This Week in Money Includes Special Guest David Icke : The Answer: A Virus and the Cult



The Interview with David Icke starts at 13 minutes into the broadcast.


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Air Date: August 29, 2020 Ross Clark – Stock Markets, Gold, Silver, Apple, CAD, USD Guest’s website:
David Icke – The Answer: A Virus and the Cult
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  1. The virus IS a hoax.

    I have called EVERY Govt agency possible Federally and Provincially. I have records. I’m asking them all the exact same question

    “Please provide me scientific evidence this virus is real and has been isolated. Provide the lab, method and means of the isolation along with electron microscope pics.”

    Surprise surprise….NO ONE HAS provided me anything.

    The Berlin protest was a million…..and GloBULL News is calling a FAR RIGHT PROTEST. Really GloBULL? I can’t imagine why Jill Crop just quit……

  2. Finally after 20 years or more of being ignored and then made fun of in the “mainstream” media, this same “mainstream” media now has discovered him. This is the third interview I have heard in a week.

    If corporate, mainstream media had treated him with respect 20 years ago, we might have been ready for this Covid nonsense. But no. No wonder we are tuning out big time. But have no fear, our tax dollars will bail out big media even though we are tuned out!

  3. Yes Fake, now & then I suffer from lack of oxygen, but as a sports fan, if the ‘pan’ is a hoax, why are all the seats @ NBA/MLB/NHL/golf/tennis/MLS empty?
    Why are they digging thousands of graves in Brazil and elsewhere?
    Where did our toilet paper go months ago..etc etc?
    No cigar this time my friend…

  4. Bagoverheadguy

    I can answer your questions….I’ve been to Brazil. They have ALWAYS been digging thousands of graves. They have 225 million people 50% of which are poor. Brazil has one of the highest murder rates in the world. It is one of the most corrupt countries in the world….when you combine the GLOBAL corruption of this FAKEdemic….you somehow think the Bolsheviks pulling this fraud can’t “pay off” some Brazilians to FAKE the numbers like they do in the USA? Yup…yer bag is over your head too tight…..


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