Radio Man’s Favourite Flashback by Earth, Wind & Fire


After the Love has Gone…


Earth, Wind & Fire (abbreviated as EW&F or simply EWF) is an American band that has spanned the musical genres of R&BsoulfunkjazzdiscopoprockdanceLatin, and Afro pop.[1][2] They have been described as one of the most innovative and commercially successful acts of all time.[3][1][4] Rolling Stone called them “innovative, precise yet sensual, calculated yet galvanizing” and declared that the band “changed the sound of black pop”.[5] VH1 has also described EWF as “one of the greatest bands” ever.[4]

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  1. The above “Read More Here” Wiki doesn’t include the following credits, which are instead found here:

    “After the Love Has Gone” was produced by Maurice White, and written by David Foster, Jay Graydon, and Bill Champlin.

    Yes, that’s Victoria, BC’s own Mr. David Foster!


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