US iHeartMedia Debuts All-News BIN: Black Information Network

June 30, 2020     courtesy   


The stunting (NET NEWS 6/29) is ending at noon (ET) and the format change at several iHEARTMEDIA stations is, as expected, the launch of BIN: BLACK INFORMATION NETWORK, a News format that will also provide news for iHEARTMEDIA’s 91 Hip Hop, R&B, and Gospel stations.

iHEARTMEDIA Markets Group Division Pres. TONY COLES will add duties as President for the new network. Veteran producer TANITA MYERS, who has served as Dir./Operations for the TOM JOYNER show and Exec. Prod. of the RICKEY SMILEY MORNING SHOW and RICK AND SASHA, will serve as Dir./News Operations. The network will operate as a standalone business unit within the company, supported by iHEARTMEDIA resources; rather than traditional advertising, the network will be supported by “founding partner” clients including BANK OF AMERICA, CVS HEALTH, GEICO, LOWE’S, MCDONALD’S USA, SONY, 23ANDME, and VERIZON. CLEAR CHANNEL OUTDOOR AMERICAS will also serve as a national marketing partner.

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Stations carrying the 24/7 format will include WGST-A/ATLANTA, WYNF-A/AUGUSTA, GA, WRFX-HD2-W254AZ/CHARLOTTE, WMMS-HD2-W227BF/CLEVELAND, WGSY-A-W234BX/COLUMBUS, GA, WDFN-A/DETROIT, WGVL-A/GREENVILLE, SC, WMGE-A/MACON, KQQL-HD2-W227BF/MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL, WNRQ-HD2-W248BQ/NASHVILLE, WODT-A/NEW ORLEANS, WNOH/NORFOLK, KFOO-A/RIVERSIDE-SAN BERNARDINO, KKSF-A/SAN FRANCISCO, and KHHO-A/TACOMA, WA, with more to be added within the next 60 days. Programming will also be distributed via streaming and as podcasts via the iHEARTPODCAST NETWORK, including a new daily news update podcast.

“BIN: BLACK INFORMATION NETWORK will fill a void by providing continual news and objective information with full focus on the Black community,” said COLES. “We began developing our 24/7 Black news source last year, and events of the last few weeks, especially the senseless and tragic death of GEORGE FLOYD, highlighted the need for this network. Now is the time for our voice to be heard, and I could not be more proud of our work and the team we are assembling at BIN.”

“We are pleased and proud to support the launch of BIN: BLACK INFORMATION NETWORK by contributing resources that will have the greatest impact — our reach, our multiple platforms, our technology infrastructure and our broad, in-depth relationships with consumers,” said Chairman/CEO BOB PITTMAN.  “The commitment to service, and the immediate need we saw for a news and information destination for the Black community, accelerated the launch of BIN: BLACK INFORMATION NETWORK to serve this community in an important new way.  We are honored to be joined by some of the most important companies in the world that are also committed to this mission.”

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