Corus Cuts Are Underway!

Scott Johnston – Photo courtesy of Global

PSR received word today that Corus cuts are underway. First Casualty is long time Edmonton 630 CHED Newsman Scott Johnston who was let go this morning. His bio content has been removed from the stations website.

If anyone with further information about the latest removals from Corus, please email: me*@pu*************.com

This is a developing story…




Global News lays off unspecified number of staff in “significant” restructuring

Posted Jul 23, 2020

TORONTO — Global News is cutting some of its workforce as a “significant” restructuring related to several recent challenges, including COVID-19.

The Canadian news organization owned by Corus Entertainment Inc. confirmed it has laid off staff in an email to The Canadian Press, but declined to provide exact numbers.

Corus executive vice-president of broadcast networks Troy Reeb attributed the layoffs to challenges faced by the news industry in recent years, including regulatory restraints, a lack of government support, advertising losses and most recently, COVID-19.

An internal memo Reeb sent to staff says significant changes will take place at the company’s network digital operations in Toronto and that will no longer support lifestyle, entertainment and social media teams.

Reeb says this will help the company shift back to its core mission of providing breaking news and fact-based journalism, while emphasizing video over social media feeds that have lesser benefits for Global.

Reeb says the company has tried to delay layoffs and programming cuts for as long as possible, but in its most recent quarter advertising revenues declined and the company’s news and radio businesses are 100 per cent dependent on such income sources. … cturing-2/



  1. I unfollowed my local Corus stations a while back due to its constant posting of click bait headlines.
    “Two dead in downtown shooting”
    Click on the article and find out it’s a story out of some U.S. city that I have no interest in.

    I want local news from my local station. Clearly some overpaid “consultant” out of Toronto has offered the sound advice of “post as much content as possible”. Basically, throw everything against the wall and see what sticks.

    I now follow my local city, provincial government and local police force and get my news that way. I can form my own opinion without a biased spin.

    As for tuning into the radio or turning on the TV…. Too much turnover. It’s impossible to develop a connection because of the constant layoffs…. As we are about to see again!

    Want to save money? Dump the overpaid suits making these poor decisions and the consultants who seem to keep getting it wrong.

  2. Lots of top people at global Vancouver Chris $$$$ Sophi Lui half the time one of them are away I find it’s to much extra talk of nothing Christine should stay home and look after her kisds doesn’t have to work lots of ways to cut expense ????

  3. First quarter 2020 loss of $752,000,000.
    Maybe fake news isn’t a good business model !
    Karma ???

    Looks like there will be less “Industry Professionals”.
    Maybe they will want to be whistleblowers ???

  4. Fake News…I have no interest in Corus, but your comment re their financials confirms you truly are The Bringer of Fake News!


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