Tucker Carlson Responds To Intrusive Reporting By NYT



By Cassandra Fairbanks

The Gateway Pundit

July 21, 2020

Tucker Carlson Tonight is the number one cable news show for good reason, and it seems as though the left will stop at nothing to get him off air.

From cyberstalking his writers to catch them slipping up and misbehaving online, to ridiculous claims that he “changed” in front of a woman when he was simply changing his jacket, it seems as though the attacks on the popular America First personality are never ending.


  1. It should not matter whether one happens to be a Republican/Conservative or a Democrat/Liberal the private lives of those in the media should be private, the NYT Reporters and the Paper itself are way offside on this .

    It seems that TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) is getting worse as we inch our way closer to a U.S. Election .

    As is stated, how would Liberal Media feel if another Media Outlet doing the same thing to Don Le Mon, Acosta, Krugman, Blow, Jake, Todd, Morning Joe, etc. etc. ?

    I hope Carlson stands his ground, whether one agrees with him or not he is (in my opinion) one of the few that actually sands up for what he believes in .

    Tucker has some great editorials, he should not be pushed out of his Show just because some disagree with him, if one does not like Tucker simply go to another channel .

    After all, who better to get the truth from than Todd, Tapper, Krugman, Blow, Rachel, and others like them, now that is quality in journalism .

  2. What the NYT is doing is beyond unethical. They know what the result of their actions will be. While addresses of most people can be researched publishing a media figure like Carlson is reckless and full of spite. If I was Tucker I would be on the offensive at this point.

    This is not journalism (not that there are any true journalists left) but clearly an attempt to intimidate.

  3. The Global Revolution against the “modern” Bolsheviks has begun. Choose your side wisely folks……Remember….we have technology on our side this time.


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