Radio Man’s Favourite Flashback with Paper Lace


The Night Chicago Died

Paper Lace are a Nottingham-based popgroup who rose to success in 1974 and during that year had their only three UKTop 40 hit singles. In the United States they are considered a one-hit wonder, having just a single top 40 chart hit in that country. There are currently two active bands featuring members from the hits period using the name Paper Lace or a direct derivation of it.[1]

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  1. Awful song. Rather campy don’t you think? The story behind the song deserved a much better effort. What’s next, accolades for “Billy, don’t be a hero.”?

  2. A smashing hit that summer! Love it as a featured tracks and looking forward to “Billy Don’t Be a Hero.” Top 40 is what it’s all about. Burn bright and die out!


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