A Message for LeBron James

LeBron James – File Photo – NY Times


A Message for LeBron James

Courtesy of  Wayne Allyn Root

September 8, 2020

Pro Sports in America is dying in front of our very eyes. This will be a story taught in business schools across America for decades to come. The story is about how to kill a multi-billion-dollar empire overnight, with just your big mouth.

It’s about killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

It’s about the massive disconnect between the stars of sports and their customers- the people who pay their grossly inflated and obscene salaries.

You are killing yourselves. It’s clearly suicide. Stop talking politics. Soon, you’re going to be playing in front of empty stands. Soon, your ratings will plummet even further. Soon, your apparel and memorabilia will stop selling. You’ve made a tragic mistake and miscalculation.

Before I get to the reason pro athletes should keep politics away from their sports, let me ask LeBron James and his NBA pals a few very important questions.

LeBron, how come you never said a word, let alone threatened to end the season, over black-on-black genocide in big cities across USA? Thousands of black young men are dying on the streets of every inner city. Why don’t you care?

LeBron, how about Chicago? Why doesn’t it bother you that 50 to 100 innocent citizens are shot there every weekend? The victims are virtually 100% black. Why isn’t that worth a boycott?

LeBron, how about the innocent little black children murdered in gang shootings in big cities across America? It happens every day. Why doesn’t that bother you?

LeBron, how about the millions of black babies aborted? Why not cancel the NBA season for that? Why doesn’t that bother you, LeBron?

LeBron, has any sports league EVER stop playing…or postponed playoff games in history, for a hero cop murdered, or a hero soldier murdered? That’s not important to you?

LeBron, did you or your NBA pals stop playing to honor the retired black police captain in St Louis killed by a thug during BLM riots?

LeBron, did the NBA, or any other sports league postpone games, or threaten to end the season when a sniper murdered five Dallas cops in one day? Why didn’t that bother any pro athletes?

Lebron, did you, or any pro athletes demand games be stopped for the little boy shot in head and murdered two weeks ago? He happened to be white. His murderer happened to be black. That has to be one of the most shocking crimes in history. Who kills a smiling, happy, five-year old child on his bicycle, execution-style? But I never heard a peep from one NBA player. Why? You didn’t notice?

Is the execution of a five-year old less important to you than a white cop killing or wounding a black criminal, who has a long criminal record, and refuses to obey orders from a police officer? Really?

LeBron, isn’t it strange that neither you, nor your NBA pals, ever gave a damn about human rights violations in China? There are billions of dollars to be made looking the other way, while communist China abuses, arrests, tortures and murders their own citizens. China has concentration camps for Muslims. But you know that, right? Obviously, none of that is a problem for NBA players, if billions of dollars are at stake. Right, LeBron?

LeBron, how about the child slave labor in third world countries being paid a few cents a day to sew your sneakers, that make you hundreds of millions of dollars? You’ve never boycotted over that. Why?

Do you see where I’m going LeBron? You and your pals in the NBA, MLB, NFL and NHL seem a tad hypocritical. You don’t notice when cops are shot or killed. You don’t notice the black genocide going on in America’s cities. You don’t notice the young black children killed in gang shootings. Or the millions of aborted black babies.

You don’t seem to notice the black crime perpetrated upon white citizens. I think that’s important too, don’t you? I think it’s fair game. I think we need a national discussion and debate. I think it’s a two-way street.

By the way, LeBron, if u feel so strongly about ending the season for a bad guy who wanted to kill cops with a knife, what’s stopping you? You should go home. Let other players, who want to play, play.

And I have the perfect idea for the NFL players thinking of forfeiting a game this season in “honor” of Jacob Blake, the career criminal, sexual assaulter, fighting police on the ground, threatening to kill cops with a knife. If that person is worth taking a stand over, then I think you should quit football. Become a full-time social justice warrior. It doesn’t pay $5 to $10 million per year. You’ll make about $25,000 a year. How’s that sound? Are you willing to give up football to fight full-time for social justice? I didn’t think so.

So, forgive me if all of your customers aren’t on your team on this one.

