MSM have their Narrative to Uphold! Updated!



What are the priorities of msm news, and why are they not reporting this latest news on pedophilia, or talking about on the talk shows? This is not a conspiracy, it’s Fact, yet all news outlets totally ignore it. Where is the accountability? This is one of the biggest stories ever!!!

800,000 children are abducted annually in the United States. Here in Canada, it averages 50,000 child abductions a year. Not only are these children being groomed, sexually abused, but tortured and in some cases Killed.


First look at Jeffrey Epstein inside his ‘Pedophile Island’ lair

Opening the pages…

Read Much More HERE

John Paul Rice : Pedophilia Coverup by Amazon, plus exposing Hollywood

Satanic Pedophilia has been ongoing for centuries. We bring you this story which involved former UK Prime Minister Edward Heath.
Investigation into satanic child sex abuse involving dead U.K. prime minister began in Edmonton with hypnosis






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