Fox News Host Cuts Off Guest When He Links BLM Antifa Violence to George Soros


September 18, 2020

Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of the House, was shut down by Harris Faulkner, a Fox News host, and Marie Harf, a former Obama administration State Department staffer and CIA analyst, when he blamed liberal progressive prosecuting attorneys, who have been funded by billionaire George Soros. for the violence and $2-billion in property damage caused by rioters. Most damage from riots is not covered by insurance. Gingrich said that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have praised “progressive” district attorneys who are anti-police, pro-criminal. and the major cause of the violence we are seeing because the prosecutors release criminals back onto the streets. Ms. Faulkner then told Gingrich that she wasn’t sure Soros should be brought into the conversation, and Harf agreed. [Soros funding is perhaps the most important single cause of the growing street terrorism in America and in other countries as well. The fact that this is taboo for public discussion at the supposedly conservative Fox News and even the White House, is powerful evidence of controlled opposition.] -GEG

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  1. FOX is controlled just like the rest of the FAKE NEWS……just not AS controlled as you see with Tucker and Hannity. When Tucker goes on a rant about “the science” of COVID… think he does not know about the FAKE FRAUD PCR tests or the fact that doctors are calling every death COVID when they know they are not? Of course he knows…….but pushback against this FAKE pandemic is gaining….and the Bolsheviks know it.


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