LeBron, my advice is simple: SHUT UP. You’re alienating your customers. You’re offending your customers. You know, the ones who pay the grossly inflated and obscene prices for tickets, parking, food and sports apparel at the game.

Sports and politics don’t mix. We tune into the games to get away from politics. Keep violating that rule and there will be no fans left to pay your grossly inflated and obscene salaries.

LeBron, pull back from the ledge. Because this is suicide.

Wayne Allyn Root is the host of the nationally-syndicated radio show, “Wayne Allyn Root: Raw & Unfiltered” on USA Radio Network from 6 PM to 9 PM EST M-F. Listen live at http://usaradio.com/wayne-allyn-root/



  1. I think its okay for anyone to speak out on politics. You can decide on who you believe or not. Personally, I think the big leagues could be in trouble if salaries demanded cant be met any more. And how long will tv revenues keep players making twenty million or more annually.

  2. China has more stroke (meaning the money funding the NBA and LeBron) and the largest Nike factory employing child labor in horrible working conditions. But hey I guess those lives don’t matter.

  3. The Canucks/NHL made the same miscalculation when they decided that they needed the night off because I was so racist/ the world is so racist/ They hate Trump/ Lebron said so. (Pick one.) The idea of paying these dumb jocks millions to play games doesn’t seem to make sense anymore, so I haven’t tuned back in. Sportsnet and TSN are just embarrassing as they try to shame us Canadians.
    The 5 year old kid shot down riding his bike was Cannon Hinnant. Does Bo Horvat care?

  4. To Alan, you sound like an old goat who paints one group of people with the same brush. ‘The idea of paying these dumb jocks millions to play games doesnt seem to make sense any more’. You think all Americans are the same, the world is more troubled than it used to be, and the world is going to hell. Feel sorry for you.

  5. Thanks Wayne…you nailed it!!!

    When LeBron or any mega star volunteers at an inner-city food kitchen without inviting the media, he can call out the rest of us…until then Shut Up!

  6. Well Robert, I had to type quickly because I’m such an old goat and life is too short, but we said exactly the same thing about the future of rich jocks getting paid: it’s looking like it’s not a given that the $$$ is going to flow forever. And your enlightened opening stance completely backfired on you. Did you even read the post? As Sean pointed out, “Great article, nobody in the media will talk about this and take on Lebron.” And I pointed out that nobody in the Canadian media will, either. The world is great, and you can decide to join in anytime.

  7. With your “Old Goat” comment you very quickly proved yourself to be a Hypocrite .

    I thought ethnicity, skin tone, religion, physical condition, gender, and anything else that might identify any given “People Kind” was Not allowed, yet you bring up someone’s age as if that is a “Bad Trait” ? How moronic and ironic is that ?

    I actually agree with some of what you say but you discredit yourself .

  8. BTW

    LeBron is a very gifted athlete but he is ill informed, a hypocrite, not a thoughtful thinker, and he is a “Bully” .

    He should stay away from politics .

  9. Spot on article. Unfortunately, the problem is these ignorant, barely grade school educated individuals, are so worshiped, idolized, and insulated from the moment they leap from their crib through their first hoop they are completely detached from the adoring fans and society that pay their vulgar salaries. Well, here’s one fan that’s had enough. I’d like to hear what their views will be on Black Lives Matter after they spend the next decade washing dishes . Good riddance.

  10. Jon

    Only a guess on my part but I strongly believe that in the U.S. a vey high percentage of the population regardless of any of the 4 or 5 Genders, Ethnic Backgrounds, Skin Tones, Religion, or
    any other identifying factor have also had enough and they will dump their seasons tickets, jerseys, sneakers/runners, and the rest in very short order .

    It might be OK for LeBron and others already playing for big contracts but I believe it will all change very rapidly for those just entering any given league or currently playing in college .

    They deserve everything they get, or should I say “Don’t Get” !!

    I can hardly wait !

  11. Pro sports and actors seem to have the ability to overcome their talents when they venture out into the real world.
    To the players and the actors just shut up


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