Bill Gates Steered $250 Million to Mainstream Media to Control the Narrative

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September 15, 2020

A Columbia Journalism Review expose revealed that, to control global journalism, Bill Gates steered over $250 million to major news media outlets, including the BBC, NPR, NBC, Al Jazeera, ProPublica, National Journal, The Guardian, the New York Times, Univision, and many more. Gates also funneled unknown sums, via subgrants, to an army of independent fact checkers, including the Poynter Institute and Gannett, to “silence detractors” and to “debunk” charges that Gates has championed biometric chips (implanted contraceptive drugs), vaccine identification ‘tattoos’satellite video surveillance, and COVID vaccines.

Bill Gates bought the media, and during the ‘pandemic’, mainstream news outlets have treated Bill Gates as a public health expert, despite his lack of medical training.

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  1. If this story is true we should all should be concerned. Power (and billionaire money) corrupts.

    FWIW I went to college with a person who worked for the Gates Foundation. Her review was less than positive.

  2. The Global Revolution is revving up. I’m very happy that the Fake News, Corporations and GOVT have all outed themselves so we know who all the players are when the smoke clears. Right Jody GESTAPO SNITCH Vance?


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