BREAKING! Seattle News Director Up and Quits After Barely a Year on the Job

John LaPorte



August 11, 2020

An internal memo went out to the staff at KIRO the Cox station in Seattle informing them that the News Director was basically giving up.

John LaPorte came to the Seattle station just over a year ago and it has been a rocky ride. Sources tell FTVLive that his battle with the SAG/AFTRA union has not been good for him. “He always seemed stressed,” said one station insider to FTVLive.

LaPorte is headed back to Wisconsin to take the Deuce job at WDJT.

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  1. The exodus from Seattle will start picking up steam. KIRO along with most of the media has lost their journalistic focus and is more agenda driven.

    (SAG supporting the de-funding of police was a strong clue.)

  2. Congratulations to Mr. LaPorte !

    He will not be the last, thousands upon thousands will be leaving Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, LAX, Chicago, Minneapolis, NYC, D.C., and so many more once great cities that have now thanks to “Woke Politicians” descended into chaos, lawlessness, and cesspools of broken humanity .

    I hope you find peace And success Mr. LaPorte .


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