Tucker Carlson: advertisers desert Fox News host after he attacks protesters


  • T-Mobile and Disney say they will no longer advertise on show

  • Carlson said protests were ‘definitely not about black lives’

 Tucker Carlson in March 2017. He said: ‘This may be a lot of things, this moment we’re living through, but it is definitely not about black lives.’ Photograph: Richard Drew/AP
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  1. Consumers in the U.S. or Canada are much the same, about half of them are somewhat centre right and the other half are about centre left, more or less the same people with slight differences on various political issues, corporations like the ones who are now boycotting Tucker should keep that in mind .

    I am not quite 100% sure but logic also tells me that higher income earners, who are more financially secure and who are say over 40 years old are more than likely to be viewers of Tucker, another reason for those that cease advertising on his show should give the action a second look .

    If anyone was to you tube any given number of Tucker’s Editorials one would conclude that he has a slight centre slant but he is very fair and really makes his points based on common sense which is how most people more or less view things .

    I strongly believe that Jake Tapper and Don Le Mon and a few others are liars and hypocrites but I do not think it is proper for advertisers to boycott them simply because they may voice strong editorials as long as they were basically factual .


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