack . Just wow people, “I like him so he gets a pass, F the people of color he insulted ,ru kidding me. Sometimes it better to say nothing at all!

  39. A “centrist”? What dimension are you living in? He was “progressive” to the point of being predictable and pathetic. How about certified twit laughing stock? I know for a fact that ched received tons of complaints about his off-putting attitude and demeanor, and its a wonder he lasted this long. He came across like he has a lot of anger lurking down there, and also contempt for his listeners. One look at his smug picture and you can tell he’s a huge narcissist; I bet he thinks he’s really cute and special, but a bully, and that came across on air too. Whats worse is how arrogant and fake he came across, how he would always take on that preachy, juvenile, nasal tone (chyeeead) as though he had some kind of moral high-ground, or some monopoly on being cool; then he makes some low class racist comment about people simply because they don’t happen to drink his particular brand of cool aid. So sweet that the “cancel culture” that he though was so neat backfired on him.

  40. Danielle Smith’s show is one of the best on radio, but when she had the bombastic Jesperson fill in for her, it was intolerable. I don’t agree with cancel culture, but sometimes the right decision is made because a person pushes their arrogance too far and this seems to be such a case. The increasingly deranged and self- righteous narcissist Charles Adler is also walking a fine line these days…

  41. Good riddance! Jespersen displayed his left bias continually and drove a lot of listeners away from CHED. I used to be an avid listener until this idiot was continually spewing his biased crap on the airways so I went elsewhere. I might start listening again if they have someone who doesn’t pander to the Marxists.

  42. Rick McDonald

    Ever tried listening to Charles Adler as of late? Talk about Liberal values being shared. The Corus Network has picked the lane it wants to be in with Larry Gifford at the helm. Enough said.

  43. Wow. This sensoring is going overboard. Ched used to be such a great station to listen to because of the talk show hosts than they climbed on board with Covid news, All the Snowflake whiners like cmon Ched Jespo was awesome he makes one comment and he is gone. Well so am I.

  44. Hallelujah! Best news I have heard in 2020!
    I absolutely despised his show from day one and since Bruce Bowie left the morning on CHED was so hard to listen to- I was always happy when Danielle took over occasionally
    I have been a regular listener of CHED since the early 70’s but the last 3 or 4 years have been nauseatingly bad.
    Ryan’s opinions and the views of the morning show,the crap they have from late night to early morning and Charles Adler’s frequent weeping have reduced the station to Edmonton’s snowflake station; I hope that someone realizes the views of the listeners are the most important ones or soon there won’t be a CHED anymore

  45. I listened to CHED for the first time in years while I was a mini road trip, traveling to Saskatchewan for a 2 day vacation on Thursday and Friday.

    I tried listening to CBC, but all I heard was women complaining about lack of social services, women worried about child care, women complaining about others not wearing masks, women worried about lack of women in (health care, politics, business – pick one). All women, all whining, all the time.

    I tuned to 660 and 880 news for a bit, and was pleasantly surprised to hear Randy Kilburn on 880. I’m impressed that Corus has loosened their purse strings and actually hired a newsreader that has experience and can actually read without stumbling over simple words.

    I then tuned to CHED and was even more pleasantly surprised to hear Danielle Smith. I found her refreshing, informed about issues and, more importantly, entertaining.

    Naturally, I muted the sound and/or changed the station when the commercials came on as that idiot Bryan Hall was STILL allowed to shout his stupid commercials with his grating voice and horrible fake accent. If anybody should be let go, it’s this nutcase. But I guess he brings in the sponsors, and Corus seems to be in free fall these days so they need the cash.

    By the way, the topic for CBC Saskatchewan’s morning show was “Memories of Harvesting”. For this, we are expected to pay $1.5 billion ?

  46. Gone the way of that other idiot Mark Sholtz. Another clueless loudmouth! Only see him doing his annoying and fake southern “Jesus Rant” nowadays. Maybe the two of you should team up in mediocrity land. There’s another pay check at home, so don’t worry. For now, have heard that’s precarious too! Maybe time to rent a u-haul!

  47. Ryan Jespersen was the only reason I ever listened to CHED. I’m so disappointed he is gone. Who is controlling the airwaves? Sounds political to me!

  48. Gave his listeners something to think about. He was entertaining in my opinion, and I enjoyed Ryan, will not turn CHED on anymore, leaves a hole in my day..

  49. I will not listen to CHED anymore I always liked Ryan. He was a decent and down to earth person. I do not like the morning show Chelsey Birds voice irritates me. Thank goodness for CFCW.

  50. I can’t believe you’ve now let Ryan go, in favor of boring us with Danielle Smith! First you let Andrew Grose go, who provided so much entertainment with J’Lyn, and now this. I got tons of smiles from that show, but J’Lyn alone is BORING! Not much entertainment on CHED anymore.

