CFMG (104.9 Virgin Radio)/Edmonton Adds Brooke & Jeffrey


Courtesy of All Access

August 16, 2020

The syndicated BROOKE & JEFFREY show adds BELL MEDIA CFMG (104.9 VIRGIN RADIO)/EDMONTON, airing weekdays from 6–10a. beginning MONDAY, AUG. 17th.

“We’re thrilled to be able to tell our EDMONTON listeners that we’re part of the 104.9 VIRGIN RADIO family!,” said host BROOKE FOX. “ROB VAVREK has already laid the groundwork for an amazing launch, and the professionalism from the entire team has really set us up for success. We can’t wait to bring the fun and funny to EDMONTON’s mornings.”


  1. This station goes through morning shows like water. You would think after the third morning show they would realize… Maybe mornings isn’t the problem. Pretty sure the station did well when it was EZ Rock.

  2. I remember this show was on 925 the chuck they drop it since the format on the chuck isnt right and this show is from seattle.

  3. What a Sad day for local morning radio shows. When a major market station goes to syndication for their morning show, it’s very sad

  4. Brooke and Jeffrey are already on in markets FAR larger than Edmonton–and Seattle. Their 50-some affiliates include stations in Los Angeles and Chicago. The show is not new to Edmonton–CHUCK had it for a time but “Willy In The Morning” from Vancouver is set to fly on CHUCK any day now (Willy is also on Q107 in Calgary).

    The (sad) reality of the “business” makes syndication a good value for the station and–do you want a local morning show, or a GOOD morning show ? In theory, the syndicated shows are “good”.

  5. larry I heard willy in the morning this morning on q 107 and rock 101 vancouver since I have the stations on the telus optic tv and the show is actually a good show at least that show is from vancouver and they talk about stuff in canada like the cfl cancel the season or the hub cities and its the best morning show in vancouver and I heard calgary also.

  6. Good point David !! I’ve often wondered how US based shows play to Canadian audiences. Howard Stern did not do well when Montreal and Toronto gave him a shot a while back.

    Demographically speaking–Virgin Radio is more concerened about the flavour of the week
    pop star and the newest slice of social media than hockey or football so the show they have chosen is a perfect fit.

    Speaking of Willy being great–anybody here from Thunder Bay ??


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