Do you recall ‘Steve K’ on the radio?


Puget Sound Radio has been contacted by Jerome Keister for help in completing his brother’s obituary.  The brother went by the name ‘Steve K’ for his air work.

You can post your recollections here, or contact Jerome directly at


This was Jerome’s e-mail to us:

“I was told to contact your website by someone on Radio Discussions website as you may have information about my Brother, Stephen C. Keister who went by “Steve K” as a Radio Announcer.

Looking to find anyone who knew or worked with my brother, Stephen C. Keister; who went by the radio name “Steve K”. Steve lived in Walla Walla Washington, (Possibly Aberdeen, Washington), San Diego, California, Portland, Oregon and finally Salem, Oregon.

I think he worked for radio networks in each place he lived, but unsure of the stations. This is what I’m most after. If anyone who worked with Steve knows some, or all of this information; please let me know soonest. I’m trying to complete his obituary.

I have confirmation that he worked at KBZY in Salem for many years, but nothing further. He also did independent work from his house (I believe) and formed a company named SK Media in 2002.

Someone once told me he may have worked at a station in the Newport or Lincoln City area, possibly KSND (before they changed formats and were sold many times over).

I have confirmation he did some broadcasts for some unknown Pacific Northwest Hockey teams, and some Canadian Hockey League teams, namely the Lethbridge Hurricanes whenever they came to Salem.”


Thanks for any help you can be in this matter.


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