  51. All I can say is it’s about time. I stopped listening to Jespersen ages ago. Thank goodness for QR77 and Danielle Smith. I got tired of the nepotism and the incessant chatter about what a “ man around town” he is. Ryan wouldn’t have had a show without his family and friends to prop him up.

  52. Adler and Allen both gotta go. Adler’s as phoney as they come, Allen’s a bigot who who looks down on those who can’t stand up for themselves, always the tell tale mark of a bully. C’mon Corus, hold yourself up to a higher standard, and show these two the door.

  53. Ryan was a full on Communist loaded with political correctness, on the outside. He represented CHED as they wanted to be seen, leading in diversity yet abhorring anyone with different views.
    Ryan maybe you should try barbering or welding because you failed at BS.

  54. Thank God Jesperson is finally off the airwaves. His condescending comments and self proclaimed neutral comments were an insult to anyone who is truly willing to explore both sides of an issue. Can hardly wait till Corus lets Danielle Smith enlighten the CHED audience on a daily basis going forward.

  55. So I hope you’re reading these comments Jespo, how’s your Twitter poll coming on this. You abused your position at CHED , an opinion is one thing ,but misinformation and down right bullying guests and callers a like to the program has finally come back at you. How does it feel to be cancelled. Being a blow hard has got you gone, maybe you can catch the godola on your way out

  56. What a sudden turn of events. If Ryan got bounced for lobbing a verbal SCUD add a city counsellor staff – yikes.

    Frankly if anything would have pushed management to say “enough is enough“ I thought it might be in the area of a firm stand on the certain side of issues and not appearing to strike balance in the discourse. Now I get that in his role on that show he really is paid for his opinion and I get that. Still…

    As a long-time listener to many talk hosts in town before him and I’m sure many after him I noticed that my text submissions were being recognized less and less and less particularly on matters where I made comment on the need for personal accountability which would often run against the narrative of those guests he would have on that talked about being disenfranchised trying to convey the message that it wasn’t the lack of personal responsibility on their part but rather the “system“ failed them.“

    My ears perked up a bit when Ryan made a comment on Air on his September 17 show (Thursday) that he was having a “really bad day.“ Then Danielle Smith fills in on Friday from Calgary.
    But the pinging sonar blew my headphones off when I hear Danielle filling in all the week after that. This was curious. No set up by Ryan before hand (because he loves to brag about his exploits) about taking time away to embark on some grand adventure that his listeners were somehow supposed to be envious of like salivating dogs. Instead, Danielle forthrightly fills in.
    Now Danielle Smith has kind of a read of what goes down in the CHED listening area and would often make light of her brief tour of duty often saying “you only have to put up with me for X days and Ryan will be back on Y.“

    But that didn’t happen. During the crossover with the CHED morning hosts they initially set up Danielle‘s run as filling in for Ryan, which quietly morphed into what did Danielle have coming up on the show.

    So what is a listener to deduce from that? Either the regular host had to duck out quick because there was some sudden family tragedy which certainly needs no airing and no explanation or the second remote thought (and it was remote) that Ryan poked the bear wants to many times and the bear clawed back.

    I was a raging fan of the late Peter Weisbach – the self-proclaimed sultan of sarcasm and prince of prattle. I don’t know what his exploits were in Portland before he landed in Edmonton but HIS bombastic hijinks certainly didn’t get him pulled off Air. It was probably more management style that had his station go dark.

    So I will wait with interest to see what the future holds in store for Ryan. If it is indeed the verbal tango with that city counsellor that torpedoed his gig I hope he sees a lesson learned and walks the path of improvement. Between him and his former broadcaster wife they’ve got the young lad now; show the boy something good he can look up to.

  57. This is fantastic news. He was such a pompous asshole. He thought he was god and obviously this caught up to him. Now I can finally start listening to CHED again in the morning. This is the second best news since they canned Andrew Grose! Hopefully the Oilers follow this same direction and keep you off the mic at the games.

  58. Being in the Vancouver area, do not tune in CHED, so know little of R.J., but CHED is Corus. Comments are interesting, and CHED sounds like local CKNW, the self-proclaimed bastion of The Left.

    Vanilla radio…I left ‘NW years ago for Sirius…best move ever!

  59. Ryan got too settled and cocky and in over his head. But Danielle Smith is trash as well. Shaye Ganam needs to go, he just sounds so negative. The only thing decent about Ched is their sports department. Shane Hewitt is awful at night. Hire Eric Chapman.

  60. I didn’t mind Jespo…he spoke his voice and nothing wrong with that. People are to soft and offended way to easily in the world today. Not really cool CHED!!! Wish you all the best Ryan.

  61. I’m sad for his family but happy that he’s gone. I’m a long time CHED listener but just couldn’t take his arrogance and bombastic attitude. We have now been listening to Danielle Smith for a couple of years. She is by far a much better host and commentator. She is well informed and fair. Jesperson wasn’t even close to being in the same league as she is.

  62. I will finally try listening to this station again. There has been little balance in our media with leftist ideology taking over, maybe some balance may return. Also Jesperson’s abusive rhetoric will not be missed.

  63. Well now maybe we will get some UCP Government Ministers as
    Guests on the 9-noon show. Pretty bad when your sister station in Calgary with Danielle Smith got all juicy interviews.

    Ryan thought he had a huge following but it was in Edmonton. Only with a very limited audience who flavoured to his Extreme left leaning views. The show was so one sided the complaints grew and the ratings fell.

    As far as what he said about Mike Nickel’s staff. That is unacceptable and he should never hear his voice again on ANY media outlet. The Oilers need to drop him as well.

    I messsged him months ago when he made un-founded disparaging comments about our provincial government. I told him then that he should taken off the air. Your a Clown Bro.

  64. A listener since CHED took over talk show from CJCA. Sorry day for for talk show. Ryan Jespersen added another dimension to talk show. Did not hear the show but maybe an apology would have sufficed. With Ryan gone CHED will not be turned on anymore as I find it mundane and too far to the right.

  65. Not happy to see anyone lose their job but this was a right move for CHED. Ryan had often become arrogant and condecending. After years of listening to CHED I quite listening to the station. Ched and Global have turned to the left and except for a few personalities they are not objective or centrist anymore. It’s a common desease in MSM.

  66. Ryan Jesperson was the reason I stayed watching til his segment, long after the news was cycling over again. I will really miss his cheerful energy in the morning. I never listen to the radio unless I’m in the car, but he inspired me to tune in a few times. Has Corus joined the cancel culture, bowing to pressure before it’s brought? Sad if true. You might have given him a chance to defend himself.

  67. I recall CHED radio clown RJ telling Adler that Chucky was his mentor. I figured RJ’s days were numbered when he said that. I wonder how long Adler and his “kitchen sink” are going to last.
    I recall RJ referring to segments of his audience as “stupid”. A radio host does not insult the listening audience and Jespersen dumped on the advertising public on numerous occasions.
    I believe Sid Smith gave Jespersen a lot of rope before he kicked his butt out the door.
    Auf Wiedersehen and Sunny Days Jesersen. 🙂

  68. Good bye. I always got the feeling that he looked down on anyone who had a different opinion than his. Drex is gone, Ryan is gone, I think for more or less the same reason, their opinion and view of the world was more important than the audience. Who is next ?

  69. I looked forward to Ryan’s show every morning. But no more. He is very knowledgeable,, had great guests, and brought Ched alive.
    Will say though that the comment he made was not very smart.
    You think he was too political? Have you ever listened to Danielle. She pushes politics and wastes time of guests because she keeps butting in when he/she are trying to answer her question.
    Good luck Ryan.

  70. Well…..listen to Shay and Chelsea (shiny & whiny) interact with Danielle. She silences them with facts…..it really is pitiful. They love when Reggie Cecchini (what a piece of work he is) calls in…..they follow his every word like its gospel, its just more leftist rhetoric, what ever happened to reporting facts .

    It was only time, RJ was deadman walking….he was just not made for Alberta….our version of AOC…..puke.

    Dont get me started with J’lynn …….like listening to the military vagina monologue since Grose was removed…..do you really care she an honorary member of a helicopter squad?……why do I know this?? I dont want to….

    Man I miss Bruce Bowie.

    I hope they fill this spot with someone like Ms Smith……I dont always agree with her, but at least I dont always disagree like with JR.

    My advice for JR…..move to Vancouver, youll fit right in.

  71. CHED lives off of the constantly losing Oilers and the kind of defunct Edmonton Eskimo’s.for their revenue sources.
    Currently there is little or no revenue from the above sources, and very little advertising from other businesses.
    Given the low quality morning show, and nothing else but replay sports, I believe CHED will no longer be on the airwaves in a very short period of time unless it cleans itself up really fast.
    Global is a corporation that does not like to lose money.

  72. I thought I was living in another dimension when this Alberta talk radio host started calling people stupid because they were concerned about forced vaccinations and bulk 3rd world immigration at the behest of the UN.

    I’m overjoyed this guy is gone. Hearing Danielle Smith imply he got fired today was the best experience I had listening to CHED in a long time. Hopefully they get rid of that racist marxist Charles Adler next.

  73. Am totally enjoying Danielle, couldnt ask for a more informed and fair host.
    I have changed my morning appointments to afternoon so i dont miss anything
    Her topics are not mindless trivia, its interesting content that is not just
    recycled dribble, thank you for the opportunity to listen to Danielle

  74. Jespo gone??? BEST DAY EVER! Listening to that clown was getting more painful every day. I can’t even listen to the commercials that he’s yapping in, mute the radio every time he comes on.

  75. This all had less to do with an angry councillor and more to do with CHED seizing an opportunity to cut costs while virtue signaling. The new morning show has not met rating expectations and the afternoon show became a ratings disaster after Andrew Grose’s departure. When the listeners leave the sponsors are next to bail. If the Oilers are the next to leave this station is done.

  76. Agreed Robert.

    If the ratings were that bad, the station has likely used the opportunity to restructure. Nothing to do with what was said on air. If his ratings were good Corus could have easily backed up Jespo.

  77. I find it astounding all the negative comments as if yours are the only ones that matter. That a one word comment gets you fired is unbelievable.
    You don’t have to listen in if you don’t like the format.
    Many of us do and I wish there were more Bruce Allen’s out there telling it as it is as opposed to all the snowflake opinions.

  78. Wow that was an epic response in the comment section. Was it restructuring in disguise, was it cancel culture in these woke times, was it the left, was it the right…???? One thing is for certain by the volume and type of comments was that this guy was doing not a bad job plying the talk radio trade. A clown, a dead man walking, pompous asshole just to name a few of the enlightened commenters. Charles Adler and Drex get come dissing too. Broadcasting is just like watching something hemorrhage to death in slow motion. Just a guy who was trying to ply his trade in the modern world that doesn’t have a clue what it wants but wants it all and wants it all right now.

  79. I could never stand to hear him talk on the radio or on the morning news. His voice irritated me and his opinion was moot . He was far too cocky and was getting carried away with his negative comments. If you did not agree with him 100% he would get pissed off. It was his way or the highway. I am glad he is gone !!!! Now to get rid of Shaye and his counterpart and maybe then I will listen to 630 again.

  80. WOW- Lots of nasty responses- pro and con. Ok Folks could we try being a little bit civil. Fired over 1 comment? Who amongst us not sinned “ONCE” in the past year? How many of us have at least Once in the past Year Said a Inappropriate word? Oh come on.. I’m sure if tested under an Audit it could be proven true. It’s True for me. So given that, a public figure should have a process for Recompense. But we don’t know do we? were there 3 or more Warnings to Ryan on file and this was the last straw? Maybe eh? Move forward: Replacement Ideas?? Well maybe they(Corus) could find a few right leaning broadcasters who are from Minority groups.. Stop with the Whitewash(hiring of white /Caucasian radio personalities Hire minorities for these jobs- A first nation person, black, east Asian. Lots to pick from.

  81. Danielle Smith is a daughter of the Great Blackfoot Confederacy.

    She is performing an excellent job covering Edmonton and All of Alberta.

  82. I love the comments about Jesperson being “in the middle” only a true socialist would consider him a centrist. He is left of centre and made his hate of centrist and conservative opinions obvious. I have been tuning in 770 and listening to Daniel Smith through static to avoid his leftist indoctrinated opinions. Good luck in Cuba Ryan!

  83. CHED continues with GUEST Host Danielle Smith. Smith may set the WORLD Record for being the longest GH. Smith continues to assist our EMPEROR KENNEY 1st of ALBERTA. Corus didn’t have any willpower to keep Ryan. CHED is losing Listners. CHED is in Edmonton — not Calgary.

  84. Ryan wasn’t a perfect host but I did find his shows most times engaging and informative. Sorry he is gone. I hope Adler can be cloned to be a new morning host in the near future.

  85. Every time I listen to 630 Ched I wish Ryan Jesperson was still there. He needs to go to a province that appreciates him. Alberta is full of redneck narrow minded people living in the past. Reading many of these comments reinforces how backward thinking many Albertans are

  86. Danielle Smith is leaving QR77 and CHED in February.
    In all honesty Danielle is far too good of a speaker and too intelligent for the crowd that insults her daily with extremely ignorant comments on Twitter. Danielle loves to post how stupid some people really are.
    Danielle also interviews the creme de la creme of people behind the issues of Alberta. Canada and the World. And the Liberal NDP listeners hater her. She is too good for the broadcasting job that she currently has.
    I wish Danielle well. I know she will do well.

    Unfortunately QR 77 and CHED will hire another knuckle dragging flunky to fill her job.

    Be careful CHED, It seems you are always trying to hire air time salesman for a station that is financially supported by the Edmonton Oilers, and Edmonton Enema football team.

    Best wishes Danielle.

    Perhaps this post should be a new thread. Mister Moderator. Please decide that issue. Thank you.

  87. Wish Ryan was still with CHED. Who is the next broadcaster? Someone from Edmonton I hope. Heard too much about Calgary. You would think Calgary is the capital of AB. Most news items come from Calgary on national TV. I’ve heard from people out in the world that think Calgary is our capital city. I’m not happy either with the hosts prior to 9 am, so we’ll tune into a different radio station. We’ve listened to CHED for 50 years!


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